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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 63, no. 1608: January 7, 1899

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Recom v Guide \ eSTABLlStiED MARCH 21st. 1868 ^L Vol. LXIIL-No. 1608. NEW YORK, JANUARY 7, 1899. Price 15 CENia. Geo. E. Eeacl. W. J. Van Pelt. GEO. R. READ, ^ REAL ESTATE, AUCTIONEEE. AGENT, BROKER, APPRAISER 10 WALL ST., and S PINE ST., 1 MADISON AVE. U H. CAMMANN & CO., REAL ESTATE, 51 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK. Telephone, 1328 Cortlandt.__________ piRM OK LEONARD J. CARPENTER, ^ REAL ESTATE, No. 41 LIBERTY STREET, Branch, 1131 3d Ave. Entire Charge ol Property. D. T. Swainson. A. H. Carpenter. C. L. Carpenter. JACOB APPELL, REAL ESTATE BROKER, AND HOUSE AGENT. "1 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET. Telephone Call, 643 18th Street, p A. CRUIKSHANK & CO., ■ESTABLISHED 1794. MANAGERS OF ESTATES. 141 BROADWAY, NEW YORE. ALFRED SETON, JR. REAL ESTATE, BROKER, APPRAISER. Telephone, 37 Nassau Street, 1230 Cortlandt. New Yort. HORACE S.ELY & CO., ' ' REAL ESTATE AGENTS, No. 64 CEDAR STREET. Branch Office. No. 27 West SOth Street. HORACE S. ELY. ALFRED B. MARLING. p DE R. WISSMANN, * ^ REAL ESTATE, AGENT, BROKER, APPRAISEE^ Telephone, 55 Liberty St., Cor. Nassau St., 1634 Cortlandt. New York. John H. Shipway. Chas. M. Shipway. Robert H. Reid. Peter J. Conlon. JOHN H. SHIPWAY & BRO., ARCHITECTURAL MARBLE WORKERS AND IMPORTERS. Office, Mills and Wbart, Locust Ave., 136tli St. and East River, New York. \A/M. CRUIKSHANK'S SONS, ** REAL ESTATE, 51 LIBERTY STEEBT, NEW YORK. General management of Real Estate Wm. M. Crulkshank. Edward A. Crulkahank. JOHN B. STREETON Agent for renting and care REAL ESTATE, otproperty. ^^_ ^^ BROADWAY. Telephone Call. 848 Cortlandt NEW YORK. JAMES KYLE & SONS, REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE. 610 Third Avenue, near 40th Street, NEW YORK. Telephone, 296 38th St. JACKSON, W.H.& CO., UNION SQUARE (NORTH) MANTELS AND OPEN FIREPLACES. TILES. MARBLES AND MOSAICS. Established over 70 years. w S F. JAYNE & CO., ' MANAOERS OF ESTATES, APPRAISERS AND BROKERS, 264 WEST 23D STREET. Md 53 L-IBERTY STREET, N. Y. S. F, Jayne._________________________A. M. Cuiinsr. M. J. ROOME, REAL ESTATE AGENT, BROKER. APPKAISEE. No. 11 WESTS-IthST., Opposite the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. HALL J. HOW & CO., BROKERS, AGENTS, AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS. 171 BROADWAY, Tel,, 1406 Cortlandt. Branch, 2:S4 West 110th St., Tel.. 6!)2 Harlem. A. W. McLaughlin, Howard Walton. A W. MCLAUGHLIN & CO. ' MORTGASE LOANS EXCLUSIVELY. 146 BROADWAY (Cor. Liberty St.). NEW YORK. Wm. P. Redmond. Louis llesler. ADRIAN H.MULLER&SON AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE, STOCKS AND BONDS, No. 24 PINE ST., NEW YORK. I^ J. Phillips. D. L. PhilUpa. L. Phllllpi, L J. PHILLIPS & CO., ^"' REAL ESTATE BROKERS, AUCTIONEERS AND APPRAISERS. loS BROADWAY. Up-town Office, 2lil Columbus Ave., cor 72d St. ______Telephone conn action a. J ROMAINE BROWN & CO, " ■ BROKERS—APPRAISERS, MANAGERS OF ESTATES, 69 WEST 33D ST., cor. Broadway. J. ROMAINE BROWN. A. P. W. KPJNAN. WARE, GIBBS & CARD, * ' WEST SIDE REAL ESTATE, Brokers and Appraisers. Entire Charge ot Property a Specialty. 451 COLUMBUS AV.. near Slst St.. NEW YORK. Wm. B.Ware. Albert B. Qlbbs. 3aa. Van Dyck Card. Arthur R. Parsons. Mortimer M. Stnger. PARSONS & SINGER, ' REAL ESTATE BROKERS, National Banfeof Commerce Building. 31 Nassau Street. Telephone 40 Cortlandt. QAVIS, REID & ALEXANDER, CrRCTTLAR CEEAMIC MOSAIC PLOORS, OPEN FIREPLACES, MANTELS AND TILES. 18 EAST 13TH STREET, NEW YORK. JESSE C. BENNETT & CoT REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE BROKERS, y38 COLUMBUS AVE., COB. 76th ST. 1740 Amsterdam Ave., cor. 146th St. FRANCIS T. UNDERHILL, REAL ESTATE, 9 PINE ST. {ground floor),NEW YORK. Tel., 4786 CorUandt. RANALD H. MACDONALD REAL ESTATE, 62 Weat 33d Street Telephone, 15 -SStli Street. Entire Charge Taken of Estates. Tenement and Plat Property a Specialty. Absolutely CALL FOR Strongest, riydraulic. "BROOKLYN BRIDG-E BRAND" Darkest, Uniform. ROSENDALE HYDRAULIC CEMENT. The Best. -SAYLOR'S AND KEYSTONE Portland cements. THE STANDARD AMERICAN BRANDS. JOHNSON & WILSON, 45 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY. DICHARD V. HARNETT & CO., ' ' AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE BROKEBS, 71 & 73 LIBERTY STREET. (Will lams burgh City Fire Insurance Co. Building.) RICHARD V. HARNETT. HENRY W. DONALD. THOMAS & ECKERSON Eeal Estate and Insurance Brokers. Entire Charge taken of Estates. Wallack's Theatre Building, 35 West SOth St. Wm. M. Thomas, Jno. C. R. Eckerson. Commissioner for the States. Notary Public. pORTER & CO., REAL ESTATE, 159 West 125tli Street, ) „„„ _„ . Amsterdam Avenue &, 164th Street, j^°" lora. J EDGAR LEAYCRAFT, REAL ESTATE, 1517 BROADWAY, NEAR 45TH ST., RentlDK and Collecting a Specialty. CYRiLLE CARREAU, MANAGER OF ESTATES, APPRAISER AiJD BROKER, Grand St. and Bowery. Under Oriental Bank. JOHN P. KIRWAN, REAL ESTATE, AND MORTGAGE I/>Am. 1505 BROADWAY, b. w. cor. 44th Strrot 60 CEDAR STREET,_______Telephone ConaeotloPB. H. W. MoVlokar. W. E. G. Galllard. E. D. MoQreal, M^^VICKAR & COMPANY, ■ • ' Successors to 3. V. B. Cruget & Mcviotar. o4 WARS ITT =5T REAL ESTATE. 34 NASSAU ST. 346 e. Houston St. 1S68 BROADWAY. I(i8th at. and Central Park. Wast. GORDON, ROBERTS & CO. Advisers and Brokers fn Insurance. 56-58 PINE STREET, Telephone. NEW TOBK. p C. ECKHARDT, REAL ESTATE. 693 Ninth Ave., bet, 47th and 48th Sts. Renting and Collecting a Sp&cUltj. Established 1368. Telephone, 1000 SSth BtL SEE DAVID STEWART, AMSTERDAM AVB. AND 1B51H ST. 203 BROADWAY, Telephone CosomUso. For all Property oa WASHINGTON HEIGHTS. A. L. MORDECAI & SON, REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAOBS. 56 aad 58 Liberty Street, Telephone, 3128 Cortlandt. New York. Allen L. Mordecai. Bepjamln MordecaJ. qWARTWOUT & CO., •^ REAL ESTATE, 157 EAST 125th STREET.__________NEW YORK. PS. TREACY, 101 BOUi^VASD. MANAGER OP ESTATES, A Specialty of West Side Investioent Property. I N. KALLEY & SON, ^ ' DOWN TOWN PROPERTY, 150 Broadway, N.Y.—189 Montague St., Brooklyn. DANIEL T. McGUIRE, REAL ESTATE, 171 BROADWAY. Tel., 571 Columbus. 542 COLUMBUS AV. WILCOX & SHELTON, MANAGERS OF PROPERTY, 245 WEST 125th ST. Telephone, 87 Harlem. BM. STRAUSS & CO., , ^ 3^ '^* REAL ESTATE. Sol. Stem. 529 Broadway. FrescottBldg._______________ pOLWELL LEAD CO., ^^ PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES, 63 CENTRE ST.. NEW YOEK, ROBERT C. FISHER & CO., ■^ MARBLE, GRANITE. ETC. OT TO lOS BAST HOIiaTON BTOXaV.