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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 67 [i.e. 68], no. 1738: July 6, 1901

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Becord yp Quide \ ESTABLISHED MARCH 2Ist, 1868. X. Vol. LXVII.—No. 1738. NEW YOKK, JULY ti, 1901. Price, 15 Cents. W. J. VAN PEI.T GEO. R. READ GEO. R. READ Real Estate Branch, 1 Madison Avenue, cor. 23d Street HEAD OFFICE. 60 CEDAR ST. S. F. JAYNE & CO. Managers of Estates APPHAlSEEtJ A.JSD BROKEEK 254 WEST 23d and 55 LIBERTY STS. S, F,JayQe A, H, Cudnm- U H. CAMMANN & CO. Real Estate 51 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK. Telephone, 2260 John._____________ pIRM OF LEONARD J, CARPENTER gents. Brokers, Appraisers No. 41 LIBERTY STREET Branch, llSl. d Av, Entire cbiiryi- ol'iiroporty. D. Y. SwaiubOii. A. H. Carpen er C. L. Cariitiilui-. JACOB APPELL Real Estate Broker and Appraiser 271 WEST TWENTY-THIRD ST. Telephone Call. 643 18th St. ^M. J. ROOME £ A. CRUIKSHANK & CO. ESTABLISHED 1704 Managers of Estates 141 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. ALFRED SETON, JR. '^ Reai Estate, Broker, Appraiser 111 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Telepiione, 1230 Cortlandt. HORACE S. ELY & CO. , Real Estate Agents No. 64 CEDAR STREET. Branch Office, No. 27 West SOth Street HOK.ICE S. ELY .ILt'UKU E. M.^HLINO F DE R. WISSMANN ' * Real Estate Agent. Bhokek, Appeaisee. 55 LIBERTY ST.. COR. NASSAU ST. Telep'-one, 16.34 Cortlandt. John H. Sbipway Robert H. Reid Cbas, M. Shipway Peier J. Conlou JOHN H. SHIPWAY & BRO., Architectural Marble Workers and Importers, Office. Mills and Wharf Locust Av., l?,ljtb St. and East River, New York. \A/M. CRUIKSHANK'S SONS * * Real Estate 51 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK. General Management of Real Estate. Wm. M. Cruikshank Edward A. Cruikshank JOHN B. STREETON CO. Real Estate, 14 Church St., S. W. Cor. Cortlandt St., Agents for Renting and Care of Property. Telephone Call, S48 Cortlandt, JAMES KYLE & SONS Real Estate, Insurance 610 Third Ave., near 40th St., N. Y. Telephone, 296 SSth Street. \A/ILLIAM H.JACKSON COMPANY ' * 29 EAST ITth STREET, N. Y. Mantels and Open Fireplaces, Metal Gates, Grilles, Bank Railings, Etc, Eslajilisted Over 10 Yeai-s Real Estate AGENT. BBOKEE. APPEAISEE. No. 11 WEST 34th STREET, NEW YORK, Opposite the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. HALL J. HOW & CO., Brokers, Agents and Appraisers. 171 Broadway. Tel. 14ln: Cortlandt, Branch, 240 W, llUih St.. Tel. (;'.>2 Harlem. A W McLaughlin, Howard Walton. A W.MCLAUGHLIN & CO. ■ ^Zie%'sfn MORTGAGES. 128 Broadvray, Cor. Cedar St., New York, Wm F Redmond Louis Mesier ADRIAN H. MULLER & SON Auctioneers EKAL ESTATE, STOCKS AND BONDS. No. 24 PINE STREET. NEW YORK. L. J. I'liiLIJI'S D. L. PHILbU'S L. I'llU-LU'S ji C S.LYONS 11. E. SIMOS | I J. PHILLIPS & CO, \ AL'cTioNEEHs Real Estatc Brokers\ AKD AurnAiSEiis ; 158 BEOADWAY \ Uptown Office. 2til Colnmbus Ave., cor. 72d St. \ J^ROMAINE BROWN & CO. Manager of Estates, i Brokers. Appraisers. ! 53 WEST 33D ST.. NEAR BROADWAY. J. Romaine Brown.______________A. P. W. Kinnan. ' \A/M. R. WARE West Side Real Estate ' Beokke and Appeaisee. Entire charge of property a specialty. 451 COLUMBUS AV., near 81st St., N. Y. PEASE & ELLIMAN, , Real Estate, I S33 Fifth Avenue, near -iJth Street. I ON AUGUST 1ST WILL PBMOVE TO LARGBB ' QUARTERS AT 520 FIFTH AVENUE- i QAVis, REID & ale:-:ander CIECDILAE CEEAMIC MOSAIC FIOOES. OPEN TIKEPIACES. MANTELS iND TLLES. 127 EAST 23D STREET, NEW YORK. JESSE C. BENNETT & CO. Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers No. 338 COLUMBUS AVE.,-COR. 76TH ST. Telephoue. 120 Riverside. HERBERT A. SHERMAN, ' ' Real Estate. Broker, Auctioneer. Aget t aud Appraiser, ASTOE BUILDING, Ground Ploor. II Plne;iiwl 10 Wall Streets, Sew York, TelepLioiie Ouiinectlons. DANALD H. MACDONALD & CO., ^ Real Estate, Entire Cliarf;e Taken rf Estates, Tenement and Flal Property iv Spei'lalty. 41 WEST 33d STEEET Tel. 4292-3Sth RanaU H. Mac don aid Jo.epli P.Egazi piCHARD V. HARNETT & CO., Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers STOCKS AND BONDS SOLD ON TUESDAYS. 73 LIBERTY ST. Richard V. Harnett, Henry W. Donald. THOMAS & ECKERSON Real Estate and Insurance Brokers Enlirn Cbaree Tiilien ot E^lsites. 35 W. SOth St., New York. Wallaek's Theatre Bldg. Will. JI.^. ■Til". C. E. EtHersoiA. Cuniiiii'-^ii-'iier for the SlutPs. Notary Piiblio, pORTER & CO. Real Estate 159 WEST 125th STREET. NEW YORK Telephone. 01 Harlem.____________ I EDGAR LEAYCRAFT & CO., '^ ■ Real Estate, 1507 BROADWAY, corner 44th St., N. T. Renting srnl Cnllecting a Specialty. New York & Rosendale Cement Co. MASUFACTUHKHW OF TOE "BROOKLYN BRIDGE" BRAND (the standard) ROSENDALE CEMENT, Sales Office, 280 Broadway, New York City. SAYLOR'S AND KEYSTONE Portland cements| THE STANDARD AMERICAN BRANDS. JAMES W.WILSON, .oh'STwiIsV 150 NASSAU ST.. N.Y. qyr-ille carreau Manager of Estates Appkaisbr and Ekoeee. Grand St. and Bowery. Under Oriental Bank. JOHN P. KIRWAN Real Estate and Mortgage Loans 1505 BEOADWAY, S. W. cor. 44th St. 35 Nassau Street. Telephone Connections. II. W. !1C VIUKAU W.E. a.O.\n,LARD, E. D. MC GKE.IL. |\/|CVICKAR & COMPANY, Real Estate, Main office. 24 Nassau St. 13G8 Broadway. 4oO Coliinibns .We. Ill Westl2.jth St. 246 East Houston St. p c. eckhardt ' ■ Real Estate 693 NINTH AV., Bet. 47th and 48th Sts. Kenting and Colleeting a Specialty. Established 18.58._______Telephone 1050 SSth St. S GOLDSTICKER, ^^' Real Estate, Broker. Appraiser and Auctioneer, 111 BROADWAT, Front Office. Telephone. 1215 Cortlandt. p^ S. TREACY Manager of Estates 1929 BEOADWAY. NEAR 65th STEEET. Telephone, 441 Columhns, E^ S. WILLARD, Real Estate, 44 PINE STREET, Tel., 3246 John, Uptown Office, 509 Fifth Ave., near 42d St. Tel., 2749—38th SL I OVEJOY & NOYES •— Real Estate Mannge- mpiit of Specialty 62 CEDAR STREET \A/ILCOX & SHELTON V V Managers of Property 245 West 125th St.______Telephone, 87 Harlem. I CLARENCE DAVtES & CO. \J • Pf.opekty Above the Ha.hlem. A SpECr-lLTV, 149th St. Si 3d Ave, Branch Office. 158 Broadway. A AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY BCILDING. LVAN W. PERRY, Tel., 800 Joha. Real Estate Agent and Broker, 20 NASSAU ST.. NEW YORK. Loans on Bond and Mortgage a Specialty, LJ L. MOXLEY ■i ' Real Estate 320 Eeoadway (Central Bank Building). CLWELL LEAD CO. Plumbers' Supplies 63 CENTRE ST., NEW YORK. ROBERT C. FISHER & CO. Marble, Granite, Etc. . 97 to 103 EAST HOUSTON STREET.