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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 71, no. 1824: February 28, 1903

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X [Brooklrn] RECORD AND GUIDE February 28, 1903. ALSEN'S PORTL Is the Standard. ENT Kissam, W Ryerson exr Phebe P Kissam to W Ryerson Kissam. 1,600 Kelly, William to Emeline E Brower et al exrs James C Brower. 4,000 6,000 6,000 2,400 4,750 5,500 2,750 500 2,000 nom 2,100 Lawyers Title Ins Co. N Y. lo Lawyers Mortgage Ins Co. Lawyers Mortgage Ins Co to Laura A Hammond, Same lo Kings County Trust Co. Same to same. Same to same. Same to same. Lahm, Fredk M lo Laura S Fielder, Lawyers Title Insurance Co to Lawyers Mortgage Ins Co. Lewis, Sollie to Louise C Walker. Low, Emma C to Title Guarantee and Trust Co, Mason, Thos G admr Peter Mason to Douglas Miller, Jersey City, N J. 500 200 omitted 1,701 nom lOU 50 nom Moodey. Hannah M to Mary A Dames, Moore, Harrison B to Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn. Morris, Cornelius J to Henry L Meyer. Macaulay, C E to Josiah Pariridge. McLain, Marshall, N Y, to John R Miller, Miller. Joseph S, Philadelphia, Pa, to John R Miller. Neil. Jacob to James Johnston. New York Mortgage Se Security Co to Oswego County Savings Bank. 2,500 Nelligan. Julia to Philip P Samstag. 1,300 New York Mortgage and Security Co to Soulh Brooklyn Savings Institution. 18,000 Same to Long Island Loan and Trust Co as Iruslee for ."Vnnie M Barnard under wiil John A Crou. 3.000 Same to Long Island Loan and Trust Co. 16,000 Same to same. 4,250 Same lo Edgar L Barber. 2,500 Newman, Wm J and Carrie Ley to John Kramer. 1,000 New York Mortgage & Security Co to Germania Savings Bank, Kings Co. 3,000 Same to same. 2,750 Peck, Chas A exr Wm J Peck to Chas B Peck. 2,800 Same to Mary E Peck. 3,500 Shipscy, Jacob el al exrs John J Mathews to Jacob Shipsey et al trustees for Wm P Petty. 1,500 Sin::lair, Emma to Cath B and Eliza E Sinclair. nom Spor, Wiihelmina to Christian Spor. nom Shevlin, Michael J to John R Miller. nom Scheidt. Jobn H exr Charles Kucherer to Henry J Kanzler. 4,000 Same lo Heinriech Slreckfuss. 2,000 Title Guarantee and Trust Co to Margaret Harper. nom Title luEurance Co of N Y to Riverhead Savings Bank. 7,500 Title Guarantee and Trust Co to Mary Latimer. 5,000 Same lo Mary G Taylor. 500 Same to same. 1,800 Same lo Colby C Mitchel, 2,000 Same to Adolphus Coleman. 2,000 Same to Walter E Duryea et al trustees Edgar B Durjea. 5,000 Same to Sophia U Willets. 1.200 Same to Peekskill Savings Bank. 3,500 Same to Soulh Brooklyn Savings Institution. 3,500 Same to Hamilton Trust Co. 3,000 Same lo Board of Home Missions Presbyterian Church U S of .\merica. 5,500 Same to Brooklyn Bye and Ear Hospital. 7,000 Same lo same. ■ 3,7-50 Same to Isaac H Husson. 2,100 Fame to Orlando W Butler, 3,500 Same to same. 3,750 Same as trustee and The Borough Park Co and Wm H Reynolds to Tille Guaranlee and Trust Co as trustee. 1,943 Same lo Mary E Corley, nom Same to Frank A Mattalieu. 5,000 Same to Elise Schwarz. 1,000 Same to Fredk W Carpenter. ■ 4,500 Same to Ellen M Beam. 4.000 Same to Wm B Smilh. 6.000 Same to Jacob M Shipley. 3,000 Same to Brooklyn Savings Bank, 60,000 Same to Edward B Swinney, SOO Sarae to Marlin D Joyce, 2.500 Snme to Soulh Brooklyn Savings Institution. 3,000 Same to Maria Wyckoff extrx Henry L Wyckoff. 1.850 Same lo Eliz H Pilsworth. 1.000 Same to Van Prunt Magaw. Assigns 2 morts, each .?2,000. 4.000 Same to Jane H W Reynolds. 3.000 Same to Julia F Fay. 5.250 Ssme lo Sing Sing Savings Bank. .39,060 Siiroe lo Ella J Truslow extrx Eliza P Truslow, 6.000 Same lo Poutrhkeepsie Savings Bank. 12 0(10 Same lo Sarah Ball. 2,500 Trowbridge, Robertson exr Robt .\ Robertson to Courtlandt f Clcrke. 12.0ni) Hamburg, Germany, and 45 Broadway, New York= I Title Insurance Co of X Y to New York Mortgage and Security Co. Assigns 3 morls, each,$18,000. 51000 United States Title Guaranty & Indemnity Co to Cily Savings Bank, Brooklyn. 2,250 Weed. John W commillee Wm A Marten to Leighton Williams ad'itir Wm A Marten, aom Zinsser, Frida, N Y, to Herman B Scharmann. nom PROJECTED BUILDINGS. The flrst name Is that of the owner; ar't stands lor architect; b'r for builder. All roofing material is tin. unless otherwlsft specified. 22,S—Franklin av, e s, 195.G s Flushing av, l-siy brk water tank support; cost. .'jll.OOO; Gutta Percha Rubber Mfg Co, 128 Duane St. N Y; ar"t, B Finkenseiper, 134 Broadway, N Y. 229—Sheepshead Bay road, s s, 25 w East 16th st. 2-sty frame store and dwelling, 32x60, 1 family, gravel root; cost, $4.S00; Mary Soeller, on premises; ar't. A K Koch, 26 Court sl. 230—Tiffany pl, s s, 425 n Degraw st, 2-sty brk stable, 26.6x95, gravel roof; cosl, $10,000; L C Hopkins, 103 Montague st; ar't. M W Morris, ,S2 Wall st, N Y. 231—North 13ili st, s s, 200 e Kent av, 2'/.-sty brk water trap, 61x 42; cost, $1,700; Standard Oil Co, 26 Broad\jay, N Y; ar't F L R Sweet, foot North 12th st. 232—East 12th st, e s, 3S0 n Av K. two 2-sty and attic frame dwell- :hard- i 253 ...... ..._- ____ Impti Co, 40 Court st; ar't, C Sshuberl, 1S32 Bath av. 1 234—Bast 25th st, e s, 405 n Av R, similar dwelling, 23.6x30; eoetj $3,300; Thos J White, 154 Montague st; ar't, I B Blls, 154 Mon-I tjigue St. I 23u—Suydam st. s s. 175 e Central av, 1-sty brk tailor shop, 21x40;| coEt, $1,600; Jacob Schneider, 73 Siarr st; ar'ls, L Berger & Co.j 300 St Nicholas av. 236^Washington av, s s, 50 e Gravesend av, two 2-sty frame dwell¬ ings, 20x48, 2 families, shingle roof; total cost, $5,200; T Guerin, 8-Washingtou av; ar't, B Driesler, 13 Wiilougbby st. ^H 237—Lefferts st. s s, 20 e New York av, 1-sty frame dwelling, 20x^^1 30. 1 family; cost, $500; A Bova, 400 Lefferts st; ar't, J Pape, 379^ Rutland road. 23S—East 90th st, e s, 292 s Flatlands av, two 2-sty frame dwell¬ ings, 18x45, 2 families; total cost, $4,000; V Steuerwald, 00 prem¬ ises; ar't, O H Lee, 263 50ih st. 239—Glenmore av, s s, 40 e Sackman Et, three 2-sly and basement frame dwellings, 20x44, 2 families; tot_al cost, .$10,500; A Slater, 255 Sackman st; ar't, L Danancher, 2o6 Bast New York av- 240—Glenmore av, s e cor Sackman st. two 3-sty frame stores and tenements. 20x51. 2 families; total cost. $8,000; ow'r and ar't, same as last. 241—Newlown Creek, n s, 107 e Porter av, frame coal tramway, 10 x850; cost, $2,000; Chapman Dock Co, 1105 Metropolitan av; ar't. E Seamorc- 242—Pitkin av, s e cor Miller av. eight 2-sty frame stores and dwellings, 18.9x55. 2 families; tolal cost. .'?16.000; 0 Doscher,^! 2224 Pitkin av; ar't, L P Schillinger, 622 Glenmore av. ^H 243—Mermaid av, s s, 9S e West 2.3d st, two 1-sty frame dwellings, 16.6x41, 1 family, gravel roof; lotal cost, $1,400; T P Clancy, West 1st st; ar't, J Von Hograf, Cottage pl. 244—-Sands st, s s, SO e Washington st, 1-sty brk electric substa-j tion, 53x113,6, gravel roof; cost, $25,000; Transit Development] Co, 16S Montague st. I 245—72d St. n s, 260 w 10th av, 2-sty and attic frame dwelling, 22x1 33, 1 family, shingle roof; cost, $3,000; ow'r and ar't, A J Hughes, 8S4 70th St. 246—Bast 19lh st, e s, 190 s Beverley road, 2-sty and attic frame dwelling, 36,0x41, 1 family, shingle roof; cost, $8,500; J H Reck- nagel, IGl Herkimer st; ar'ts. Dancht & Yost, 289 4th av. N Y- 247—Bergen st, s s. 100 e 3d av. 4-sty brk stable and storage build¬ ing, 32x80, gravel roof; cost, $10,000; G A Olson, 316 Bergen st; ar't. A P Blixt, 1005 Park pl. 2.18—35th st, n s. 318 e 3d av. frame shed, 20x16; cost. $150; A Brown, Freeport, L I; ar'ts. Pohiman & Patrick, 1235 3d av, 249—14lh St. s s, 100 w 5lh av. five 2-sly brk dwellings, 20x50, 2 families; total cost, $17,500; H M Hart, 472 57th st; ar'ts, same as last. 250—Bay 29th st, w s, 240 s SGth st, 2-sly and attic frame dwelling. 30.\34.G, 1 family, shingle roof; cost, $4,000; F A Slocum, 22d av pnd SOth Bt; ar'l. A Olson, 1523 59th st. 251—Hay 29lh st. e s, 300 s SGth st. similar dwelling; cost, $4,000; ow-'r and ar't, same as lasL 252—Bay llth st, w s, 300 s Cropsey av, 2-sty and attic trame dwell- " ing, 26.2x36.8. 1 family, shingle roof; cost. .'?.),llOH; ow'r and ar't. v/k'Fleming. 1S34 Balh av. I Pittsbur Plate=Qla Warehonses. """'Sn"—"i New York \V. W. HEROY, General Eastern Manager. 1 JOBBERS IN ALL KINDS OF GLASS PITTSBURGH PA. ARCHITECTS, BUILDERS and OWNERS are invited to seirfi far Estimates. We are the largest makers of Plate Glasa in the worKl, sod the quality of our protluction is known to be the best ani3 pordutflCR ■"•11 find it rrn'''^ *'' '■'^'■'' ^r'vfljitac'.T *0 ?OISIJ3stoics'" -r.*}*, M