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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 77, no. 1982: March 10, 1906

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456 Mortgages RECORD AND GUIDE Bronx March lo, 1906 -Rockport Lime Look for these words on tlio bend of every barrel: ♦'Manufactured by Rockland-Rockport Lime Company' DO NOT BE DECEIVED EY ANY SUBSTITUTE Greenpoint Ave. fi: Newtown Creek Borough of Brooklyn, N. Y, City Telephone, 207 Greonpoint Manufacturers of the following Brands of Ropkland Lime EXTRA FINISHING LUMP E:J.:;. Also Sole Manufacturers of EUREKA BRAND of PREPARED PURE WHITE UME whioh is superior to any other lime or wall plaster now on tbe market, GUARANTEED NOT TO PIT. NEW YORK OFFICE, FULLER BUILDINC, BROADWAY AND 23d STREET "Peterson, Betty wife of Ehrick lo Frank E Guild, Plot begins S40 e White Plains road at point along same, OSO n Morris Park av, runs e IOO x n 2S x w 100 x s 2S to beginning, right of way to Morris Park av. Feb 15, 3 years, Si^%. Mar 3, 1906. 3.000 Pioneer. Alfred to Louis Meyer Realty Co, Franklin av. e s, 236.6 s 106th St. 54x201.10-x.S4x201.11. Prior mort $7,230. Feb 4, 2 years, 6%. Mar 3, 1906. 10:2607. 3.7S0 Patterson. Minnie to James Hynes et al exrs. ScC. Hannah M Hynes. Union av. w s, 167 s 152d st, 17x100. Mar 8, 190J, 2 yrs, SV3%. 10:2064, SOO Royal, Grace G to Emma Jahn. Union av. e s. 215.11 n 165th st. 33.11X—x33xl7S. Mar (. 1906, 5 years. 5'^%. 10:2679. 12,000 Ribbe. John G to John Schermer. Parit av. No 4,400, e s. 2a s ISlst st, 2ox93. P M, Prior mort -'?5,S00. Mar 2, 3 years, —%. Mar 7, 1906. 11:3032. 1.000 *Rinu. Patrick to Edw F Boyle. Jackson av, s s. 22S e Garfield St. 2SxlOO. Van Nest Park, Prior mort $2,S00. Feb 3, 1 year. 6%. Mar 7, 190G. 1,000 Reynolds, Daniel to Caroline Schneider. Courtlandt av. No 794, e s. 24 s ISSth st, 24.6x91,11, P M. Prior mort .?4,000. Mar S, due June 30. 1906. —%. Mar 6. 1906. 9:2404, 3,000 Rouillion, Louis to Stephen Roeser and ano, Walton av, e s. 97.9 s lllth St. 7Sx7S. P M. Mar 1, 3 vears, —%. Mar G. 1906. 11:2S22 and 2S3S. 2,500 Rudnick, Morris .4 and Max Weill to Catharine McNulty, Crotona av, w s. lOS s 175th st. 44x100, P M, Prior mort $20,000. Mar 1, installs. 6%. Mar 6, 1900. 11:2944. 0,750 Reed. Ellen F to Geo F Anger. 13Sth st, Nos 866 and S6S, s s. 266.8 e St Anns av. 33.4x100. Feb 26. 2 years. 6%. Mar 2, 1906. 10:2547. 1,200 Richardson, Wallace C to Carrie J Singhi. Davidson av. No 23o8. e s. 151 n North st, 17x115. P M. Mar 1. 1 year, 6%. Mar 2, 1906, 11:3198. 800 Ribbe, John G to Eliza Toomey. Park av. e s, 2S s ISlst st. 25x 91, Prior mort .$5,000. Mar 2, due Sept 2. 1907, 6%. Mar 2, 1906, 11:3037. SOO Robinson. Solomon M to Louis Frooks, Webster av. s e eor St Pauls pl, 26,2x100x32x100.2, Prior mort $26,000. Feb 13. due Mar 1. 1909, 6';(. Mar 3. lODli, 11:2896. 3,000 *Ringelstein, Charles to T Emory Clocke. Unionport road, w s, abt 175 n Columbus av, SO.lix—. 2 morts, each $3,500. Mar 1, 3 years, 6%. Mar 3. 1906. 7,000 Reilly. Honor L to Clans A Anderson. Beck St. No IS, e s. 200 s ISOth st, 2SxlOO. P M. Prior mort $S,S0O. Mar 2. installs. 6%, Mar S. iMG. 10:2707. 2,500 Rubinsky, Joseph to Morris Goldstein. Brook av. No SSG. n e cor ■150th St. 25x100. P M. Prior mort ?31,550. Mar S, due Aug 1. 1909, 6%. Mar 8, 1906. 9:2276. 2,450 Schlichter. William to Wm G Ver Planck. Woodycrest av, s w cor 168lh st, 86.3x109,9x71.7x118, P M, Mar 6. 3 years, 5^^%. Mar S. 1906. 9:2S15, S,200 Seebeck, Henry to Emeline A Kemp, Decatur av. w s. 416.7 n 20Sth st, 2axl00, Mar S, 3 years. S',i%. Mar 7, 1906. 12:33S0. 5.000 Siems. Fredk W to Ann J Kent. 148th st, s s,-175 w College av, 25x100. Mar 3, 5 years. 5V>%- Mar 5, 1906. 9:2329. 6.500 Strackerjan. Uffo to Chas H Knoche. Hall pl, e s, 193.1 s 167th st, 45x—x43.11x,S2,7. Oct 26. lOOo. 1 year, S%. Mar 7, 1906. 10:2700 1,000 *Sassano, Paul to Therese Sorgenfrei, Hancock st. w s, ISO s Columbus av, 18.10x100. Mar 2, 1906. 770 'Schick, Edith D N, Wolf Greenstein, Max Rothbart and Domen¬ ico Pellettiere to M E Grace Perry and ano as exrs Susan A Swinburne. Colurabus av, s s. 45 e W'ashington st, 50x100. Feb 26, 4 years, 5^2%. Mar 2, 1906. 7,000 *Same to Geo A Deverman. Same property. Prior mort. Feb 26. due Sept 1. 1906, G%. Mar 2, 1906. 350 Sobol, Solomon to Anton Rinschier. 1.53d st. No 460. s s. 2S0 w Courtlandt av. SOxlOO. P M. Mar 1. 3 years, S%%. Mar 2. 1906. 9:2412. 5.000 *Schwaerzer, John to Martin Antes. Louise st, w s, 12S s Co¬ lumbus av. 25x100. P M. Feb 2S. 1 year, 5%%. Mar 3, 1906. 2.500 Swain, Harold to Geo W L Curtis. Lots 176, 195 and 196 map Mt Eden, except part for st. Nov 23. 1905, 3 years, —%, Mar S, lil(}6, 11:2822 and 2833. 3.700 Storm. Grace S to Caroline F Baack. Bathgate av. No 2244, e s, abt lOl) n lS2d st, 42.8x100, 11-20 parts; also Webster av. w s, bet lS9th st and Kingsbridge road, and being lots 3. 4 and 5 map iands in partition of heirs of Rebecca Bassford at Fordham, 170,3x40.10x183x43,11 n s, except part for av. 11-20 parts. Mar 3. 1 year, 6%. Mar S, 1906, lliSOSl and 3026. l.SOO Same to Jnlia Dennerlein, Bathgate av. No 2244, e s, abt IOO n lS2d St. 42-SxlOO, except part for av. 11-20 parts. Mar 3, in¬ stalls, 6%. Collateral for mort recorded .^ug 1, 1904. Mar 5. 1906, 11:3031. 1.200 Sugarman. William and Saml H Glick to Samnei Barkin, Bath¬ gate av, e s. 191.2 n 174th st. 41x110. Prior mort $27,000. Mar 1, due Sept 1. 1906, —%. Mar 6, 1906. 11:2922, 6 200 ■*Tomasulo, Giuseppe to Angelo De Gaudenzi. Lot 43 map No 1. Olinville. P M. Prior mort $1000. Mar I, installs, 5y>%. Mar 2, 1906, 2,000 'Tomasulo Giuseppe to Angelo De Gandenzi, Lot 44 map No 1. of. Olinville. P.M. Prior mort $1,000. Mar 1. installs, 5%%. Mar 2. 1906. 2,000 Thorn, Thos H (o Fredk W Devoe, Grand av, e s, ISO s 192d st, 30x100 Mar 6, 3 years, 5^%. Mar 7, 1906, 11:3204. 2 000 Turney. Calbleen to Chas E Abnemann and ano. Broadway, w s. bet- 232d st and 236th st. and 75 s lane or road leading from Church st to Broadway, runs s 28.6 x w 120 to road, x n e 94 to beginning, P M, Mar S, 3 years. 5%. Mar 7. 1906, 13:340S. - " 3.000 Thorn, Thomas H to Fannie H Young, Grand av. e s. 150 s 192d St. SOxlOO. Mar 6. 1906. 3 years. .SV^^c. 11:3204, 5,SOO Viau, Benjamin to Manhattan Mortgage Co, Longfellow st, e s. 100 s 172d st, 130x200 toBoone st. Mar 6. 190G, demand, 67o- 11:300S. - 1,600 *Voelker, Frederick to Henry Kramer, 173d st, w s, 156 s Glea¬ son av, 25x100. Feb 28, due Jan 2, 1909. —%. Mar 6. 190G. 3.000 Wiederman. Rose to George Brown. Trinity av. No 706. e s, 300 s loGth St. 2Sx81.9x20x82.9. P M, Prior mort $3 000. Mar 5, 1 year, —%, Mar 6, 19U6. 10:2635. 13,050 Weissman, Feny to_Fannie Strauss. Cauldwell av. No 67S, w s, oOO s ISGth St. 2axllo. P M. Prior mort $7,500. Mar 1, in¬ stalls, 6%. Mar G. 1906, 10:2624, _ 3.7S0 Watson, Jabez C to David Adler, 139th st, No o39. n s, 155.10 e 3d av. 25x100, P M, Mar S, 1 year, 6%. Mar 6, 1906. 9:2314, 1,S00 Wolski. Elizabeth M to TITLE GUARANTEE & TRUST CO. Hewitt pi. No 1097, w s. 94.6 n ISGth st, 2Sxl2S.3x26.Sxll8.10. P M. Mar 2, demand, —%■ Mar 3, 1906. 10:26SS and 2695. 5,000 *Whealeii, Charles to Josephine H Hayward. Lots 64 to 71 map Benson estate, Throggs Neck. Mar 2. 2 years, —%. Mar 3, 1906. 2,500 '^Zeman, David N to Thomas Hanretty.. Pelham av, — s, SO from s w cor of Public school property, runs n w 34.9 xne 63,10 x s w 32.2 X s w 43.7 xse S-S,l to av x n 2S to beginning, P M. Mar 1, 1 year. 5%. Mar 2, 1906. 500 Zucker, Maurice H to Moser Arndtstein. 139th st. s s. 327.9 e St Anns av, 37,6x100. P M, Mar 8, 1906, due July 1, 1908, G%. 10:2551 and 2552. 8.000 PROJECTED BUILDINGS.____________ The flrst name is that of the ow'r; ar't stands for architect, m'n for mason, c'r for carpenter, and b'r for builder. When character of roof is not mentioned, it is to be understood that the roof is to be of tin. BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN. SOUTH OF 14TH STREET. Lewis st. No 1.S7, 1-sty brk and stone outhouse, 24.GxS7; cost. $1.- 000; Max Diamonstoue. 101 Bowerv; ar't, O Reissmann, 30 1st St.—217, Park pl. Nos 5 and 7. 1-sty and mezzanine floor brk savings bank, 37,6x(6; cost, $30,000; Broadway Savings Instn, 23 Park row; ar'ts, York & Sawyer, 156 Sth av,—20S. 4th St. s s. 175 w 2d av, 6-stv brk and stone store and tenement, 2S xS3,2: cost, $25,000; San] Wallenstein, 1090 7lh av; ar't, Chas M Straub, 122 Bowery,—21o . Sth st. No 819 East, 1-sty brk and stone outhouse, 4.8x8.4; cost, $300; Max Diamondstone, 101 Bowery; ar't, O Reissmann, 30 1st St.—21G, 10th st, Nos 280-282 Bast, 6-sty brk ,and stone tenement and store. 50x87.9; cost, $50,000; Herman Segal, 220 B 79th st; ar't, Samuel Sass. 23 Park row,—208. BETWEEN 14th AND 59TH STREETS. 31st St. n s, ISO e 1st av. 1-sfy brk and stone stable huilding. SOx 29; cost, $1,800; Paul Morich, 349 E 32d st; ar'ts, Elliott & Humble. 590 Sth av,—20G. 49th st. No 58 West. 4-sty brk residence, 20.10x83.7; cost, $40,000; J Morgan Wing. S7 W 58th st; ar'ts. Lawlor & Haase. 69 Wall st,—203, 5th av. No 1046, 5 and 6-sty brk dwelling. 22x66; cost. $GO,000; W W & T M Hall, 11 E 42d st; ar'ts. Welch, Smith & Provot, 11 E 42d St.—207, Sth av blk front, e s. 12-sty brk and stone loft and office building. 26th st 197.6V'xlS7.6^^; cost. $1,200,000; Tbe Brunswick Site Co, 27th st GS William st; ar'ts, F H Kimball and H E Donnell, 71 Broadway.—202. BETWEEN S9TH AND 125TH STREETS. WEST OF 8TH AVENUE). Soth st, s s, 2S7 w 8th av. S-sty brk and stone dwelling, 23x70; cost, $30,000; G J and Leou Fleischmann. 170 Broadwav; ar'ts, Buch¬ man & Fox, 11 E SOth St.—209. NORTH OF 12STH STREET. 17Sth St. n s, 100 w .\nisterdain av, two S-sty brk and stone tene¬ ments, _STxSS, plastic sla;e roof; cost, .•R120,000; Axelroad Sc Edel- jnan. So Pike st; ar't, John Hauser, 300 W 12Sth st,—212. 179th st, s s, 170 e Audubon av, S-sty brk and stone tenement, SOx 88; cost. .$60,000; Abel & Hyman Weitzer, 14 W 118th st; ar't, John Hauser, 360 W 12Sth st.—214, Amslerdam av, n w cor ISOth st. two 6-stv brk and stone stores and tenements. 49.11x72 and 50x86.7; total cost, $104,000; Robert Arnstein. 117 W 114th st; ar't. Geo Fred Pelham. 503 Sth av.—211. Broadway, s w_eor lySth st. 6-sty brk and stone tenement, 99.llx 100; cost. $ly0,O0O; The Levy Weinstein Realty Sc Constr Co. 14G W 120th st; ar'ts, Tbain & Thain. 4 E 42d sl.—218. For_t George road, e s, IOO n 19Slh st. 1-sly frame shed, 40x90; cost, $.->000; W B Green, care Fort Wendel Hotel, Fort George; ar't, Chas E Reid. lOo B 14th st,—210, Lenox av, w s, 40,11 n 131st st, two 6-sty brk and stone stores and tenements. 49.111,i;x62; total cost, .$80,000; Gogg & Juditsky, 21S W 12Sth st; ar'tj S Sass, 23 Park row,—204, Sth av, n e cor 12:ith st. 4-3ly hrk and stone store and office build¬ ing, 123x99.11; cost, $123,000; Cortlandt P Bishop, 15 E G7th st; ar't. Ernst Flagg, 35 Wall st.—201, Sth av. n w cor 129th st, G-sty brk and stone store and tenement. 99.11x100; cost. $100,000;.A Horowitz & Son, 17 E 115th st; ar't, Samuel Sass, 23 Park row,—213. BOKOUGH OF THE BRONX. Bryant st, e s. 133 n Freeman st, 3-sty frame tenement. 20x60; cost, $8,000; Samuel W Greenbaum. Jennings and Stebbins av; ar't, Wm F La Ville, Freeman st and Southern Boulevard,—177, Freeman st. n s. 125.e Stebbins av, three O-sty brk tenements two 40x100.11 and one 42x9S,fii,S; total cost^ $125,000; Begrisch Schorn Con Co, 147 E 125th st; ar'ts, Neville & Bagge, 217 W 12Slh st,—176. The text of these pages is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Notice is hereby given that infringement will lead to prosecution.