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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 79, no. 2030: February 9, 1907

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3i6 RECORD AJVD GUIDE February 9, 1907 174 Fulton st, 5-sty buildings, 53.8x77, about 200 ft. west of Broadway and facing St. Paul's Churchyard. The sellers- pur¬ chased the property in 1906 for $232,000. It is understood that the present purchase price was about $280,000. The property is admirably adapted for improvement and it is considered likely that the old buildings will be razed and a new office build¬ ing erected thereon. The downtown terminal of the McAdoo tunnel is close by. "Pidtou Chambers" Sold. FULTON ST.^-The Chas. P. Noyes Co. sold on Friday for Voorhees & Floyd, representing the estate of Isaac Greenwood, the 7-sty office building known as the "Fulton Chambers," 102- 104 Fulton St. The building covers a plot 50x80 and is as¬ sessed by the city at $200,000. It is said that the structure is leased to separate tenants at $25,000 per annum. The pur- chaeers are Edward A. Bradley and Floyd H. Crane, who will make alterations and hold the property for investment. This is the second sale in Fulton st this week. GRAND ST.—S. H. Schlanger sold to Isidor Leipzig the north¬ west corner of Grand and Pitt sts, a G-sty tenement, 25x100. HARRISON ST.—John N. Kalley & Son sold for John R. Smith and Patten Bros. 43 and 45 Harrison st, two 4-Bty build¬ ings, 45x87.6. HENRT ST.—I. Alexander has sold 39 Henry st, a G-sty tenement, 2G.SxlOO. Held for More Than a Century. OAK ST.—^Arthur A. Goldstein sold for the estate of Eliza A. Thorn 53 Oak st, a 5-sty tenement house, with stores, and 7G Catherine st, a 2-sty building. PIKE ST.—Louis Lebewohl sold for Laurence Schor to Jacob Levin 46 Pike st, a 5-sty tenement, with stores, 25x86. RECTOR ST.—Arnold & Byrne sold for Edmund D. and Lena Teller 17 Rector st, a G-sty building. 30x47. The buyer is Pat¬ rick McCartbj', who owns the adjoining southwest corner of Greenwich, and now controls a frontage of 100 ft. on Rector st. SULLIVAN ST.—E. V. Pescia & Co. sold for Shapiro. Le^-y & Starr the 7-sty tenement 142 Sullivan st, 25x125. The Everett House Sale. UNION SQ.—The Everett House, at the northwest corner of 4th av and 17th st, was sold by Henrietta Kahn, Ferdinand Kurzman and Richard Deeves to the Century Realty Co., the Alliance PLcalty Co. and Potter & Bro. Tlie brokers in the deal were Geo. R. Read & Co. The parcel has been held at about $900,000. It was purchased by the sellers in 1S95 for about ?700,000. While the exact selling price has not been made public, it Is believed to have approached $850,000. The build¬ ing is a 5-sty structure, having a frontage of 142 ft. on 4th av and about 128 ft. in Union sq. The Everett House was erected in ISoS and is one of the old landmarks of the city of New Tork. The premises are situated diagonally opposite the proposed Court House site, which latter extends from 14th to 17th sts and from Union sq east to Irving pl. It is not Icnown what disposition will be made of the Everett House, but operators are of the belief that the property will be improved by the erection of a modern office building. Its proximity to a new Court House would undoubtedly render such an improvement a paying investment. To Build a Large Paper Warehouse. WASHINGTON ST.—Mrs. G. H. Stege sold to the Duval Co. the northeast corner of Washington and West 12th sts, 22x S9.ll. This gives the Duval Co. about 115 ft. in West 12th and 89.10 ft. in Washingtoii st. It is said the company will erect a large paper warehouse and stable on the site. "WEST BROADWAT.—Daniel Birdsall & Co. sold for Sidney Mason 28 and 30 West Broadway, a o-sty loft building, 46.11x 86.7 and irregular, with an "L" to Park pl. 3D ST.—Lowenfeld & Prager sold for improvement 191 and 193 East 3d st, old buildings, 48x97. ' 6TH ST.—John Bunn- sold 330 Gth st, a 5-sty tenement house. 25x97. The buyer is Louis Rosenzswaike, who owns 332, ad¬ joining. IITH ST.—Horace S. Ely & Co. sold for a client to William J. Farrell G2 West llth st, a 3-sty dwelling. 22x94.10. George D. Waring was associated with Ely & Co. as broker. 15th ST.—Charles E. Duress sold for a client to Mrs. Hattie Bird 251 West 15th st, a 4-3ty ilwening, 24.2x103.3. Tenements Sell in Sixteenth Street. IGTH ST.—I. Goldblatt bought the 6-sty tenement 617 and 619 East IGth st, 50x100, through Greenwald, Woolf & Shoen- feld. 17TH ST.—Steinman & Jackson sold- to Michael Bonn 227 to 230'West 17th st, seven 4-sty tenement houses, with stores, 120x lOO. ' ■■ •'■ *?!f!"! . 19TH ST.—The Cruikshank Co. sold for John D. Van Buren 409 West 19th st, a 3-sty dwelling, 21.5x92. 19TH ST.^Julius Friend sold for Philip Braender the new 12-sty loft building IG to 20 West 19th st, 64.3x92. 20TH ST.—Louis Schrag sold for Agnes A. Arden the private dwelling 351 West 20th st'to a client for investment. 23D ST.—Haslehurst, Weston & Co. sold 121 East 23d st for Mrs. E. M. Goodrich and others. This property has not been transferred since 1854, 25TH ST.—Pocher & Co. sold for George Wright to M. J. Sul¬ livan 201 West 25th st. a 5-sty tenement house and a 4-Bty loft building, on lot 25x100. 29TH ST.—Dr. A. L. Nelden is reported to have sold 13 East 29fh st, a 4-sty and basement dwelling, 25x98.9, directly op¬ posite the entrance to the Hotel Seville and adjoining property of the Church of the Transfiguration. 31ST ST.—Alice H. Quackenbush sold 114 West 31st st, a 3-«ty dwelling, 20.10xl07.3x irregular. Movement in Thirty-tliii-d Street. 33D ST.—Albert B. Ashforth sold to a client for Mrs. C. A. Willette 10 East 33d st, 1-sty dwelling, 25x98.9. The property adjoins the former residence of Wm. Waldorf Astor, and it will be improved by the erection of a 12-sty mercantile struc¬ ture. Tlie R. E. Pattei-son Co., dealer in woolens at 320 Sth av, proves to be the buyer, who will occupy the first six floors of the new building. It is said tha the price paid approached $150,000. The same offlce also sold for Susan L. Smith to C. Grayson Mar¬ tin 14 Eaist 33d st; also the adjoining building, 16, making a plot 50x98.9. The latter parcels were resold for Mr. Martin and Mrs. Samuel Penniman to a client of the law firm of Weil, Wolf & Kramer. Operator Buys in Thirty-ninth Sti'cet. 39TH ST.—C. Grayson Martin bought from Mns. Bruce Price, through Francis B. Robert, the dwelling 125 East 39th st. 20x98.9. 41ST ST.—Charles P. sold 351 West 41st st, a 4-sty tenement, 25x98.9. The purchaser buys for investment. Hamniei'stein Sells Hackett Theatre. 42D ST.—Oscar Hammerstein sold to Henry B. Harris the Hackett Theatre, 254 to 258 West 42d st, 66.8x98.9, adjoining the American Theatre. The price is said to be about $400,000. 43D ST.—E. Henry Eckhardt, in connection with Palmer & Finneran, sold for James T. Stanley to Regina Reilly the 5-sty brownstone triple flat, 307 West 43d st, 25x90x100.5. 4.5TH ST.—Pocher & Co. sold the two 4-sty tenements, SOx 100, at 550-52 West 45th st for J. Alexander to Edward Butt, who buys for investment. 45TH ST.—W. Clarence Martin has resold 141 East 45th st, a 3-sty dwelling, 20x100.5. 47TH ST.—S. Steingut & Go. sold for M. Dlugasch 344 East 47th St. a 5-Ety tenement house, 20x85. 48TH ST.—E. Henry Eckhardt sold for Charles G. Chace to James T. Stanley the plot, 7.5x100,5, known as 605-G07-G09 West 48th St. 52D ST.—N. A. Berwin & Co. resold for Conway & Corduke to Maria S. Simpson 251 West D2d st, a 3-sty and basement dwelling. 53d ST.—Tiie estate of Charles F. Hoffman sold 51 West 53d st, a 4-sty dwelling. 22x100.5, to George Greyward. 54TH ST.—Frederick T. Barry sold for Emma G. Hamilton IOS East 54th st, a 5-sty flat, 25x100.5, to the Thomas E. Crimmins Realty and Construction Co.. represented by Leo Schwab. 55th ST.—Douglas Robinson. Charles S. Brown & Co. sold to John S. Kennedy 34 and 36 West 55th st, two 3-isty and basement dwellings, each on a lot 25.5x100.5. The property adjoins the private stable of "n'^illiam Rockefeller. 56TH ST.—O. E. Larson & Co. sold for M. Green & Co. the northwest corner of 56th st and Gth av, a 3-sty and basement building, on a Jot 20.2x80. SSTH ST.—E. E. Tisch & Co. sold for a Mr. Hugo Shulton 224 East 58th st, a 3-sty and basement dwelling, 20x100.5. Studio-Apartment Building for Pifty-ninth Street. 59TH ST.—Edward S. Simon sold the Parkview, a 6-sty apart¬ ment house, 222-224 West 59th st, 50x100.5, facing Central Park and just east of Columbus Circle. Tlie buyer is C. W. Buckham, representing a syndicate of artists. Plans have been prepared for an S-sty, duplex studio and apartment building, with mezzanine floors to each apartment. The present structure wil! be entirely demolished. This block has remained dormant for many years. Ad.ioining on the west is a 9-sty structure known as the Hubert Apartment Association, covering a plot of 75xl00..5. Geo. Ehret owns a large vacant plot adjoining and extending to the corner and covering an area of about 190 ft. in 59th st and approximately 115 ft. in 58th st. together with the whole block front on Broadway. To the east of the "Park¬ view" is another large apartment edifice, with five 4-sty brown¬ stone front buildings abutting. The Central Park Riding Acad¬ emy covers almost one-fourth of the easterly portion of this oblong, having some 123 ft. on 7th av, while in the rear (SSth st) are mostly stables. North and south of the Grand Circle, on Broadway, many improvements have taken place, especially in the line of buildings which have been erected for automobile garages and salesrooms, together with a number of theatrical structures. One detriment to the proximity of this point is the block to the west in SOth st. which has been darkened by the invasion of colored tenants. Avenue D Corner Changes Hands. AV D.—Herman Rosenberg sold for Newman & Wisker the 6-sty loft building at southeast corner of Av D and oth st, 22x78. 4TH AV.—-Romaine C. Nichols & Co. sold for John Ingle 427 4th av, a 4-sty building, 20x80.