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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 80, no. 2055: August 3, 1907

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■yo/ RECORD ANX) GUTDÊ 'r6g DnéTfl) ÎOÍĨPA.L ESTAJE,BmLDÍlfc AíPflTEeTVJfĩE.KoUSEtíOlllDECQĨĨATlOtí,. BlíSIlteSS 'At/DTHE«ES Df'GEIJER^I IrftEREST., PRICE PER YEAR IN ADVANCE EIGHT DOLLARS Coininunicatioĩis sliould be addressed to C. W. SWEET Publiíhed EVers Saturdap By THE KECORD AND GUĨDE CO. President, CLINTON W. SWEET Treasurer. F. W. DQDGB Vice-Pres. & Genl, Mgr., H. W. DESMOND Secretary, F. T. MILLER Nos, 11 to 15 Eaat 24tli Street, Nen' Yorlt City {Telephone, Madĩson Square, 4J30 to 443.?.) "EiUereã at the Fosl Office at New York, 2V. Y., us accii)id-í:l