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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 94, no. 2427: September 19, 1914

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SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION REAL ESTATE of thc AND This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Mortgages, Leases, in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills in the Borough of Manhattan. "Entered at the Pogt Office at New Tork, N. Y.. as second clasi matter. Vol. XCIV No. 2427 New York, September 19, 1914. (64) PRICE 20 CENTS STREET INDEX OF RECORDED CONVEYANCES AND WILLS Showing street and number of Manhattan Conveyances and Wills recorded during the current week. An asterisk (•) Indlcatea a cross rsference. Arden st, 2-12 (nwc Nagle av). Bedford st, 39. Broome st. 16 & 59. Canal st, 528. Dey st, 40. Division st, 81. Essex st, 15. Greenwich st, 402-4. Houston st E, 36-8 & 440. *i.afayette sl, 313-9 (or Houston st E, 36-8). Ridg-e st, 87. Washington st, 69. Water sl. 648. 3d St. 82 E. 6th sl, 636 E. 13lh St. 325 W. 16th Sl, 25 W. 19lh st, 139 E. 24th St. 404 E. 2Slh St. 103 & 331 W. 31sl St. 134 W. 34th st, 59 E. •44 st, 500-3 W (or 10 av. 607). 55lh st, 360-74 & 503-11 W. *55th St. 501 W (or 10 av, 831). 61st st, 100-8 E. *61st st E(nec Lex av, 783), blk 1396-22^. 63d st, 49 W. 64th St. 136-S W. 70lh Sl, 408 E. 71st et, 314 E. 75th sl. 241 E. 79lh st, 159, 161 & 165 E 82d*st, 246-8 & 402-4 E. *S5lh St. 400-2 E (or 1 av, 1634). S9lh st, 310 E. 95th sl, 63 W. 9Sth St. 206 E. 109th sl. 213 & 323 E. llOlh St. 324 E. 112lh St, 309 W. 115th st, 48 W. 117th St. 509 E. •119th St. 147-51 E (or nec Lex av, blk 1768- 21). 119th st, 348-50 E. 122d sl, 502-4 W. 126th st, 38 E. 127lh St. 58 E. 130lh st, 168 W. 131st sl, 262 W. 133d St. 63. 131, 206 & 207 W. 137th st, 59-61 W. 137th St. 127 W. 13Slh st W, ss, blk 1735- 62. 140lh st, 59-63 W. 143d st, 122-4 W. 144lh st, 454. 460 & 464 W. ISOtli st, 305-7 & 554 W. 158lh St. 474-80 W. ♦16Sth sl, 601 W (or Bway. 4001-9). 214th st W, blk 2256- pl 455. Av B. 220. •Bradhurst av, 178-8'^ (or 150lh st, 305-7 W). Broadway. 4001-9. Convent av, 311. Edgecombe av, 385. Lexington av, 190 & 783. Lexington av (nec 119lh st, 147-51), blk 1768- 21. Manhattan av, 443. Nagle av, 21-3. •Park a v. 525 (or 6l3t St. 100 E). Park av, 1807-13. Park Row, 124-8. St Nicholas av, 1344-54. Riverside dr, es, blk 2177-346. West Broadway, 327. 1st av. 1632-4. ^th av, ? ■ to. 10th av. 605-7 & 831-9. W^ILLS. Sl Nicholas ul, 20. i^th St. 154 W. 19th sl. 527-9 W. 2r)th st, 543-51 W. 43d St. 263-5 W. Sth av, 680-6. EXPLANATIONS OP TE:RMS USED AND HtL.t:S FOLLOWBU IN COiMHlLlNO RECOUUa. Q. C. Is an abbreviation for Quit Claim eed. 1. e., a deed wherein all the right lie and fn^eresi of the grantor is con eyed omitting all covenants and war *nty. C. a G. means a deed containing Cove- ant againat Grantor only, in which he ovenants that he hath not done any act vhereby the estate conveyed may be Im- •ached. charged or encumbered. B. & S. Is an abbreviation for Bargain nd Sale deed, wherein, although the •Her makes no expressed consideralion le really grants or conveys the propert> or a valuable consideration, and thus im dledly claims to be the owner of It. The street and avenue numbers given a theae lists are. In all cases, taken from he Insurance maps when they are noi aentloned in the deeds. The numbers. It rill occasionally be found, do not cor- espond with the existing ones, owing to here having been no official designation nade of them by the Department of Pub¬ ic Works. The first date is the date the deed was irawn. The second date Is the date of lllng same. When both dates are the os8ible. also In some Instances names ol Franks, Trusts and Insurance Companies The number In ( ) preceding the serial aumber lo the right of the date line, ai aead of this page Is the Index number ^or the Checking Index. The Star following names of street or ivenue in the Bronx Conveyances, Leasee ind Mortgages Indicates that the prop jrty recorded is In the annexed district for which there is no section or block aumber. KBY TO ABBRJBVIATIONS USBD. A>—attorney. \.L.—all Hens. \T—all title. mo—another. tv—avenue, idmr—administrator. 4.d m t r X—adm 1 n 1 st ratriz. igmt—agreement. \—assessed valu«. tbt—about. idj—adjoining. -ipt—apartment. iBslgn—assignment. *8n—assign itty—attorney. ok—brick. B & S—Bargain and Bale. bldg—building. b—basement. blk—block. Co—County. C a G—covenant against grantor. Co—Company. constn—conotructlon. oon omitted—consideration omitted. corpn—corporation. cor—corner. c 1—centre line. ct—court. certf—certificate. dwg—dwelling. Jecd—deceased, o—Bast. exr—executor, ixlrx—executrix. ^l al—used instead of several naiaes loreclos—foreclosure. tr—from. ^r—frame. ft—front. individ—Individual, irreg—Irregular, .rapt—Improvement, nstalls—-Inslallmentf it—lot. ts—lease, mtg—mortgage, nos—months, vlfg—manufacturing. Vos—numbers. Q—north, iom—numlnal. (o)—office, jr—prior. • JI—part. j1—place. PM—Purchase Money Mortgage. QC—Quit Claim. R T & I—Right. Title & Interest (R)—referee, r—room, rd—road. re mtg—release mortgag*. ref—referee, sal—saloon, sobrn—subordination. il—slip. >q—square. 3—south. 3—side, sty—story, sub—subject, strs—stores, stn—stone. st—street. T &c—taxes, etc. tnts—tenements. w—west. y—years. O C * inn—other consideration and 1100. TS—Torrens System, 109