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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 95, no. 2446: January 30, 1915

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SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION ESTATE of the AND This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Mortgages, Leases, in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills in the Borough of Manhattan. '■Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second class matter. ______________ Vol. XCV No. 2446 New York, January 30, 1915. PRICE 20 CENTS STREET INDEX OF RECORDED CONVEYANCES AND WILLS Showing street and number of Manhattan Conveyances and Wills recorded during the current week. An asterisk (•) indicates a cross reference. (or 228, 170 (or ♦ Academy st, 584-b (or Sherman av, 133-o). Academy si, ws, blU 2237-43-44. Allen St. 52. Beekman pl, 34. Broad St. 102-b. ♦Broome st, izo Chrystie st, 122). Broome st 567. Chrystie st, IZZ-G Ac Madison st, 21^. Maiden la, 97. ♦Mercer st, Bway. 597)._ Monroe st. 235. Pearl st 44-6. ♦Pearl st, 48 (or Broad 102). Pine st, 7. Pitt st, 24-6. St Marks pl. 9o- Stanton st. Ub. Thompson st, zzz-'i. Water st. 16. ♦Water st. is- Z ^ o abbreviation for Bargain n.^- ^ale deed wherein, although the c'n^r mikes no Expressed consideration. f^rLlTv grants or conveys the property ■-"°F{^i€ Sst^r^net^ o"w°d°[o thl?rha7ins beln'no official designation made of them by the Department of Pub- ^'^^flrs^t aate is the fate the deed was ji ttrU TV»f» second date is the aate oi tioned is in sectiuii • ^ . section and bi^k^numhersTh4%he mstrument as filed '^ r"j2VoOO-mobo indicates the as- A $iiu,uv" * *i,fl nronertv the first sessed value of the property I ^^^ *^-"?d fi^lirfs representing both lot and second figures rep^ before second figure ^"i "^Tfc thnt the propertv is assessed as li^rour^^e^oYco^'s^tr^ict^n Jf-tlons are conveyance means that the deed or con¬ veyance has been recorded under the lor- rents System, Flats and apartment houses are classi¬ fied as tenements. Residences as dwellings. All Christian names, streets, avenues, states and months are abbreviated when possible, also in some instances names of Banks Trusts and Insurance Companies The number in ( ) precedine: the serial number to the right of the date line, at head of this page is the Index number for the Checking Index. The Star following names of street or avenue in the Bronx Conveyances, Leases and Mortgages indicates that the prop¬ erty recorded is in the annexed district, for' which there is no section or block number. KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS USED. (A)—attorney. A.Tj.—all liens. AT—all title, ano—another, av—avenue, admr—administrator, admtrx—administratrix, agmt—agreement. A—assessed value, abt—about, adi—adjoining, apt—apartment, assign—assignment, asn—assign, atty—attorney, bk—brick. B & S—Bargain and Sale, bldg—building, b—basement, blk—block. Co—County. Q 3^ G—covenant against grantor. Co—Company, constn—construction, con omitted—consideration omitted, rorpn—corporation, cor—corner. f> \—centre line, ct—court. P^j^tf—certificate. dwg—dwelling. deed—deceased. e—East. exr—executor. extrx—executrix. et al—used instead of several names. foreclos—foreclosure. fr—from. fr—frame. ft—front. individ—individual, irreg—irregular. impt—improvement. installs—installments. It—lot. Is—lease. mtg—mortgage. mos—months. Mfg—manufacturing. Nos—numbers. n—north. nom—nominal. (o)—office. pr—prior. pt—part. pl—place. PM—Purchase Money Mortgage. QC—Quit Claim. R T & T—Right, Title & Interest. (R)—referee. R S—Revenue Stamp. r—room. rd—road. re mtg—release mortgage. ref—referee. sal—saloon. sobrn—subordination. si—slip. sq—square. s—south. s—side. sty—story. sub—subject. strs—stores. stn—stone. st—street. T &c—taxes, etc. tnts—tenements. ■R-—west. V—vears. O C Sc 100—other consideration and $100. Ts—Torrents System.