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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 95, no. 2460: May 8, 1915

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SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION of the AND This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Mortgages, Leases, in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills in the Borough of Manhattan. "Entered at the Post Office at New Tork, N, T.. as second class matter. VoL XCV No. 2460 New York, May 8, 1915. PRICE 20 CENTS STREET INDEX OF RECORDED CONVEYANCES AND WILLS Showing street and number of Manhattan Conveyances and Wills recorded during the current week. An asterisk (•) indicates a cross reference. Allen st, 106-S. *Arden st, 1 (or Nagle av, es). Bleecker st, 144. Canal st, Sl & 394. Cathedral 11 W. Cherry st, 104. 251. St. 73-5 Pkway, 207- (or Church st, •Delancey .,.. .„ , Allen st, 106-S). Downing st, 17. East Broadway, 46. Front st, 6. Grand st, 71. Greene st, 151. Grove st, 42-4. Hamilton ter, 51. Houston st E, 370-4. •Houston st W, 44-8 (or Greene st, 151). Jackson st, 51. Leonard st, 6D. Madison st, 284. Manhattan st. 77 W. Monroe st, 82 & 188-194. ♦Moore st. IS (or Front st, 6). Van Corlear pl, 7. Vestry st, 52-6. Washington st. 427-29V^ ♦Wooster st. 28-30 (or Grand st. 71). 68th St. 740 E. 7th St. 31 E. llth st, 732-6 E. llth St. 4S-50 & 138 W. *llth st, 101-3 W (or 6 av, 151). 12th St. 526 E. 12th st E. ss. blk 439- 10. 14th st, 422 E. 17th sl, 450 W. 21st St. 208 E. 21st St. 22-S W. 22d st, 411 W. 24th St. 228 W. 25th St. 330 W. 30th st, 38-44 E. 30th st, 437-9 W. 32d st, 145-51 E. 33d St. 351 E (or 577). 35th st, 63-7 W. 39th st, 20 E. *39th st, 22 E (or av, 262). 40th st, 22S E. 45th St. 102-4 W. 46th St. 425-31 W. 49th st, 142 W. 51st st, 361 W. 53d st, 419 W. 55th St. 236-8 W. 56th st, 77 E. 60th St. 224 E. 61st st, 207 W. 66th St. 58 E. 67th St. 42-50 W. 1 av. Mad 69th st, 13 & 161 E. 70th st, 307 E. 70th St. 143 W. 71st st, 232 E. 73d St. 302-4 W. 74th st, 35 W. 75th st, 12 E. *75th St. 401 E (or 1 av, 1444). *75th St. 57 W (or Col¬ umbus av, 321-9). 77th st, 109-111 W. 78th st, 134 E. 79th st, 330 E. S2d st, 311 W. S4th St. 332 W. 85th St. 102 W. SSth st, 302 E. 93d st, 183 E. 94th st, 59 W. 96th st E, ns, blk 1602- 12. 96th St. 206 W. *97th st, 227-31 W (or Bway, 2580-4), *99th st, 49 E (or Mad av, 1425). *99th st, 343-5 E (or 1 av, 1933-5). 99th st, 118-20 W. 102d st, 224 E 103d st. 111 E. 109th St. 73 & 117-9 E. lllth st, 10 E. 112th st, 212 Sc 218 W. 115th st, 209 E. 118th st, 26. 63-5 Sc 68- 70 E. llSth st, S3 W. 119th st, 132 E. *119th st, 95 W (or Len¬ ox av, ISO). 120th st', 7 W. 121st St. 3 W. 123d St. 183 E. •126th St. 249-53 E (or 2 av, 2461-7). 126th st, 270 W. 127th st, 263 W. 128th St. 18 E. 128th st, 47, 66, 154-60 W. 129th st, 58 W. 131st st, 51 E. 131st St. 149 & 254 W. *133d st, 501 W (or Ams av, 14S0-2). 134th st, 77-9 W. 136th St. 170-2 W. 137th st, 126 W. *140th st W (sec Bway 3430-8), blk 2071-61' 142d st, 141 W. 152d st, 625 W. *172d st, 590 W (or St Nich av, 1228-36) 238th st W (or Terrace View av), blk 3431- 160. Amsterdam av, 1480-2 Se 1969-71. Broadway, 25S0-4, 2641 & 3430-8. Broadwav (sec 215th st), blk 2232-S. Columbus av, 321-9, Convent av, 339. Lenox av, 180. Lexington av, 1202. Madison av. 262 & 1435. Marble Hill av, 39. Nagle av (nec Arden st, 1), blk 2174-77. Post av. ns, blk 2220-45. Riverside dr (nec 144th st), blk 2091-17. St Nicholas av, 448-50 & 1228-36. Sherman av, 160-4. West End av, 787. 1st av, 577, 1271, 1444, 1563-5, 1571-3, 15S7 1S45, 1933-5 & 2197 2d av, 408 & 2461-7. 5th av, 257. 267-9, 1200- 10 Sc 2014. 6th av, 151 & 783-5. 7th av, 825 & 2027. 10th av (swc 215th st). blk 2232-9. WILLS, 128th St. 251 W. 165th St, 546 W. Sth av, 2636-8. EXPLANATIONS OP TBRMS USEJJ AND conveyance means that the deed or RULES FOLLOWED IN COMPILING ------ RECORDS. Q. C. is an abbreviation for Quit Claim deed, i. e., a deed wherein all the right, title and interest of the grantor Is con¬ veyed, omitting all covenants and war¬ ranty. C. a G, means a deed containing Cove¬ nant against Grantor only, in which he covenants that he hath not done any act whereby the estate conveyed may be im¬ peached, charged or encumbered. B. Sc S. Is an abbreviation for Bargain and Sale deed, wherein, although the seller makes no expressed consideration, he really grants or conveys the property for a valuable consideration, and thus im¬ pliedly claims to be the owner of it. The street and avenue numbers given in these lists are. In all cases, taken from the insurance maps when they are not mentioned in the deeds. The numbers, it will occasionally be found, do not cor¬ respond with the existing ones, owing to there having been no official designation mad© of them by the Department of Pub¬ lic Works. The first date Is the date the deed was drawn. The second date la the date of filing aame. When both dates are the same, only one Is given. When the date of drawing is other than In the current year the stated year Is given. When both the dates are In the same year the year follows the second date. The figures In each conveyance, thus, 2:482-10, denote that the property men¬ tioned is In section 2, block 482, lot 10. It should also be noted In section and block numbers that tl»e Instrument as filed Is strictly followed. A $20,000—$30,000 Indicates the as¬ sessed value of the property, the first figures being for the lot onlv and the second figures representing both lot and building. Letter P before becond figure Indicates that the property Is assessed as in course of construction. Valuations are from Ine aaseasment roll of 1914. T. S, preceding the conalderatlon In a I veyance has been recorded under the Tor¬ ren System. Flats and apartment houses are classi¬ fied as tenements. Residences as dwellings. All Christian names, streets, avenues, states and months are abbreviated when possible, also in some instances names of Banks, Trusts and Insurance Companies. The number in ( ) preceding the serial number to the right of the date line, at head of this page Is the Index number for the Checking Index. The Star following names of street or avenue In the Bronx Conveyances, Leases and Mortgages indicates that the prop¬ erty recorded is In the annexed district, for which there Is no section or block number. KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS USED. (A)—attorney. A.L.—all Hens. AT—all title. ano—another. av—avenue. admr—administrator. admtrx—administratrix. agmt—agreement. A—assessed value. abt—about. adj—adjoining. apt—apartment. assign—assignment. asn—assign. atty—attorney. bk—brick. B & S—Bargain and Sale. bldg—building. b—basement. blk—block. Co—County. C a G—covenant against grantor Co—Company. constn—construction. con omitted—consideration omitted. corpn—corporation. cor—corner. c 1—centre line. ct—court. certf—certificate. dwg—dwelling. deed—deceased. e—East. exr—executor. extrx—executrix. et al—used Instead of several namei foreclos—foreclosure. fr—from. fr—frame. ft—front. individ—individual. irreg—irregular. impt—improvement installs—Installmenti. It—lot. Is—lease. mtg—mortgage. mos—months. Mfg—manufacturing. Nos—numbers. n—north. nom—nominal. (o)—office. pr—prior. pt—part. pl—place. PM—Purchase Money Mortaraffe. QC—Quit Claim. * R T & I—Right. Tltlo & Interest. (R)—referee. R S—Revenue Stamp. r—room. rd—road. re mtg—release mortgage. ref—referee. sal—saloon. sobrn—subordination. sl—slip. sq—square. s—south. s—side. sty—story. aub—aubject. strs—storea. stn—stone. st—street. T &c—taxes, etc. tnts—tenements. w—west. y—years. 2S ^ ^^^—other consideration and 1100 TS—Torren System. 183