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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 96, no. 2486: November 6, 1915

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SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION REAL ESTATE This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Mortgages, Leases, in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded W ills in the Borough of Manhattan. "Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. T., as second class matter. Vol. XCVI No. 2486 New York, November 6, 1915. PRICE 20 CENTS STREET INDEX OF RECORDED CONVEYANCES AND WILLS Showing street and nttmber of Manhattan Conveyances and Wills recorded during the current week. An asterisk (*) Indlcatas a croM reference. Bleecker st, 151-3. Broome st. 73-5, 362-6 & 508-10. Cannon st, 8 & 102. Commerce st, 9. Delancev st, 150. Gay st, 19. Henry st, 220. James si, 13. Ludlow St. 73. Lewis St, 225. Mulberry st, 62. New Chambers st, 82. Pearl St. 163. Sheriff st, 66-8. Spring St. 154. •Thompson St. 204 (or Bleecker st. 151-3). Wall st, 68. Washington pl, 125-7. Water st, 347 & 650. Wooster st, 203-5. 1st st, 56 B. 4th st, 278-84 W. 6th st, 433 B. 9th st, 421 E. 10th st, 20-2 W. 11th st, 48 W. •11th st, 250 W (or 4th st, 278-84 W). 12th st, 82-4 W. 14th st, 349 & 524 B. •14th st E (neo Union sq, 2). 14th st, 207 W. 16th st, 513 & 609-11 B. 17th st, 324 W. 19th st, 239 B. 19tli st, 239 W. 22d st, 23 & 326 B. 2,4th st, 411 E. 2Sth st, 350 W. 30th st, 8-14 W. Slst st, 134 W. 32d st, 140 W. *34th St. 394-8 E (or 1st av, 593). 43d st, 124 W. 46th st, 243 vr. 49th st, 312 E. Slst st, 303 E. 54th st, 426. 427 & 4i- W. •55th st, 561-3 W (or 11th av, 798). 57th st, 52 W. 5Sth st, 5 W. 63d St. 305-11 E. 66th st', 16 B. 67th st, 137-9 W. 69th St. 310 W. 70th sc, 224 B. 70th st, 205 W. Tltli st, 303-5 B. 78th st, 307 W. 79th St. 135 W. SOth st, 77 & 334 B. SSd st, 436 B. *S4th St. 219-21 W (or Broadway, 2320-4). "nth St, 106-10 E. S7th st, 60 W. •SSth St. 127 B (or Le.x- ington av, 1324-6). -SilsL st, 201 W (or Am¬ sterdam av, 640). 92d St, 325 E. .)4th st, 152 W . '99th st, 1-7 W (or Cen¬ tral Park W, 391). 100th st, 226 E. •lulst st \V (swc West End av. 839). 103d st, 77 E. 101th st, 8 W. lOSth St. 327-9 E. Kitith st, 173-5 E. lllth St. 103, 108-10 & 232-4 B. lllth st, 136-8 W. 113th st, 18 B, 113th St, 17 & 142 W. lllth st, 108-10, 113, 246 ,(c 351 B. listh st, 427 B. uetli st, 104 B. 117th St. 312 W. listh St. S06-S E. listh St. 27 & 353-5 W. imth St. 128 W. 120th st, 24 W. 122d st, 109 Xz 502-4 123d st, 3 W. 123d st, 447 B, 121th st, 162 X- 3 r'Sth st, 332 E. 12nth St. 40 B. W. E. 133d st, 351/2 & 202 W. 136th st, 120 W. •145th st, 356 W (or St Nicholas av, 680-4). •ISSth st, 522 W (or Au¬ dubon av, 395). 187th st, 515 W. •214th st, 501 W (or -Amsterdam av, 4016). Av A, 1436-S. Av B, 201-3. Av C, 201 Sz 202. Amsterdam av, 206-8, 640, 845 & 4016. Audubon av, 395. Broadway, 2320-4. Central Park W, 391. Edgecombe av, 32. Ft Washington av (nwc 163d st W, blk 2136- pt 235). Lexington av, 1084 & 1324-6. •Madison av. 2027-39 (or 129th st, 40 E). •Park av. 920 (or SOth st, 77 B). Riverside dr, 315. St Nicholas av, 680-4 & 1352-4. Wadsworth av, 115-7. West Broadway. 174.' West Bnd av, 839. 1st av. 593 & 1052. 2a av, 769, 2456 & 2491. 3d av, 1760 & 2354. 4th av, 159 or Union sq, 2. Sth av (sec 73d st, 2 E, blk 1387-69). 7th av, 268 & 1947, Sth av, 2783, 11th av, 798. WILLS. Broad st, 37. Canal st, 152-4. Centre st, 114. Chambers st, 124. Church st, 64. Desbrosses st, 34-6. Front st, 86. Gold st, 89 & 95. Gold st, blk 103-20. Washington st, 71, 108 & 449. West st, 45, 70, 264-5 & 276-7. 45th st, 8 E. SOth St. 10 E. 52a st, 22 W. 116th st E, blk 1715-22. 119th st E, blk 1815-27- 31. Amsterdam av, 2098. Broadway, 862, 867-71 & 870. West Broadway, 424. 5th av, 273-5 Sz 294. ■XPLANATIONS OF TERMS USED AND RULKS POLLOWBD IN COAIPILINU RECORDS. Q. C. U an abbrarlatlon for Quit Claim deed, 1. e., a deed wherein all the right, title and Interest of the grantor Is con¬ veyed, omitting all covenants and war¬ ranty. C. a Q. means a deed containing Cove¬ nant against Grantor only. In which he covenants that he hath not done any act whereby the estate conveyed may be Im¬ peached, charged or encumbered. B. & S. Is an abbreviation for Bargain and Sale deed, wherein, although the seller makes no expressed conatderatlon, he really grants or conveys the property for a valuable consideration, and thus Im¬ pliedly claims to be the owner of It. The street and avenue numbers given In these lists are. In all cases, taken from the Insurance maps when they are not mentioned in the deeds. The numbers. It frill occasionally be found, do not cor¬ respond with the existing ones, owing to there having been no official designation made of them by the Department of Pub¬ lic Works. The first date Is the date the deed was drawn. The second date la the date ot (lllng same. When both dates are the sanie, only one Is given. When the date ot drawing Is other than In the current year the stated year Is given. When both the dates are In the same year the year foIlo\T8 the second date. The flgures In each conveyance, thus, J:4S2-10, denote that the property men¬ tioned Is In section 2, block 4S2, lot 10. Tt thould also be noted In section and block numbers that the Instrument as flled Is strictly followed. A 120,000—$30,000 Indicates the as¬ sessed value of the property, the flrst flgures being for the lot only and the second flgures representing both lot and building. Letter V before iecond flgure Indicates that the property Is as.sessed as In cours* of construction. Valuations are from ' assessment roll of 1914. T. R. preceding the consideration In a conveyance meana that the deed or con¬ veyance has been recorded under the Tor¬ ren System. Flats and apartment houaea are classl- fled as tenementa. Residences as dwellings. All Christian names, streets, avenues. states and months are abbreviated when possible, also In some Instances names of Banks. Trusts and Insurance Companies. The number In ( ) preceding the aerial number to the right of the date line, at head of this page Is the Index number for th^ Cheeking Index. The Star following names of street or avenue In the Bronx Conveyances, Leases and Mortgages Indicates that the prop erty recorded Is In the annexed district, for which there Is no section or block number. KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS USED. (A)—attorney. A.L.—all Hens. AT—all title, ano—another. av—avenue, admr—administrator, admtrx—administratrix, agmt—agreement. A—assessed value. abt—about, adj—adjoining, apt—apartment. iSSIgn—assignment. asn—assign, atty—attorney, bk—brick. B & S—Bargain and Sal*. bldg—building, b—basement, hik—block. '"•o—County. C a G—covenant against grantor. Co—Company, ronstn—construction, con omitted—ronsldera'i^on omitted. oorpn—corporation. ,----corner. c 1—centre line. ct—court. certf—certlflcate. dwg—dwelllnK. deed—deceased. e—Bast. exr—executor. extrx-—executrix. et al—used Instead of several names. foreclos—foreclosure. tr—from. fr—frame. ft^front. individ—individual. irreg—Irregular. impt—improvement. installs—Installments. It—lot. is—lease. mtg—mortgage. mos—months. Mfg—manufacturing. Nos—n umbers. n—north. nom—nominal.