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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 98, no. 2535: October 14, 1916

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SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION REAL ESTATE This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Mortgages, Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales, Real EsUt* Appraisals, Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens, Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Ailecting Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations, in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx, and the recorded Wills in the Borough of Manhattan. "Entered at the Post Office at New York. N. Y.. as second class matter Vol. XCVIII No. 2535 New York,;-jOctober U, 1916. PRICE 20 CENTS EXPLANATIONS OF TERMS USED AND RULBS FOLLOWED IN COMPILING RECORDS. Q. C, is an abbreviation for Quit Claim deed, 1. e., a deed wherein all the right, title and Interest of the grantor is con¬ veyed, omitting all covenants and war¬ ranty. C. a Q. means a deed containing Cove¬ nant against Grantor only. In which he covenants that he hath not done any act whereby the estate conveyed may be im¬ peached, charged or encumbered. B. & S. is an abbreviation for Bargain and Sale deed, wherein, although the seller makes no expressed consideration, he really grants or conveys the property for a valuable consideration, and thus im¬ pliedly claims to be the owner of It. The street and avenue numbers given In these lists are, in all cases, taken trom the insurance maps when tney are not mentioned In the deeds. 'The numbers, it will occasionally be found, do not cor¬ respond with the existing ones, owing to there having been no official designation made of them by the Department of Pub¬ lic Works. The first date is the date the deed was drawn. The second date is the date of filing same. When both dates are the same, only one Is given. When the date of drawing is other than in the current year the stated year is given. When both the dates are In the same year the year follows the second date. The figures In each conveyance, thus, 2:482-10, denote that the property men¬ tioned is in section 2, block 482, lot 10. It should also be noted in section and block numbers that the Instrument as flled Is strictly followed. A $20.(100—JSO.OOO indicates the as¬ sessed value of the prdperty, the first figures being for the lot only and the second figures representing both lot and building. Letter P b'efore second figure Indicates that the property is assesaed as In course of construction. 'Valuations are from the assessment roll of 1916. T. S. preceding the consideration in a conveyance means tbnt the deed or con¬ veyance has been recorded under the Tor¬ rens System. Flats and apartment houses are classl- rted as tenements. Residences as dwellings. All Christian names, streets, avenues, states and months are abbreviated when possible, also in some Instances names of Banks, Trusts and Insurance (Tompanies. The number In ( ) preceding the serial number to the right of the date line, at head of this page Is the Index number for the Checking Index. The Star following names of street or avenue in the Bronx Conveyances. Leases and Mortgages indicates that the prop¬ erty recorded is in the annexed district, for which there is no section or block number. KKY TO ABBREVIATIONS USED. ' A)—attorney. A.L.—all liens. .-VT—all title. ano—another. IV—avenue. Idmr—administrator. admtrx—administratrix. agmt—agreement. A—assessed value. abt—about. ad]—adjoining. apt—apartment. assign—assignment. asn—assign. Itty—attorney. bk-—brick. B & S—Bargain and Sale. bldg—building. b—basement. blk—block. Co—County. C a G—covenant against prantor Co—Company. oonstn—construction. con omitted—consideration omitted. corpn—corporation. c—corner. 1—centre line. ct—court, certf—certificate i wg—dwelling, deed—deceased. e—East. t!xr—executor, extrx—executrix. el al—used Instead of several names coreclos—foreclosure. fr—from. fr—frame. ft—front. Individ—individual, irreg—Irregular, impt—Improvement. Installs—Installments. It—lot. Is—lease. mtg—mortgage, moa—months. .Mfg^—manufacturing. .Nos—numbers, n—north, nom—nominal. (o) office, pr—prior, pt—part. ol—place. PM—Purchase Money MortgaKe. QC—Quit Claim. Ei T & I—Right, Title A Intereaf R)—referee. R S—Revenue Stamp, r—room, rd—road. re mtg—release mortgag*. ref—referee, sal—saloon, sobrn—subordination. sl—slip, sq—square. s—south, s—side, sty—story, sul)—subject, strs—stores, stn—stone, st—street. T&c—taxes, etc. tnts—tenements. w—west, y—years. •^ C * 100—other consideration and line. TS—Torrens System. - CONVEYANCES. Borough of Manhattan. OCT. 6, 7, 9. 10 & 11. .attorney st. 156 (2:345-4), es. 150 n Stanton, 25x100.5, 5-stv bk tnl & sirs; Herman Hochstein, 150 2d, lo Delta Hold¬ ing Corpn, 217 Bway; mtg $21,000; Ocl4; OCt6'16; A$16,000-24,000. O C & 100 Beekman pl, 14 (5:1361-37). ws, 38 s 50lh, 19x90, 4-sly & b sin dwg: Solomon J London lo Arthur Drescher, 14 Beekman pl; mtg $5,000 & AL; Octll'16; A$5,300-9.- 300. nom CharleM st, .39-41 (2:612-33). ns. 185 w Waverly pl. 65x95. 6-sly bk tnt: Sabato & Concetla Sordillo lo Raffaele & Rosina C De Nunzio, both at 317 2 av: B&S & CaG; .\L: Ocl3; Oclll'16; A$32,000-$------. nom Charlen st. 3ft-41: Raffaele De Nunzio to Sabato Sordillo, 141 W 10; B&S; AL; Oct 3; Octll'16. nom Columbia st, SO (2:334-42), es, TO n Riv¬ ington, 30x25, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; Otylle V Schuchmann to Adam Schuch- mann, both at Main sl. Port Lee. NJ; mtg $5,000; Septll; Oot6'16; A$6,500-8.000. gift ConcreNs st. 1-5. see Houston, 179-81 W. Croton or New st, ss, SSD.."; vv Ams av, see Croton or New st, ss, 214.5 w Ams av. Croton or New st (8:2123-8) ss. 214.5 w Ams av. 25x80.9 to 165th (No 513) x25x87, except part tor 165th, vacant: A$4,800-4,- SOO; also CROTON ST or NEW ST (8:- 2123-7), ss, 239.5 w Ams av, 25x86.4 lO 165th (No 515) x25xS6.9. except pt for 165th. vacant; A$5.400-5.400; Anna Rush, 510 W 184, to Moritz L & Carl Ernst, firm M L & C Ernst. 35 Nassau; 'A pl; mlg- $7,000; Ocl4; Oct6'16. nom Croton st; same prop: same to same; ^A pl; mtg $7,000; Oct4; Oct6'16. nom Delancey st, 40 (2:420-77). ns, 50 e For¬ syth. 25.2x100, 5-sty bk tnl & sirs; A$33,- 000-45,000; also DELANCEY ST, 42 (2:- 420-76), na, 75.2 e Forsyth. 25.1x100. 5-sty bk tnt & strs; A$33,000-45,000; Saml Gros¬ ner, 1361 Madison av, el al, to 40-42 De¬ lancey St Corpn, 135 Bway; mlg $41,250; Oct5; Ocl6'16. O C & 100 Delancey st, 42, see Delancey, 40. Dotviiine St. 40-51 (2:528-82). ns, 122.3 w Bedford. 39.6x90. 4-sty bk stable; John F Caragher lo Mary E Caragher. his wife, both at 110 Lerov: V-> nl; AT; AL; OctB; Ocl7'16; A$20,000-35,000. gift Duane St. 164-0, see Hudson, 21-31. Essex St. 7 (1:297-27). ws, 94.8 n Di¬ vision, 20x87.6. 4-sty bk loft & str bldg; Martha .\ (Schroeder) wife, & Hy C Holl- wedel, of Los -Aingeles, Cal, lo Wm A Geller. 355 Elcentro st. South Pasadena, Cal; B&S; Sept27; Ocll0'16; A$19,000-27,- 000 nom Forsyth st, 43 (1:302-25), ws, 150.2 n Canal. 25x99.8x24.10x100, 5-sly bk tnt & strs; Max Verschleiser lo .Simon Katz. 470 New Jersey av, Bklyn; Vs pl; mlg $34,- 000; DeclO'14; Ocl6'16; A$20,000-36,000. nom Houston St. 170-181 MV (2:520-34-37). swc Congrress (Nos 1-5). runs sl25xwl29.2xnl25 to Houston, xe2.11xs75 xe S4.:ixn75 xe 42 lo beg, 5-sty bk lodging house & 2-4-sty bk tnts & ."Strs; .Vrchibald E B.axter. ref, to Mutual Life Ins Co of N Y, plft; FORE¬ CLOS Sept26; Ocl7; OcllO'l';; .\$47,500-67,- 500. 41.000 Hudson st, 21-31 (1:141-32), swc Duane (Nos 164-6). runs xe29.4 to Hudson xnl21.6 to Peg. 12-stv bk loft & str bldg; mtgrs $470,000 & AL; .\ $175,000-450,000; also LEXINGTON AV, 305 (3:893-67), es, 98.9 n 37th. 24.8x100. 4-stv & b stn dwg; A$34,500-44,500; Stanley .A Cohen, 63 W 73, to Stanley A Cohen, 63 W 73, EXR & TRSTB Solomon L Cohen- 10-60 int; AT; SepH4; Ocll0'16. 44,579.50 Hudson St. 21-31. swc Duane (Nos 164- 6); mlRs $470,000 & AL; also LEXINGTON AV, 305; Albt .A Cohen, at Great Neck. LI, to same; 7-60 int; .'^T; Sentll; Octl0'16. 31,205.60 James st. 59-61 (1:116-23). ws. 95 s Madison. 50x100. 2-5-sly bk tnts & sirs; Michaelina Manescalco. al Bay 28lh & 86th, Bklyn, lo Herbert Brigrgs. 299 Putnam av, Bklyn; AL; OctS; Octll'16; .■\$30,000-60,000. O C & 100 James st. i"9-«l (1:116-23), ws, 95 s Madison, 50x100. 2-5-stv bk tnls & strs; Herbert Brings. 299 Putnam av, Bklyn, to Michaelina Manescalco or Maniscalco or Michelina Maniscaico, 3 Bav 28th Bklvn; -A.L; SeptSO; Ocll0'16; A$30,000-60,000. nom Leroy st. ItO (2:601-54), ss,-125 w Hud¬ son, 25x100, 4-sty bk tnl & 3-sly bk rear tnt; John P Caragher to Mary K Carag¬ her. his wife, both al 110 Lerov; Ocl6; Oct 7'16; .'\$12,000-13,000. gift Madison St. 174 (1:272-38), ss, 186.3 e Pike, 25x100, 6-sly bk tnt & strs; Julius Geiger lo Esther Koppelman, 144 Riving¬ ton; mtg $33,000; Oct6'16; A$17,000-35,000. nom Monroe s«, 73 (1:274-13), ns, 110.11 w Pike, 25x100, 5-sly bk tnt & strs; Wm Klein, ref. to Chas Dickinson, 1184 Bway, TRSTE for Mary L Hillhouse. plff; FORE¬ CLOS Oct3; Oct6; Oct9'16; A$14,000-26.OOn. 10.000 Monroe St. Ill (1:272-16). ns. 125 w Rut¬ gers. 26.2x100x25.11x100. 6-sty bk tnl & strs; Fannie Frankel to 107 Monroe St Corpn. 54 Loew av; B&S; OctS; Oct6'16: A$17,800-3S,000. O C & 100 The text of these pages is copyrighted. AIJ rights are reserved. Notice is hereby given that infringement will lej^d to prosecution,