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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 99, no. 2548: January 13, 1917

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8BCTION TWO RECORDS SECTION REAL ESTATE BUILDERS This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfied Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales, Real Estate Appraisals, Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens, Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Affecting Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx, and the recorded Wills and Real Estate Appraisals in the Borough of Manhattan. "Entered at the Poat OfTlce at New Tork. N. Y.. as second class matter. Vol. XCIX No. 2548 New York, January 13, 1917. PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. Borough of Manhattan. JAN. 5. 6, S, 9, 10 & 11. Caroline Nt, .">, see West, 192. Church St. 2S6-.S (1:191-37). nwc White (Nos 30-2), 50x50, 4-sty stn loft & str bldg-; Harris Mandelbaum & Fisiier Le¬ wine to Equitable Life Assur Soc of U S: mtg $45,000; JanS; Jan9'17; A$48,000-55,- 000. nom t'liflt st, 27, see Ryders alley, ss, 79.11 w Pulton. Cliff St. 100-11. see Vandewater. 22. Coentle.s slip. 2,% (1:5-19). ws. 84.9 s Front, 27x41.11x27.2x45, 4-sty bk loft & str bide: Margt L & Wm P Hei rick. EXRS &c Blias J Herrick, lo Michl Schonbrunn, 1324 52d, Bklyn; Jan3: Janll'17; A$14,000- 17,000. 18,000 Delancey st. 244 (2:338-73), ns, 25 w Sheriff, 25x75. 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Seig Goldstein lo 244 Delancey St Corpn, 128 Bway; Jan5'17; A$15,500-23,000. O C & 100 Ferry st. 2 (1:99-20). sws, at ses Gold (Nos S4-6), 29x46x29.3x47.4; also FERRY ST, 4 (1:99), sws, 29 se Gold, 35x45.4x32.6 x4ti, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; Justus L Bulkley to Jas Moss, 130 S 11. Newark, NJ; B&S; Dec21'16; Jan5'17; A$4S,000-62.- 000. O C & 100 Ferry st, 4, see Ferry, 2. Fultou st, S9 (1:93-4). ns. 84.1 w Gold. 25.6x60x24.10x60. 7-slv bk lott & str bldg: Isidor Kahn to Citv Real Estate So. 176 Bway; B&S & CaG: mtg $45,000 & AL: Dec 2fl6: Janll'17: A$3S.O0U-6O.O00. O C & 100 (;old st, !S4-f!, see Ferry. 2. Hester St. 21. see 1 av. 2337. Houston St. .IO* E (2:325-20). swc Man¬ gin (No 145). 20x75. 3-sty tr tnt & sirs: Frank Brewery, of B ol Q. to Enterprise Brewery. Inc. of Esopus. Ulster Co. NY; B&S: AL: Sept7T6; Janl0'17; A$ll.000-13.- 000 (R S 50 cts). nom Houston st, »7 W (2:516-19), ss, 75 e Thompson, 25x73.2, 5-sty bk tnt & sirs; Domenico Spina. 362 Broome, to Carolina Weinlandl, 2S73 Bainbridge av, Bklyn; Jan4: Jan5'17; .-iJlS,000-23,000. O C & 100 Houston st, lOS \V (2:525-24-25), nwc Thompson (No 169), 25x100, 5 & 6-sty bk tnt & strs: mtg $33,000- .\$29.000-39.500; also 14TH ST. 207 E (o;S96-8). ns. 148 e 3 av, 29x103.3. 5-sly bk tnt: mtg $35,000; A$24,500-36,000; also 129TH ST. 24S W (7:1934-55). ss. 236.2 e S av. 22.2x99.11. 4- sty stn tnt: mtg $11,000: ASS.400-14.500; Susan A K Links to Sarah Links. 2296 Loring pl; JanlO: Janll'17. O C & 100 Houston St. lOS W. nwc Thomnson (No 169); also 14TH ST. 207 E: also 129TH ST. 248 W: .Adele M Comvns to Ida C Thorn. 210 W 90: sub to mtgs as above & AL: JanlO: Janll'17. O C & 100 Houston St. KIS W. nwc Thompson (No 169); also 14TH ST. 207 E; also 129TH ST. 248 W; Marguerite I. John E & Thos F Kaugbran lo Michl B Hennessv, 61 E 121: sub to mtgs as above & AL: JanlO; Janll '17. O C & 100 Jones St. S (2:590-25). ss. 79.9 w 4lh. 25 XlOO.2. 5-sty bk tnt & sirs; Eugene Dris¬ coll to Lucy C Driscoll. his wife. 9 Oliver: mtg $18,000 & .\L; Jan9'17; A$ll,000-23.- 000. nom Lewis St. 13 (2:326-18). ws. abt 100 s Broome. 25x100. 4-sty bk stable: Emzee Realty Co. 14 Lewis, to Celia Messing. 64 Broome: Dec29'16: Janl0'17: A$10.000-P 10.000. O C & 100 Ludlow St. 10 (1:297-5). es. 156.8 n Canal. 19x87.6. 5-slv bk tnt & strs: Geo L Lewis, ref. to Citv Real Estate Co. 176 Bwav. plff- FORECLOS Jan4; Janl0'17: A$14.000- 19,500. l.-.OtlO Madison st, 174 (1:272-38). ss, 186.3 e Pike. 25x100. 6-stv bk tnt: Esther Koppel¬ man to Gussie Koppelman 26 B 31 Bay¬ onne. NJ- mtg $33,000: Jan9: Janll'17: .-V. $17,000-35.000. nom Manein st, 14.". see Houston, 509 E. Monroe st. 12 (1:253-102). ss. 175.11 e Cath. 25.2x61.1x25x61.10. 6-sty bk loft & str bldg- Edw .\ McShane. ref. to Albt F Hagar. 54 W 40. TRSTE Cath .K Hedges, plft- FORECLOS DecS: Decl3'16- Janl0'17; A$9'.500-15.500. 11.900 Monroe St. 12; Albt F Hagar. 54 W 40. TRSTE Cath A Hedges, to Michl Strami- ello. 170 Park Side av. Bklyn: Janl0'17. 12.500 .Monroe st. S5 (1:272-3). ns. 90.5 e Pike, runs ni5.1xw5xn54.11xe25xsl00 lo st xw 20.2 lo beg. 6-sty bk stable: Saml Klein¬ berg 10 Ernestine Jacobowskv & Cecilia R Ober. both 321 W 138. as point tenants: mtg $15,000: JanlO; Janll'17; A$14,000-24,- 000. O C & 100 Monroe st. 171 (1:269-11). ns. 139.8 w Montgomery, 22.10x100, 6-sty bk tnt & sirs; Willis L Ogden, 73 Pierrepont, Bklyn, to .\lbt H Peterson, 12 Brinkmeyer av. South Ozone Park. B of Q; mtg $25,000; Jan6'17: A$15,000-33,000. noni Mott St. 24 (1:162-13), es, 152.8 s Pell, 24.1x98.6x24.4x97.3, 6-sty bk tnt & sirs; Adelina M Nassano lo John Nassano, bot'n at 11 Fulton st, Jamaica, B of Q- 1-14 pt; .\T; correction deed; AL; Jan9'17; .\$17.- 000-34,000. nom .Mott St. 20 (1:162-14), es. 128.8 s Pell. 23.11x97.3x24x96.3. 4-sty CK tnt & strs; .\delina M Nassano lo John Nassano. botli at 11 Fulton sl. Jamaica. B of O; 1-14 pt: .\T- .\L- Jan9'17- .\$16.000-20.000. nom Nassau st, 10» (1:90-19), ws, 34.9 n Ann, 25x70, 5-stv bk loft & str bid.g; Chas W Hussell of .Albany. NY. Individ & EXR of .\nne V R Russell, lo Hannah L Russell. 338 Slate st. .\Ibany. NY; QC: Nov27'16; Jan9'17; $105,000-110.000. nom I'earl st. 65 (1:29-6), ns. 115.10 e Broad, runs nll3.4 lo ss Stone (No 30) xel8.6xs 29.9xe0.4xsS4.4 to Pearl xw23.6 to beg. 4- stv bk lott & str hldg- U S Trust Co. TRSTE Eleanor L Phelps, to Gilbert C Halsted. 308 Washington av. Bklyn. & Chas E Halsted. at Westfield. NJ. firm E S Halsted & Co: CaG: Janl0'17: A$32.000- 39.000. iW.OOO I'rospect 111. 47 (5:1335-231,4). es. 17.1 n 42d. 16.8x58, 3-stv & b stn dwg- Jos R McGuire lo Margt McGuire. his wife. 115 W 121- .KT: QC: Nov20'16- Janl0'17: A$l.- 000-6.500. nom Prospect pl. 49 (5:1335-241/2). es. 33.9 n 42d, 16.8x58. 3-sty & b stn dwg: Jos R Mc¬ Guire to Margt McGuire. his wife. 115 W 121- .AT-QC- Nov20'16; Janl0'17: .\$4,000- 6,500. nom Prospect pl. 59 (5:1335-28i,i), es. 117.1 n 42d. 16.8x58, 3-sty & b stn dwg: Jos R McGuire to Margt McGuire, his wife: mtg $4,500; Nov20'16; Janl0'17: .\$4.000-6.500. nom Renile st, 1«S (1:139-41). ns. 63.2 e Wash¬ ington. 20.10x43.6x7.10x38.1. 4-stv bk loft & str bldg- .\$9.000-10,000; also Vv'EBH.AW- KEN ST. 10 (2:636-3). ws. 52.6 n Chris¬ topher. 28.3x28.10 to es West (No 390), 2- sty fl- tnt & strs; A$9.000-9.500: Louis .\ .Ames. EXR John .Annin. to Phoebe Palm¬ er. 622 West End av; V2 pt; -AT; Jan2; Jan 5'17. lO.OOO Ryiler's alley (1:76-7). ss. 79.11 w Ful¬ ton, runs s30.2xel.4xsl36.4 to ns Clift (No 27) xw26.1xnl30.7 & 30 to alley xe25.9 to beg 5-stv bk lott & str bldg: 27 Cliff St Corpn to Seig Goldstein. 600 West End av- mtg $90,000 & AL: Jan5'i;: A$42,000- $--------. O C & 100 Sheritl' st. 06-8 (2:333-10). es. 60 s Riv¬ ington. 40x75. 5-stv bk hall: JJorris Hal¬ perin of Bklvn. to .Abr Gersten. 365 E 8; mtg $27,500: Dec29'16: Jan9'17: .A$22.500- 45.000. nom Stone St. 30. see Pearl. 65. Stuyvesant st. 42 (2:465-43). ss. 86.7 w from sws 10th. 17x70.5x17.2x75 5. 4-sty bis tnt- Gussip Nadelbarh of Bklyn to Louis Sussman. 199 2 av; QC: .AL; Dec30'16; Jan 8'17: .A$8.000-10.000. nom Thompson st, 1B9. see Houston. 108 W. Vandewater st. 20. see A'^andewaler. 22. Vandewater st, 22 (1:113-6). ss, at n cor land Edw Probyn. runs sl27 to land —• Walton xe38 to German Burying Ground xn30 to land — Tonnigs xw35x—95 to st xw32 lo beg; also VANDEWATER ST. 20 (1;113). ss. 22x95; also VANDEW.ATER ST. ss. bounded s by Robt Benson, w by Jos Young, e bv Geo Hopson. 22x95; also CLIFF ST. 111-5 (1:113). runs sw along st 67.Sxnw21.1xw62.10xne34xsel06.S to beg. exeent part for Brooklvn Bridge; also CLIFF ST. 109 (1;113). ws. 98.8 n Frank¬ fort, runs nw9.3xnw again 31xel7.2xse21.2 to st xsw20 to beg. being that part left of No 109. not taken for Brooklyn Bridge, lot begins at sw rear cor of No 391 Pearl sl & 121.3 therefrom, runs w36xn31.2xe2.3 xsl.4xe33.9 lo rear line 391 Pearl st xs30.7 to beg; also CLIFF ST (1:113). es. adj land Lutheran Church, runs el09xsw36.9 & 39.7, 10.8 & 10 xn5.8xnw54.9 to sl at pt 104 n Hague st xn21.10 to beg; Austin B Fletcher & ano, TRSTES, EXRS, &c, Jackson S Schultz, lo Sullivan Warehouse Co, Inc. Ill Cliff: Jan2; Jan9'17; A$48,000- 65.000. tM>.000 Weehawken st. 10, see Reade. 168. West St. 192 (1:142-43), es, 41 6 n Duane, 18x41.5x18x41.10. 5-stv bk loft & sir bldg; .A$ll.000-15.OOO; also CAROLINE ST, 5 (1:- 142-50), ws, 44.6 n Duane. 15x40, 5-sty bk loft & sir bldg; A$6,00O-9,O0O; H Banard Leckler et al to Franklin G Sherrill, 116 Winthrop, Bklyn; B&S & CaG; Jan5'17. nom West St. 192; also CAROLINE ST, 5; Franklin G Sherrill, of Bklyn, to Markt & Hammachcr Co, 193 West: B&S & CaG; Jan5'I7. nom West St. 390. see Reade, 168. White st, 30-2, see Church. 286-8. Willett St. 29 (2:337-26) ws, abt 130 n Broome, 21.10x100. 5-stv bk stable: .A$12.- 500-22.000; also WILLETT ST. 31 (2:337- 25). ws. 174.11 s Delancev. 21.10 x lOOx 21.11x100. 4-stv bk tnt & strs & 4-sty bk rear tnt: .A$12.500-16.500- Wm Frieder to Chas Gotthelf. 192 Washington Park. Bklyn; 1/2 pt; mtg $36,000 & AL; Augl2'16; Janll'17. nom Willett st, 2»-:n: Chas Gotthelf to Edw Mandel. 60 Jewell st. Forest Hills. LI: Vi Pt; AL: Jan7: Janll'17. O C & 100 Willett St. 31. see Willett. 29. 4TH st, 2,sl E (3:387-46). ns. 213.10 w .\v C. 24.9x96.2. 3-sty bk tnt & strs: Abr Gersten. 363 E 8. to Morris Halperin. 906 Eastern Pkwav. Bklyn: mtg $10,000; Jan8; Janlo'17: .A$16.000-17.000. nom 4TH st, 2S1 E: Morris Halperin. of Bklyn. to Julius Geiger. 144 Rivington; mtg $10,000 & AL: Dec29'16: Janl0'17. nom IITH .St. »i23 E (2:394-57). ns. 333 w Av C 25x103.3. 5-stv bk tnt & strs: Maria Geyer. of Bklvn. to .A'.igust Weber. Sr. 421 Herold av. Richmond HIU. LI: AL: JanO- Janl0'17: .A$14.000-17.000. O C & 100 IITH St. 140 W (2:606-41), ss, 457.6 w 6 av. 22.6x117. 3 & 4-stv & b bk dwg: Emma P Howell to Henrv M Howll. 45 W 119; 1-5 pt: -AT: .Aprl6'12; Janl0'17: A$14,- 500-17.500. O C & 100 14TH St. 207 E. see Houston. 108 W. 14TH St. 042 E (2:396-28). ss. 88 w Av C. 27.4x103.3. 5-sty bk tnt & sirs- Freda Eisler. 325 E 4, to Spring Realty Co, 378 Grand; AL: Septl9'16: Jan5'17; A$11,000- 23.000. nom 17TH St. 20 E (3:844-31). ss. 200 w Bwav. 25x92, 8-sty bk loft & str bldg; Ger¬ mania Life Ins Co to .Arada Realty Corpn, 203 Bwav: B&S & CaG: mtg $75,000; Jan 3- Jan6'17; A$41.000-81,000. O C & 1,000 17TH St. ((14 E (3:984-48). ss. 238 e Av B. 25x92. 5-stv bk tnt & sirs; Maria Geyer. of Bklvn. to .August Weber. Sr. 421 Herold av, Richmond Hill, LI; .AL: Jan9: Janl0'17: A$6.500-13.500. O C & 100 19TH St. 140 W (3:794-62). ss. 505 w 0 av runs s73xe2.8xs27xw32xnl03xe27.10 to beg. 4-stv bk tnt & strs & 4-stv bk rear tnt- John H Rogan. ref. to Wm Rankin. 119 W 77 plff: FORECLOSED, drawn & recorded JanlO-17: A$27.000-29 000. .-i.OOO 20TH st, ."0-2 E, see 4 av, 242-50. 22D st, 10 E (3:850-67) ss. 547.7 w 4 av. 26.3x98.9. 5-sty bk loft & str bldg: Char¬ lotte E de Sers. widow (The Marquise de Sers). 58 Rue Galilee. Paris. France, to Marv B McKinney. 187 Court st. Bingham¬ ton NY- QC- Sept26'16: Jan5'n: .A$58,000- 65,000. ' O C & 100 2«TH st, 244 E (3:906-34), ss, 60 w 2 av, 20x74, 3-stv bk tmt; Chas E Saulpaugh & Sarah T Baker to Finn Holding Corpn, 616 Mad av: AL: Decl5'16: Janll'17: A $9,000-11,000. O C & 100 2(iTH St. 2-14 E: Finn Holdinr Corpn to Fredk Heinz. 244 E 26; AL: JanlO: Janll ,^Y OC&lOO 20TH st E. ns, Madison to 4 avs, see Madison av. 4 av. 26lh & 27th sts. The text of these pages Is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. 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