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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 99, no. 2561: April 14, 1917

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217BR0.'.DV/Ay, MANHATTAN AND BRONX SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION REAL ESTATE This section inclucJes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfied Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales, Real Estate Appraisals, Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens, Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Affecting Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills in the Borough of Manhattan. ••Entered at the Post OfTlce at New York.. N. Y.. as second class matter. Vol. XCIX No. 2561 New York, April 14, 1917. PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. Borough of Manhattan. .\PRIL, 6, 7, 9. 10, II & 12. .•Vnn st, IS («) (I;S9-17). sws. abt 105 w Na.ssau, runs sw54.2xnw22.1uxne36xnwlxn elS.a to st xse2I to bes, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; U S Trust Co of N Y. EXR Har¬ ris B i_ilck, to National Park Bank; Apr 9; Aprll'17; A$4S,000-52,000. O C & IOO .\tfomey st, 41 (2:346-54), -n's, 50 s Broome, 25x01), 5-sty bk tnt; .4$13,000-19,- 000; also 47TH ST, 232 E (5:1320-33), ss, 169 w 2 av ,23x100.5, 4-stv bk tnt- A$9.000- 13,500; Jos Kisselstein, 59 W 115, to 232 E 47th St Corpn, 66 E 113- -AL; Aprl; -Apr 6T7. O C & lOU Barrow st, «0 (2:584-60), ss, 50 vy Bed¬ ford, 24.4x74 to ns Commerce (No 33), x 24.6x74, 5-sly bk loft & str bldg; Frank R Greene to Carolina Devito, 23 Wood- side av, Trenton, NJ; B&S; AL; Mar31; AprIl'I7: .\$12,000-24,000. nom Bethune .st, 34 (2;U40-71), ns, 233.11 w Green-wich, 17.1x80x16.5x80. 3-sty & b bl: d-wg; Wm S McColter & ano, EXRS, See, Mary A -Allaire, to Fredk .\ Culbert, at Cold Springs, Putnam Co, NY; mtg $3,000 & AL; Mar28; .Aprll'17: A$6,000-7,000. 4,001) Bleecker st, 280 (2:587-25). -ws. SI ii Morton, 25.11x75x16.6x75.6, 4-sty bk tnt Sc strs- Herbert C Pell to Clarence C Pell of Tuxedo Park, NY; .\prlO; Aprll'I7: A $13,000-16,500. gift Bend st, 30 (2:530-43), ns, 163.3 w Row- ery, runs nIO0xe.04.xn25xe25.Sxs50xe5.-l.xs75 to st XW31.6 to beg, 7-sty bk loft & str bldg; Jonas Weil et al to Bertha Kauf¬ mann. 1496 Lex av; B&S: .\L; Mar7; .-^pr 12-17; .A.$25,000-51,000. O C & 100 Bond st, 50: Berth.i Kaufmann to Jonas Weil, 21 E 82. & Bernhard Maver, 41 E 72- B&S: -4L; Mar7: .-\pi-12'17. O C & 100 Broome st, 9.3 (2:336-46). ss. abt 25 w Sheriff. 25x75, 6-sty bk loft & str bldg; Irving S Ottenberg- to Hawk-Eye Realty & Security Corpn at Eddyville, Ulster Co, NY; B&S & CaG; j\L: AprS; Aor6'17: A $13,000-23,000. noiP Barling si, 2-10. see Pearl, 228-34. Chambers st, 192-4 (1:138-36), sws. 145.1 se West, 44x87.10x44x88.2. 5-sty bk lott & str bldg; Nina Erlich ot Chappaqua, NY, et al to Wm A Bonnell, COI 6th, Bklyn; mtg $42,000 & .KL: Mar27- Apr6'17: --^$44,- 500-62,500. O C & 100 Chrystie st, 206-12. see Stanton, 2S-30. Commerce st, 3:t, see Barrow, 69. East Broadway, 185 (1:281-28). ss. abl 25 e Rutgers, 26.1x100, 7-sly bk oftice bldg, 1-stv ext; Loretta Corpn to Jas It Kingsley. 44 W 44- QC; Dec8'16; April ■17: -\$39,000-61,000. nom Forsyth St. 95 (2:418-21), -ws, 75 n Grand, 25x100, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Lizzie Mon¬ day to Marvel Land Co, 29 Manhattan st; mtg $20,000; .\pr9: .\prl2'17; -\$20.000-28.- 000. nom Front sl, 102 (1:33-29), ns, abt 145 w Wall, 19.8x79.9, 4-sty bk loft & str bldg; Jas M Montgomery to Chas Runyon ot Mantoloking, NJ: AT; QC; Mar7'16; -\pr6 '17; A$18,000-21,000. nom Front st, 12 (1:192-27), ss. 125.2 e \\-est Bway. 50.2x94.4. e-sty bk loft bldg; Eernard S Van Rensselaer, ret, to Metro¬ politan Trust Co, 60 Wall, plff- mtg $67.- 364.40; FORECLOS Mar22: MarSO; AprlO '17; A$40,000-68,000. 2.<,O0O Ludlow st, 20 (1:297-7). es. lul.7 s Hes¬ ter. 25.1x87x25.3x87, 5-stv bk tnt & strs; Harry M Lewy. ref, to Morris Jacoby, 285 Central Park W: FORECLOS -Kvrb: .K\>rO ■17; A$lS,000-25,000. 1S,3V0 Mnnhattan st, 27-29 (7:1966-49-50), nrs, 327.1 se -Amst av. 50.3x100x47.3x78.5, 2-5- sly bk tnts & sirs; also MANHATTAN ST. nes, 139 nw Morningside av al pt equi-distant bet 125th & 126th sts, runs n e—xsw— to st xsel.3 to beg; Lizzie Mon¬ day to Marvel Land Co, 29 Manhattan; mtg $31,000; Apr9; Aprl2'17: .\$3b,000-41.- 000. nom -Mott st, 162 (2:470-6). es, abt 135 s Broome, 25x94; also LOT in rear 25x12, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Raffaele Di Luglio, of Bklyn, lo Concetta Di Luglio, his wife. 1627 Shore rd. Sheepshead Bay, Bkiyn; V' o- --VT- AL; April; Aprl2^17; .A$19,500- 34,000. nom Mangin st. 22 (2:322-35). es, 75 n Broome, 25xlu0. 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Ben] J Weil to Elsie -A. Duncan, widow. 14 Willcocks st, Toronto. Can; B&S; -AL; Mar20- -AprlO ■17: -\$S.000-24,000. nom Pearl st, 22S-34 (1:70-27-29 & 32), ses at sws Burling sl (Nos 2-10). runs sel73.4 to nws Water (Nos 172-SO), xswllO.Sxnw S4.8xnel9.6xnwI3.Sxne23.10xnw5.I xsw.03 x . nwo3.4xne2xnw36.S to Pearl xneSI.I lo beg, 6-sty bk loft & str bldg, 4-stv hk lott & str bldg, I-sty stn str & 4-sly bk steam plant; Kenneth Stevenson, 44 E 50. to N Y City District Realty Corpn, 242 Water st. Augusta, Maine; QC: -Apr3: -Apr 6^17: A$243,000-$--------. nom Ruteers st. 54 (1:255-29). ws. 17 s Mon¬ roe. 25x106.10x21.11x106.9, 6-stv bk tnt & sirs; Desireen Realty Corpn to Bernhard Peifer, 109 E 81; mtg $20,000; -Apr6- Anr 7^17; A$16.500-36.000. O C & 100 ShorilT st, 91 (2:339-62). ws, 125 s Stan¬ ton, 25x100. 6-sty bk tnt & strs: Henrv Gans of Bklyn to Lafayette Investing Co. 150 Lafayette: -AL: Apr9^17- A$15,000-22.- "00. O C & 100 Stanton st. 28-30 (2:422-37). nec Chrvs¬ tie (Nos 206-12), runs nl00xe28xs.02S4 xe 5.6-'-:iXs99.9xw36.6 to beg. 7-siy bk tnt & strs: East River Savings Instn, 291 B'way. to Giambatista Gauzza, 8 Baxter- B&S: -Apriri7: AS44.000-86.000. nom Stanton st, 101 (2:349-17). ss. 125 e Suf¬ folk. 25x100, 5-sty bk tnt & sirs; Bayard P Holmes, ref, lo Seamens Bonk for Sav¬ ings, 74 Wall, plff: FORECLOS .MarSO: Apr 6^17: .A$20,000-27.500. 22,.-.0II ThomiiKon st, 34-S (2:476-58). es, 162.8 n Grand. 61.10x94. 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; sub to most n 5 ft as alley to Nos 40-2 Thompson st; .A$36.000-49.000- also WEST HRCl.ADWAY. 356-60 (2:476-73), ws. 125.3 s Broome. 59.5x68.7x59.5x68.3. 6-stv bk lott & str bldg; .A$37.500-50.000; Greenwich Savings Bank to Leon T Dour. 526 61st Bklyn, & Emil J & Fredk J Dour. 369 Canal. NY'; B&S & AL: .Apr6- Apr9'17. non: Wadsworth ter (S:2170-pt It 336), es. 100 n 19Uih. 309.5x84x290.7x84. vacant; Citv Real Estate Co to Crimson Realty Co, 160 Bway; B&S; -AL; -AprlO; Aprl2-17; A$-------- *-—--, O C & 100 Wndsnorth ter (8:2170-pt It 336), es, 100 11 19Uth, IUJx84x9bx84, vacant: also W.ADS- WuRTH TER (S:2170-pt lot 336), es,. 202 11 190ih. Iu-'x84x98x84, vacant: also WADS- \\'ORTH TER (S:2170-pt lot 336), es, 304 n 190th, 105.5x84x94.7x84, vacant; Crimson Itealty Co to Harrison Avenue Building Co, 215 W 125; B&S & CaG AprlO; AprI2 ■1''- O G & 100 Wadsivorth ter, es, 202 * 304 n IDOth. see 'rt'adswortli ter, es, IOO n 190. Wushins'tou st, 3U9 (1:217-11), es. abt 2o n Hubert. 25x80, 5-sty bk stable- Chas M -Ams et al, EXRS, &c. Max Aras, to ilax -Ams, Inc, a corpn, 372 Greenwich- nitg $10,UOO; AiM-lS'I6; .Apr6^17: A$16.000- 22,000 (R S $5.50J. 5,400 Water st, 172-SO, see Pearl, 228-34 Water st, e«0 (1:243-96), ss. 203.S w Jackson. 17.10x70, 2-sty bk tnt; Louis H Schultz el al lo Jas S & Danl L Reardon 113 Prospect Park W, Bklvn: MarS- Anr 7'17: A$3,000-3,500. O C & 100 3D st, tSS E (2:398-24), ss, 176.7 w -Av B. 24x106. 5-sty bk tnt & sirs; Lizzie -Monday to Mar% el Land Co. 29 Manhattan- mlg $26,000; -Apr9; Aprl2^17; .A$16,500-28- "*'"- nom 4'rH st, 2,-.7 VV (2:612-2), es, 95 n Charles, il.lxoO, 3sty & b bk dwg; Morris I Mai- brunn to Dinah Berkowilz, 31 Favette Bklyn; AL: -Aor2; Aprl0^17: A$6,000-"7,500.' 4TH st, 2,";7 W'. Phineas Lewinson as TRSTE in bankruptcy ot Morris I Mai- bi-unn. bankrupt, to same; AT; Apr2; Apr 1" !'■ 500 UTH St. 37 W (2:573-6 = ), ns, 465 10 w 0 av, 17.5x92.3. 4-sly bk dwg; A$12,500- lo.oOO; also 9TH ST. 39 W (2:573-64) ns 4 83.3 w 5 av, 17.5x92.3. 4-stv bk dwg- a! $12,500-15,500; also OTH S"!-, 41 W (2-573- 65), ns. 500.S w 5 av, 17.5x93.3 4-sty bk dwg; A$12.500-15,500: Jas .A Renwick, in¬ divid. & ano. TRSTES will Hy B Ren¬ wick for Meta R Sedgwick, to The Man- ber Co, Inc, 41 Park Row- CaG; -AL- Apr 6: Apr7'17. 55,000 »iH st, 39 W. see Oth 37 AV !)TH st, 41 W. see Oth. 37 KV IITH st, t!2(S E (2:393-20). ss, 333 w Av C. 2ox94.9, o-sty bk tnt & sirs: -Anna Mark¬ witz, of Bklyn, to Evelyn Markwitz, 46 Hampton pl, Bklyn: mtg $20,000- Aor9- Aprl017; -A$13,000-24,000. O C Sc 10() IITH st, 718-22 E (2:380-17). ss. 21.1 w Dry Dock. 62.11x75.4. 3-5-stv bk loft & str bldgs & 2-sty bk rear stable; J F M Co to Wecaw & Co, both at 1029 E 163- mtg $28,000 & AL; Apr5; Apr7^17: A$17.500- 25.0OO. O C & 100 IITH st, 71S-22 E; Wecaw & Co to Wm Peters. 4444 Van Cortlandt Park E- B&S- .AL- AprS: -Api-7^17. nom i:{TH st, 5I» E (2:407-51), ns, 246 e Av .\, runs nl03.3xe25xs—xeO.2 V-xs6S.llxw25 to beg. 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Henrv Hof¬ heimer, ref, to Hilda Worthington Smith. 219 Roberts rd. Bryn Mawr, Pa, plff- FORECLOS -AprS; Apr9^17: -A$ll,000-26.-Jfo' 22,00<> I4TH St. 2:15-7 E (3:896-17). nes. 156.11 w 2 av. 52.1x103.3. 1-sty bk theatre: St Eliz- iibeth's Industrial School, 236 E 15 to Wm Bernstein. 238 E 3: nug $46,000- .AuKl2^1."i- Apr:fl7: A$I8,000-$-------- (R s $9). 9, in N Y nt the Liverpool ,« London & Globe Ins Co to East 46th St Realtv Corpn, 14 E 46: Marll; -Apr6^17: -A$76.500-80.000. O C & IOO l.-.TH St. 28 W: East 46th St Realtv (-•oipn to 2S AVest 15th St. Coron. 505 av: mtg JlO.onO; .Aoro KITH St. 51 W (3:81 211x92. 4-stv stn tnt: 217 W 110- to Louis 110- mtg $12,000: Aprl 21.000, IOTH St. 51 W 110. to Sidnev ns.UlO; .Aprl .\iir7^17. --- ________ ... 6 -Apr6^17. nom -8). ns. 115 e 6 av. Hurtra Realtv Co. Schlechter. 217 W : -Aor7^17; .A.?19.00n- O C & 100 . . Louis Schlechter. 217 KV (■;;olestock. 47 . av-: mtg O C & 100 The text Olt these psges Is copyrighted. AU rights are reserved. Notice Is hereby given that Infringement will lead to prosecution.