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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 99, no. 2563: April 28, 1917

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION of the REAL ESTATE AND This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfied Mortgages and Mortgage fc-xtensions. Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales, Real Estate Appraisals, Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens, Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Affecting Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills in the Borough of Manhattan. "Entered at the Post Office at New York. N. Y.. as eecona claas matter. Vol. XCIX No. 256.3 New York, April 28, 1917. PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. Borough of Manhattan. APRIL, 20. 21. 23. 24. 25 & 26. .Academy st. ns, nt h iv 1 Sherman Creek, see 20Ilh W, nes. 250 se 10 av. Academy .st, nwc 10 av, see 201th W, nes, 250 se 10 av. Attorney st, 141-3, see Stanton. 183-7. Barclay st. 94 (1:84-27). ss, abt 65 w Washington, —x—, 4-sty bk lott Sc str bids: Anderson Price to Isabel T Price, his tvite, bolh at 65 Newell av, Ruthertord. NJ; AL; Jan26'15; Apr26T7; A$24,500-30.000. O C & 100 Charles st, 110 (2:631-39), swc Hudson (No 533), 74.11x11.11x72.6x27.7. 3-stv bk tnt & strs; Milton JI Sittenfield. ret, to Chas H TounK". 31 Poplar pl. New Rochelle. NT. TRSTE will Geo Bell, plft: FORECLOS AprlO: .4pr25'17: .4$18,000-23,000. 17,000 Cherry st (l:259-pt It 19). ss, 150.2 w Gouverneur, a strip, 5.2x62.3x4.11x63.10; Charles F Schmale ot Bklvn to Charles F Schmale Realty Co, 602-4 Water; QC: .\ L: .\prl2; rerecorded trom AprlO: .'\pr23 '17: .K%-------$-------. nom Chrystie st, 177, see Rivington. 17. Clinton st, 00 (2:349-39). es. 78.10 n Riv- insrton. 21.2x75. 3-stv bk lott & str bids: -Adeline Borck to Thos P Crowell. S1I6 21 av. Bklyn; Aprl3; Apr21'I7: A$16.500-2I.- 000. nom Clinton St. 100 (2:348-38). es. 60 n De¬ lancev. 20x50. 3-sty bk tnt & strs; Rector, etc. ot the P E Church of St Marks in the Bowery, 2 av. cor 10th. to Nathan Gold¬ stein. 100 Clinton: mtg $13,500; Aor6: Anr 2fl7: A$14.000-16.000. O C & 100 Clinton st. 1.36-60, see Grand, 408-10. Clinton st, 230 (1:258-36). sec Monroe (Nos 148-50). 30.4x93.4. 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Resral Mte: & Securitv Co to Max Aronson. 1090 Mad av; mte 540.000 & AL; April: Apr24'17: AS22,000-55.000. nom Commerce st, 1.3 (2:587-65). ns. abt 60 w 7 av. —X—. 3-stv ,?- b tr bk dwg: also property at Ride-efield Park. N.I: receipt of leg-pcy- Ida C La'itenbach. heir &c Dom¬ inick Neusch. to .\Ibt Neusch. 827 Walnut St. Richmond Hill. B ot Q as TRSTE tor Magdalena 0, see Clinton. 236. Madi.son st, 220 (1:271-16), ss, 52.2 w Jefferson, 26.1x100, 5-stv 'bk tnt & strs; Chas E Hevdt, ret. to Union Trust Co of N Y. 80 Bway, plft; PORECLOS AprlS: .\pr25'17: A$I7,000-33,000. 12,0110 Madison st, 2S>2 (1:268-34), sec Montgom¬ ery, 17x49.9x18.6x49.9, 4-stv bk tnt Sc strs: Cath Courtney, 543 Bedtord av, Bklyn, to Rosie Schatz, 60 Graham a v. Blilyn: mtg $8,325; Apr20; Aor23'17: A$8.500-10,500. O C & 100 Manhattan st, nivc 12 av, see 12 av 2290-6. Montsotnery st, sec Madison, see Madi¬ son st, 292. rearl st. 3S (1:8-41), ss, 51.1 e Moore, 24.9x6110x21.10x61.8, 5-stv bk loft & str bldg; Thos M Martin of Spring Lake, NJ, to Emma B Martin ot Sorins Lake, NJ; Jennie L, wife .Alfred .-Vyers ot Summit. N J, & Carolvn A. wife L B Cory of Fresno. Cal; B&S; Mayfll; .\pr2I'I7; .\$22,000-26.- 000. , gift Pearl st, 304 (1:98-28-37 V?), ses. abt 85 sw Peck sl, 21.3x98.4x22.9x97.7, nes, with rights to alley running w trom Peck sl, 4x103. 4-stv bk loft & str bldg. 1-sly ext; John D Wright et al to Schieffelin Sc Co.. 170 William; Mar23; Apr26'17; A$16,500- 19,500. nom I'ine st, Sl (1:39-37), ss, 67.4 w Water, 30.6x10x30.9x10. 7-sty bk loft & str bldg; also W.ATER ST. 128 (1:39), nws, 40.7 sw Pine, 23.2x68.8x23x69.8. 7-sly bk lott Sc str bldg:; Letitia H McKinley, of Bklyn, to Hasco Building Co, 245 W 55; mte $50,000 & AL; Apr24; Apr25'I7; A$40,000-75.000. O C & 100 Kivington st, 11-13 (2:125-23), ss, 50 w Chrystie, 50.2x99.9x50x99.7, 6-sty bk tnt & sirs: Regal Mlg & Securitv Co to Max Aronson, 1090 Mad av; AL; .\prl4: Apr24 '17: .A?44.000-79.000. nom Rivington st, 17 (2:425-26), swc Chrys¬ tie (No 177). 24.7x99.6. 6-sty bk tnt & strs: Theresa Lemmon to Leonard Weill. 155 W 103: mtg $25,000: -•Vprl7; Apr20'17: A$30,- 000-52.000. nora St Lukes pl. 3 (2:583-58). ns. 59.6 e Hud¬ son, runs n45xe0.6xn22xe20xs67 to pl xw 20.6 to beg. 3-sty stn dwg; Flanton Real¬ ty Coron to Lucy Madden. 3 St Luke's pl. mtg $7,500; AprI9: .■ipr24'17; -\$I0,000-11.- 000. O C & 100 Stanton st, 183-7 (2:349-54), swc .Attor¬ nev (Nos 141-3), runs w56.2xs63.4xel6.5xn O.lOxelO to Attornev xn62.6 to beg. 6-stv bk tnt & str bids:; Regal Mtg & Securitv Co to Max Aronson, 1090 Mad av; mtg $60.- ono & JKB: April; Apr24'17; --^$50,000-90.- 000. nom Sullivan st. 3» (2:476-10), ses, 202 s Eroome, runs se86 to an allev xne34xnl0.7x •i\I1.5 to ss Watts (Nos 31-9) xw71.7 to se s Sullivan xswlS.3 to beg, 6-sty bk tnt & strs: .Alfred C Coxe, Jr to Lawyers Mtg Co- FORKCI.OS Aprl7; Apr21: .A.pr23'17: .A$25.000-55.000. 38.0m» Waverlv pl, 123-5 (2:553-41-42). ns. 80.2 e 6 av. runs nll9-3xe54xs22.3xe.02iixsl00.1 fo nl XW46.6 to beg. 2-3-stv S- b bk dwsrs; M K M Realtv Corpn, of New Rochelle, NY, to 123 & 125 Waverlv Place, Inc. 465 Greenwich; AL; Aor20'17; A$35,000-38.500. nom AVater st, 12.8. see Pine, Sl. Watts st, 31-0, see Sullivan, 39. White st, 2S (1:191-1), ns. 50 w Church, 25x83, 6-sty stn lott & str bldg: Gertrude -A Vanderbeck to Sember Realtv Corpn, 128 Bway; Apr25: Apr26'17; A$25,000-40,000. O C & 100 3D st, 320 E (2:372-33), ss, 93 w .Av D, 19x75, 3-stv bk tnt: Chas Putzel,, ref, to Marv E Fitts, 362 Riverside dr. plff; sub to taxes &c; FORECLOSED Sc drawn: Apr 24; .Apr25'I7; A$9,000-11.500. 11,000 4TH St. 2-0 W, see Bwav. 693-7. .'.TH st, .•545-7 E, see Av B. 76. OTH St. 5.-. W (2:573-72). ns, 248.10 e 6 av. 22.2x92.3. 3-sty & b bk dwg; Helen Norris. of Bklyn, to Wm E Podesta, 35 Charles: mtg $13,500; Apr24; Apr26'17; A $16,000-18,000. O C & 100 13TH St. 32G E (2:154-23). ss. 323.7 e 2 av. 26.4x103.3, 5-stv bk till; Ferdinand .-V Sieghardt to Emilv Klein. 187 2 av- .AL- .Apr5: .Apr23'I7; .A$I7.000-32,000. O C & 100 13TH st, 644 E (2:395-28). ss. 108 w -Av C. 25x103.3, 4-stv bk tnt & strs & 3-sty bk rear tnt; Seymour Reallv Co. 25 Broad, to Leopold. Max, Henrietta & Estella Oct-- linger, all at 130 E 74, 14 pt, & Sara. Clara. Bertha. Estella. -Abr & Ida Rice, all at 1909 Linden av. Bait, Md. ',3 pt, & Saml Rhonheimer. 226 St James ol. Bklyn. V, pt: mtg 510.000 & AL; Apr23'17; A$10.000- 13.500. nom 14TH st, 314 W (2:629-28). ss. 200 w J av, 25x103.1x25.6x98. 6-stv bk factorv; D&R Realtv Co to 314 West 14th St Co. both at 314 W 14; mtff $30,000 & AL- .Apr 26'17; A$1S.000-42.000. O C & 100 15TH st, 3.-,2-4 W, see 15th. 350-60 W. 15TH st, 3.-,C-C0 AV (3:738-72). ss, 150 e 9 av, 50x10-'!.1. 6-stv bk tnt; .A$24.000-65.- 000; also 15TH ST. 352-1 W(3:738-68).ss 200 e 9 av. 50x103.1. 6-sty bk tnt: .A$24 000- 65,000: Blauvelt Realtv Co to Chas Ballin, 160 W 87: AL: Jan2: Apr24'17. nom 2nTH St. 500 E, see -Av A, 324. 20TH st, i:{,-.-41 W (3:796-18). ns. 408.10 w 6 av, 90x92, 6-sty bk lott & str bldg; Jas A Foley, ref, to Seamens Bank tor Savings. 74 Wall, plff: FORECLOS .Aprl3: .Apr21; Apr23'I7: .A$85 500-155.000. 130.000 22D st, 316 W (3:745-47). ss. 200 w 8 av. 25x98.9. 3-sty & b bk dwg; Helen Os¬ born. of Dobbs Ferry. NY. & ano, heirs Geo L Osborn et al. to Caroline B Osborn. ot Dobbs Ferry. NY, also heir as above; -Aprl9- Apr20'17: A$13.500-17.000. nom 23D st, 149 E, see 24th, 144-54 E. 23D St. J47 W (3:799-17). ns. 300 e 7 av. 25x98.9, 6-sty bk lott & str bldg; .Arthur N Giegerich. ret, to Eliot Norton. 67 E 77, & J Campbell Thompson, of Quaker Ridge. NY, .ADMRS Wm C Lesster. plffs: sub lo taxes. &c: FORECLOS Aor6; AprlS: Apr 24'17; A$I5.000-61.000. 30,000 24TH st, 144-54 E (3:879-50-55 & 30). ss. 214 w 3 av. runs sl97.6 to ns 23d (No 149) xw26xn98.9xwl30xn9S.9 to ss 24th xeI56 to beg. 2 & 3-sty bk stables- Leicestershire Realty Co to 39 to 43 East 27th Sl Co. 2 Rector: (^aG: AL; April; .Apr25'17; A$215- 500-233,500. nom 25TH st, 415 W (3:723-24), ns. 200 w 9 av. 25x98.9, 4-stv bk tnt & 3-sty bk rear tnt; Svlvian Metzger to Tillv Metzger, ISn St Nicholas av: mt.g $14,000; .Apri7; .Apr 20'17: .A$IO.000-14.000. nora 26TH St. 2-S W, see 5 av. 212-6. 20TH st, «-S W. see Broadway, 1129-37. SOTH st, 243 E (3:911-25), ns. 150 w 2 av, 20x98.9. 3-sty & b bk dwg; .Ada K El¬ lison, devisee Chas F Hawley. to Wm Pat¬ terson, 594 E 5. Bklvn: mtg $8,000 & -AL: .AprI2; Apr20'17: A$9,600-13 500. O C & 100 SIST St. 230 E (3:911-48). ss. 256.3 w 2 av, 18.9x98.9. 3-sty & b stn dwg; .Amelia I.oercber et al. heirs .^c Robt Loercher. to Wm Patterson. 594 E 5. Bklyn: V„ pt & lite estate: .AT; -AL; Apr25: Apr26'17: -A $9,000-12.500. O C & I.OOO 31ST St. 230 E: Elsie .A Loercher. ?33 E 31 & ano. bv .Amelia Loercher. GDN. to same: .AT: B&S: -AL; Apr25; Apr26'17. 8,000 The test of these pages is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Notice is hereby given that infringement will lead to prosecution.