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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 99, no. 2567: May 26, 1917

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION of the ^) BUILDERS REAL ESTATE AND 9 This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfied Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales, Real Estate Appraisals, Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens, Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Affecting Reil Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and ■ Bronx and the recorded Wills in the Borough of Manhattan. "Entered at the Post Offic« at New York, N. Y., aa second class matter. Vol. XCIX No. 25G7 New York, May 26, 1917. PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. Borough of Manhattan. MAY 18-19. 21-22-23-24. Allen at. 0«, see Goerck, 62. Ann st, SU (I;a3-I4). ss, !)6.10 w Gold, 25.3xb0. 3-sty bk tnt & str; Emily A Water¬ man, of Sandwich, Mass. to Theo A Water¬ man, 48 St Marks av, Bklyn; Vz pt; AT; mts $6,5UU; Mayl7: May22'17; A?16,U00-18.- 000 nom Attorney st, 31 (2:346-59), ws, 100 u Grand, 25x100, 5-sty bk tnt & strs & 4-sJy bk rear tnt; Isaac F Russell, ref, to Fredk L Haug, 22b K 51, Se Hy J Schumacher, 3a5 Ft Washington av, KXRS John C Hau;?, plffs; FORECI^OS Mayl; May21'n; A$I5.- 000-22,000. 13,000 .attorney st, 34 (2:341-6), es, 175.9 n Grand, 25.9x100, 5-sty bk tnt; Paulina Obstbaum to Minnie U Mendelson. 803 VV ISO; Apr2: May24'I7; A$15,OOU-2S,000. nom Barclay st, US, see West, 113-4. Barclay st, 102, see West. 143-4. Broome st, 403-3, see Lafayette. 179. Broome st, 407, see Lafayette, 179, Bruome st, 400, see Lafayette, 179. Broome st, 564-6, see Varick. 111-5. Canal st (2;cii5-pt lot II). ss. 90 w V/ashington, a strip, 0.10x60x2.3x60; Henry G Trevor et al to Jennie Kranich, 250 \V 88 QC; May22; May23'17; A$------*------. nora Canal st (1:208). ns. bet Centre Se La¬ fayette, a strip bounded s by above, e by land allotted to Jas P Kernochan et al, as TRSTES, & deed recorded Mar20, I8C9, ^v by land conveyed to Hy I Barbey Aprl9 '06. Se n by land of Peter Lorillard; .S Stanwood Menken to Ernest E LorillarJ, of Bernardsville, NJ; Alfred R Conkiinj;, 157 E 70. & Alfred Seton. at Tuxedo, NY, as TRSTES for Jacob Lorillard, deed, un¬ der will Peter Lorillard, deed, for and durinp; life of Gertrude Lorillard, widow. & after her" death to Ernest E Lorillar.l, at Bernardsville, NJ, il'/'c: Jacob LorillarJ, Titusville, Florida, 12-36-1007c. Sc Frances A Sands. 33 W 50, 46-64-1007o; QC: April; Mayl8'17. nom Canal st (1:308); same prop; Edith Cov¬ entry (McCreery) to same; QC; Aprl-); MaylS'17. nom Cathedral Pkway, 210 (7:1881-41). ss, 200 w Ams av, 100x70.11, 12-sty bk tnt: Saml Strasbourger, ref, to Harrv H .Martin, 13J3 Dean, Bkiyn; FORECLOS Apr2; May22; May23'17: A$90,000-300,U00. 5U.000 over Se above 1st mte 225,000 Centre sf, ■2'3', see Lafayette, 119. .. Ceutre st, 23U, see Lafayette, 179. Centre st, 241, see LafayetiO. 179. Centre st, 243-5, see Lafayette. 179. Centre st, iil'J, see Lafayette, 179. Centre st, 231, see Lafayette. 179. Centre st, l'35-9, see Lafayette, 179. Cherry st, 505-7 (1:264-48-51). ss. 100 w East. 145.6x100. vacant; Alice Keteltas. 9 E 79. et al. to Crane Co. 490 Cherrv; Apr 27; Mayl9'17; A$35.000-35.000. O C & 100 ddridfse sf, 218 (2:416-12). es. 49.6 s Stanton. 24.6x87.6. 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Harjo Realty Corpn to Deru Realty Corpn. 309 Bway; B&S & CaG; AL; MayU<; Mayl9-17: A$18.000-26.000. nom Essex st, ««-8 (2:351-5-6). es, 100 s Broome, 50x100, 3-sty fr bk tnt & str & 1 & 3-sty bk rear tnt & 3-sty bk & fr hall; Hyman German to Martha Buildins Corpn, 1032 Forest av. Far Rockaway, B of Q; mte $34,000; May22; May23'17; AJIO.OOu- 46.000 nora Goerck sf, B2 (2:333-4). es. 150 n De¬ lancey. 25x99. 5-stv bk tnt; A$9.000-15.000- also ALLEN ST. 96 (2:414-34). es. 99.9 n Broome. 24.9x87.6. 5-stv bk tnt & strs- A $14.000-23.OOf); Sophia Gruenstein et al to Alriok Holdins: Co, 230 Grand; AT; AL; Apr23: Mavl8'I7. 'nom Grand st. 157 (1:334-10). ss. 5.9 e La¬ fayette. 17.5x55.2x17.5x55.1. 5-stv bk loft Se .str bldg; Emma Trenkmann et al. all of Bklyn. to A Trenkmann Estate. Inc 181 Laf-1 vette; AL; Mayl7: Mayl8'17; A$I2 0nO- 16.000. O C & 100 Howard st, 54 (1:231-18). nec Merer (Nos 12-14), 30.5x58x30.6x57.11, 5-sty sta loft & str bldg; Amos R E & Gifford Pin¬ chot, EXRS Mary E Pinchot, deed, Se ano, to Hasco BuildinK Co, 245 W 55; Mayll; May2i'17: Ai25,UOU-32,000, 25,U00 Hudson st, 543 (2:632-31), ws, 63.1 3 Perry, 18.10x73.6x17.9x79.2, 4-sty bk tnt St str; A$9,5O0-ll,U0U; also HUDSON ST, 545 (2:632-50), ws, 44.2 s Perry. IS.10x79.2s 17.9x84.9, 4-sty bk tnt & strs A$9,500-ll,- 500 Miigt Blakley, 661 W ISO. individ & EXTRX Saml G Blakley to Saml G Blak¬ ley, 502 S 6 av, Mt Vernon, NY, a son of party 1st pt; .-^L; May23'I7. 22,000. belns part of bis Int In Estate Hudson st, 545, see Hudson. 543. Jane st, 02 (2:641-39). ss, 8S.5 e Wash¬ ington. 24x70.8x24x70.2, 3-sty & b bk dw.g, John J Danahar to Mary E Danahar. his wife, 770 Washington; mtg $6,600 & AL; Mayl7; MayI9-17: A$7,500-ll,500. nom Lafayette st, 170 (Elm st. 107) (2:472-4) old es, abt 175 n Grand. ,20.5xV4 blk x21x^ blk, pt 7-sty bk loft & str" bldg; also L.\FAYETTB ST, 181 (Elm ST, 169), old es, 195.2 n Grand, 20.3x65.4x20.8x65.3, pt 7-sty bk loft; also LAF.-\YETTE ST, 1S3 (ELM ST, 171), old es, 137 s Broome, 20.5x 64.10x20.8x64.8. except parts taken for st. pt 7-sty bk loft & str bldg; A$3u,000-44.- 000; also BROO.ME ST. 409 (2:472-10), sec Lafayette (Nos 187-93), 26.9x118x26.1x117, except part for Lafayette, 8-sty bk loft & str bldg; A$37,0U0-So,000; also BROOME ST, 407 (2:472--pt lot 11), ss, abt 25 e La¬ fayette, 26.9x119x26.1x118. pt 7-sty bk lolt & str bldg- A$------$------: also CENTRE ST, 2o5-9 (2:472-12), swc Broome (Nos 403-5), 71.3x53x67.11x54. 7-sty bk loft Sc str bldg; A$61.000-82,000: also CENTRE ST, 251 (2:- 4i2-pt lot II), ws, 96 s Broome, 25x52.3x 25.8x52.8, Pt 7-sty bk loft & str bldg; -K $------$------; also CENTRE ST, 249 (2:472- pt lot 17), ws, 121.3 s Broome. 21.3x64.I9x 20.10x65.3, pt 7-sty bk loft bldg; A$------ $------: also CENTRE ST. 243-5 f2:472-rit lot 19), ws, abt 165 s Broome, 42.2x64.8x42, 2x64.4, ss, pt 7-sty bk loft & str bldg;A$------ i------; also CENTRE ST, 241 (2;472-pt lot 19), ws, abt 150 n Grand, 25x64, pt 7-sty blc loft & str bldg: A$------$——; also CEN¬ TRE ST, 239 (2:472-22), ws, 125.5 n Grand, 25x64, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; A$I5,00;)- 21,000; also CENTRE ST. 237 (2:472-23), ws, abt 100 n Grand, 25x64. 3-stv fr bk ft loft & str bldg: A$15,000-17.060; Emraa Trenkmann et al, all of Bklyn, to .A Trenkmann Estate. Inc. 181 Lafayett-i: AL; Mayl7: Mayl8'17. O C & 100 Lafayette st, ISI, see Lafayette. 179. Lafayette st, 1S3, see Lafayette. 179. Lafayette st, 1S7-03, see Lafavette, 17D. Manhattan st, 173, see 34th, 213-17 W. Mercer st, 12-14, see Howard. 54. Monroe st. I,-)« (1:258-30), ss, 137.7 9 Clinton. 24.11x99.4x25x99.4. 6-stv bk tnt & strs; Jacob Heller et al to David Paley, 494 E 147; mtg $26,250: MaylS; MaylS'l/; A$14.000-32,000. O C & 100 Monroe st, lofis David Palev, of Bronx, to Benj M Gruenstein. 2 W 72; Jos L 3 Mayer. 63 E 74. & Moritz Gruenstein. 60 W 95; mtg $26,250; Mayl7; MayI9'17. O C & 100 Mott St. 202-4. see Soring. 26-S. Perry st, 35 (2:613-37). ns, 184 e 4th, 17 x74. 4-sty bk office & loft bldg; Agnes Lynch, of New Rochelle. NY. to .\gnes V O'Sullivan, 322 W 100- mtg $4,500- Apr:- May32'17; A$5.000-6.OnO. ' nom Pine st, 45. see William. 51-3. Renwick St. 22-4. see 27th. 158-64 W St Luke's pl. 16 (Leroy st) (2:583-45), ns. 340.5 e Hudson, runs nlOOxelS.lOxse 13.10xsS6.6 to st XW32.1 to beg. 3-sty & b stn dwg; Hy T Nichols. 333 Sterling pl, Bklyn, to Josephine L Brokaw. 109 W 11- mte- $7,000 & AL; Mayll; MayI9'17- A $10,500-11.000. nom South st, 27 (1:34-30), nws, 20.11 s Cuy¬ lers alley, runs wS3.9xsl9.9xw0.9xs5.7xe84' 9 to st xn35 6 to bes-. 5-sty bk loft Sc str bldg: Elbridge T Gerry, of Newport RT tn Albt E Straker. 191 9 av; May2- MavIS •17: A$17,000-23,0nn. norn South St. 27: Albt E Straker to Minnie Bottler. 403 W 21; mtg $19,000; Mayl7: MaylS'17. O C & 100 Sprine st, 28-8 (2:479-14). sec Mott (Nos 202-4). 47.7x91.5x46.7x102.8. 6-sty bk tnt & strs: Wm Prager to Celestino De Marco. 239 E 17; hi Pt; mtg $90,000 & AL; May2J: May24'17; A$44.000-92.000. O C & 100 Spring st, 26-S, seo Mott (Nos 202-4); Isaac Lowenfeld et al, EXRS &c Pincus Lowenfeld, to same; hi Pt; mtg $90,000 & AL; May23; May2I 17. O C .4 100 University pl, 45 (2:561-3). es. 51 n 9th, 27x79x26.11x81, 5-sty bk loft & str bld4 & 2-stv ext: Geo Gardiner Fry. ref. to Mu¬ tual Life Ins Co of N Y. plff: FORECLOS Mayl5; Mayl9; May33'17; A$26.000-32.000 is.ono Varick st, 111-5 (2:578-71). nwc Broome (Nos 564-6). 63.6x90. 6-sty bk factor..': Sevmour Realty Co to Eborac Realty Corpn. both at 25 Broad; mtg $75,000; May 18; Mayl9'I7; A$42.000-90.000. nom Washington st, 214-0, see West, 143-4. West st, 142, see West, 143-4. West st, 143-4 (1:84-16-17 & 32-33). es, 63.7 s Barclav. runs e74.9xsl5xel08xnl5xe 75 to ws Washington (Nos 214-16) xs42.7 XW257.4 to West xn42.6 to beg. 2-5 & 2-;t- sty bk loft cS: str bldgs; .\$104.000-130.000; also WEST ST, 142 (1:84-15), es, 106.1 a Barclay. 25.6x73.9x24x83.9. 3-sty bk lod.;- ing house & str; A$36.000-28,000; also ISTK ST, 127 W (3:791-25), ns, 470 e 7 av. 20x 103.3. 3-sty & b bk dwg; A$12.500-14.000; % pt of this: also B.^RCLAY ST. 98 (1:- 84-25). ss. 97.6 w Washington. 21.5x75.'C 21.4x75. 4-Ptv bk tnt & strs; .'\$26.500-31,- 000; also B.iRCLAY ST. 102 (1:84-23). s-i. 140.2 w Washington. 21.6x75x21x75. 3-s;y bk loft & str bldg: A$27.000-31,nfi0; also STH AV, 304 (3:775-3). es. 49.4 n 25th. 24.S XlOO. 4-sty bk loft & str bldg & 2-stv ext; A$20.000-33.000; Albt Joske to Eborac Realty Corpn, 25 Broad; AL; Mayl7; May 22'17. nom William st, 51-3 (1:43-14-15), swc Pine (No 45), 46.10x42.10x43.8x42.11. 2-5-stv bk office Sc str bldgs; also 28 lots in Bronic on map Adee Estate. Westchester; also 54 3-100 acres at Throgmortons Neck, Westchester; also Lots 21 to 30, map of Greene. Owen iSL- Gelston, at Throggs Neck, Westchester; Ellen B Adee, of Bronx, "-o Geo T Adee, at Country Club of West¬ chester, Eastern Blvd, Westchester; 3-7t;-i3 of all RT&I which party 2d pt acquired ag heir of his father. Geo A .\dee, et al, Sc which he conveyed to oartv 1st pt bv deed dated Oct7-14; AL; Mayl7: May22'17; A $300,000-315,000. nom 2D St. 32-4 E (2:438-32). ns. 20.G w 2 av, 41x78.1x41x79.1. 6-sty bk tnt Se strs; Lou.s Bloch to Lena Bloch. his wife, 430 W 132- hi pt; AT; mtg $51,500 & AL; Dec32-17: May22'17; A$24,000-44.0(10 O C & 100 1.-TH st, 127 W, see West, 143-4. 16TH st, 615 E (3:984-12). ns. 33S e Av B. 2.^x92. 5-sty bk tnt: Louis Honn X: Mor¬ ris Stone as TRSTES to James Crimmins, 1042 Kelly; B&S; AL; May23'17: A$B.5iiO- 13.000. O C & 100 IfiTH st, 615 Es James Crimmins. 1042 Kelly st, Bronx, to John D Kroog Sc Emma, his wife, 1496 Vyse av, Bronx, as tenants by entirety; mtg $13,000: Mav23 '17. O C & 100 17TH st, 3 E (3:S46-5). ns. 100 e 5 a,r, 25x92. 9 & 10-sty bk loft & str bldg- War- dour Coron to Jacob Axelrod. 166 W 87- B&S: mtsr $50,000; Mav21; Mav22'17- .\ $40,000-97.000. (3 c &'l00 17TH St. .