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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 100, no. 2586: October 6, 1917

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION REAL ESTATE of the AND ^^ BUILDERS Phis section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignm-ents of Mortgages and Satisfied Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales. Real Estate Appraisals, Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens, Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Affecting Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills in the Borough of Manhattan. "Bntered at the Post Office at New Tork. N. Y., as second class ssatter. Vol. C No. 2586 New York, October 6, 1917. PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. Borough of Manhattan. SEPT. 28, 29, OCT. 1, 2, 3 & 4. Allen St. lY>-2, see Division, 106-8 on map 108. Ilayard st, 66 (1:201-32). ns, 93.8 e Mott. 23.6x100, 5-sty bk tnt & str & 6-sty bk rear tnt; Nielk Realtv Co to Jayrose Real¬ tv Co, 66 Bayard: mtg $28,300; Sept24; Sept 28'17; A$16.000-32.000. nom Bayard ai, 66; Jayrose Realty Co to Adolph Voltter. ISOO 7 tiv; mtgr $24,000; Sept27; Sept28'17. O C & lOo Dayard st, 6S (1:201-33), ns, 93.8 e Mott. runs n73,6 xw0.4xn 26.6 xw22.5xsl00 to st xe22.7 to heg, 6-sty bk loft Sz str bid?:; Nielk Realtv Co to Jayrose Realty Co, 66 Bavard; mt^- $24,000; Sept24; Sept28'17; A $16,000-35,000. nom Bayard st. 68 (1:201), ns, 93.8 e Mott. runs n73.6xw0.4xn26.6xw22.5xsl00 to st xe 22.7 to beg"; Jayrose ReaUy Co to Adolph Voltter. 1800 7 av; mtg $24,000; Sept27: Sept2S'17. O C & 100 Beaver st. 81-3 (1:27-22-23), ns, 40.5 e Hanover. 44x48.9x39.4x59.9, 2-4-sty bk loft & str bldg-s; Lawrence S Greenbaum. ref. to Emigrant Indust Savgs Bank, plff; FORECLOS Septl9; Oct2: Oct3'17; A$S5,- nno-92.000. Canal st, 336 (83) (1:211-39). sWe Church (No 332). 25.7x46.8x25x41.6, 5-sty bk loft it str bldg: John "W Cornish Con¬ stn Co. 4121 3 av, Bronx, to Anna M Jones. 2463 Valentine av. Bronx; mtg $27,500 & AL; Octl; Oct2'17; A$19.000-25.000. nom Canal st, r»26 (2:595-15), swc Washing¬ ton (No 472), 20x60, 4-sty bk tnt & strs; Wm P Schoen. ref, to Asahel F Wood. 2n44 14th st NW. Wash, DC. plff; FORE¬ CLOS Mar23: Mar29'16; Octri7; A$14.000- 17.000. 15,000 Canal ai, 526, swc Washington (No 472); Asabel F Wood, of Wash, DC, to Mary Wallace. 3042 Bainbridge av; Mar29'16: Octl'17. nom Church st, 332, see Canal. 346. Cliff at, 34 (1:75-47), sws. 8.11 sw Pulton, 22 8x102.3x22.4x103.11. 4-.'^ty bk loft & str bide:: Abr M Clonney. 114 Gates av, Bklyn, to Kate V K- Emilv N Goodwin. 91 Cam¬ bridge pl, Bklvn; E&S: mtg $30,000; Sept 27: Ortl'17: A$29.000-42,000. nom Division st. 106-8 on map 108 (1:294- 19). nec Allen (Nos li/^ & 2). runs nlOO.lxe 27.7x.s83.4 to st xs or sw37 to beg. 6-sty bk tnt Xz strs: Morris & Bertha Kulok to Jacob Altmnrk. 1 Rutgers: H pt; AT; AL; Sent25: Sent29'17: A$40,000-75.000. nom Fast Broadway. 44 (1:281-20). ns. abt 360 e Cath. 25x69.7x25x69 6, 4-sty bk loft & Ptr bldn: Chas Wi.lder & Rose, his wife, to Tillip Wilder. 550 W 15S: AT; B&S; AL; Sept2R; Oct4'17: A$23.000-30.000. nom FliKaheth st, 153 (2:479-30). ws. abt 15 s Kenmare. 25x94. 3-sty bk tnt & str Sz 3-sty bk loft bide- in rear: Horace E Deming. ref. to Jos T^ Molinari. 114 32d, Bklvn. one of defts: PARTTTTON JulylS; Sept6; Sept29 •17: A$15.500-17.000. . 15,200 Fll7:n1ieth st. 153; Jos L Molinari. of Bklvn. to Stephen Guardino 8222 19 av. Bklvn; AL: Sept2.S; Sept29'17. O C & 100 Flixalieth st, 1.'J5 (2:479-29). nws. at sws TCenmare (Nos 30-40), runs nw94.2xsw23.4 xse93.1 to st xne8.9 to beg. vacant; Wm H Long to Stephen Guardino. 8222 19 av, Bklyn; Sept28: Sept29'17; A$17.000-17.000. nom Flm st, .36-42. see Pearl. 534. F'etrher si, 21-5, see Maiden la. 143-9. Plotcher st, 21-5. see Maiden la. 143-9. Franklin st. 47 (1:171-18), ss, 59 w La- faypttp. 10.7x75.4x18.11x75.4. 2-sty bk tnt Sz str. 1-sty'ext; Morris Wolf. .364 Front St. Chicopee, Mass. & Jos S Wolf. 548 W 164. to Fredericka Cohen. 606 W 113, lega¬ tee Wm Wolf: QC: Septl7: Oct2'17; A$16.- 000-20.000. nom Front st, 1.16-60, see Maiden la,. 143-9. C.oorok sf, nwc Grand, see Grand. 574. Tiranrt st. 574 (2:326-54). nwc Goerck, 25 x75. 4-stv fr bk ft tnt & strs & 4-stv bk tnt X' strs; Phelan Beale. ref. to Celia Hvman. 20fi9 5 av: FORECLOS Augl6; Sept28: Sept 29'17: A$12,500-16,500. 12,ino Hamilton ter. 34 (7:2050-74). ws, 368 n 141st. 19x100. 3-sty Sz h bk dwg; Wellesley Realty Corpn, 280 Mad av, to Wm C Mott. 320 W 86. Sz Union Trust Co of N Y. 80 Bway. EXRS Robt A Scott; B&S; Sept27; Sept2S'17; A$8.200-12.000. O C & 100 Henry st. 256 (1:268-57), ss, 102.6 e Montgomery. 20.7x108, except part for st, 3-stv bk tnt: Henry A Friedman, ref, to Emigrant Indust Savgs Bank, plff; FORE¬ CLOS Sept28; Octl; Oct3'17; A$11,500-12.- 500. 10,000 Kenmare st. 30-40, see Elizabeth. 155. Le-n-is st, 08 (2:329-50), sec Stanton (Nos 311-3), 25x75. 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Israel Cohen, 915 Intervale av, to Helene Galew¬ ski. 26 W 120; Chas Galewski. 216 W 94. & David Galewski, at East Willi st on, LT. ADMRS &c Bernard Galewski, office at 299 Bwav: mtg $30,000; Augll; Oct4'17; A$16.- 500-34,000. O C & 100 Ludlofv st, 110 (2:410-3 7), es, 100 n De¬ laneey, 25x87.6, 6-sty bk tnt & strs: Chas Wilder to Rose Wilder, his wife, 180 St Nicholas av: AT; AL; Sept28: Oct3'lT: A $19,000-33.000. nom Ludlow st, 110; Tillie Wilder, individ. & Saml N Freedman. EXRS &r Saml Wilder, to Rose Wilder. 180 St Nicholas av; AT; mtg $30,000 & AL; Sept2S: Oct3'17. nom Macdou;;-al st. 110 (2:540-4). es, 150 n Bleecker. runs el OOxwlOO to st xs25 to beg. i)robable error, n course omitted. 6- sty bk tnt & strs; F'annie Lifshutz of Bk¬ lvn. to Louis Lifshutz. 5 45 Bedford a v. Bklvn; % pt; RT&I; AL; Julvl7: Oct2'17; A$16.000-27.000. nom Madison st. 01 (1:277-9), ns. abt 310 e Cath. 25x100. 5-stv bk tnt: Arthur F Ma- thi.'5. 356A 7th. Bklvn. to Louise B Chase. 1040 SOth Bklvn, ^4 pt. & Edw Bohner. at Hot Sprines. Va. M pt; mtg $28,000: Sept 28: Sept29'17; A$15.000-29,000. O C & 100 Maiden la, 14.3-9 (1:71-1-6-). nwc Front CNos 156-60). 68.10x80.4 to ss Fletcher (Nos 21-5) x76.ll to ws Front x79.S to beg, 2-5 & 4-4-stv bk loft & str bldgs; AVm F Devine, of Bklvn. to Smith Valley Realtv Corpn. 17 Cedar; B&S; Oct3'17: A $101,500-124,500. O C & 100 Maiden la. 14.3-9 (1:71-1-6). nwc Front rNos 156-RO). runs w6 8.1 Oxn SO. 4 to ss Fletcher (Nos 21-5) xe76.11 to ws Front xs7n.8 to beg. 2-5 & 4-4-stv bk loft & str bldsrs; Kennedv Estate Co (T>td). to Wm F Devine. 108 Cumberland. Bklvn; B&S; Sept5; Octl'17; A$89.500-110.500. O C & 1.000 Monroe st, 134 (1:256-23). ss. 156.7 w Jefferson. 14.10x100x14.11x100. 5-sty bk tnt & str: Tjouis Foreman. 430 Grand, to Mor¬ ris Goldsmith. 34 E 105: '/^ pt; mtg $14,200: Oct3: Oct4'17; A$8.500-1 2.500. O C & 100 Monroe st. 2.34 (1:261-57). ss. '150.5 e Scammel, 27.5x95.3. 5-stv bk tnt & strs: A $13,500-26.500: also MONROE ST. 236 (1:- 261-56). ss. 177.10 e Scammel. 27.4x95.4x 27.4x95.3. 5-stv bk tnt & strs; A$13.500- 26.500: Jacob Lew et al to Saml Lew, 55 W 116: B&S; Sept28: Oct4'17. "nom Monroe st. 236, see Mnnroe. 234. Xew st n:2S2-pt lot 50). es. ad.1 Man¬ hattan Bridere. 9.9 n East B^vav. runs n 59 3xe17,3xs56.8 to beg. 1-sty bk str: Chas WildPr X- Rose, his wife, to Tillie Wilder. 550 W 158; AT; B&S; AL; Sept28: Oct4'17; A$-------$-------. nom Norfolk St. 150 (2:354-48). es. 100 s Stan¬ ton. 25x100. 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Wm W Ppllet, ref. to Lawvers Mtg Co. one of the nlffs: FORECLOS Sept25: Octl; Oct3'17: A $20,000-28.500. 22.000 Park St. 87 (1:161-35). ss. 108.6 w Mul- berrv. 23.6x75.9 to Worth (No 173). x24.4 x7r..9 excent pt for opening Worth st. 2- sty fr bk ft tnt & strs: Cecelia A Baven- dam of Bklyn to Cecelia A McAvey. 142 Scbpnck av. Bklvn: mtg $11,500; Octl: Oct2'17: A$15-000-15.500. nom Pearl st, 92 (1:30-11), sps. abt 135 sw William, bpsins at nc 90 Pearl, runs se45 ^-npO 6xsp1S.1xnp20.6xnw63.9 to st xsw21 tn bpsr. 4-stv hk loft & str bldg; Auerust Scbncht. of Bklvn. to Tonng & Griffin rnffee Co. 97 Water: mte- $10,000 Sc AL: Sept25: Octl'17: A$11.000-15.500. nom Pearl st. 320-3 (1:106-17), ses, 57.2 ne Peck sl, runs se74.10xnel6xsel7xne26.2xn W97.4 to st XSW43.5 to beg, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; Robt B Lawrence of Flush¬ ing, B of Q, to Margt A Becker at Craig- Gowan. Stamford, NY; mtg $45,000; Sept 22; Oct2'17; A$27,000-45.000. nom Pearl st. 534 (1:157-21), nwc Elm (Nos 36-42), 25x100, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; Eliz Q H Boyd of Lee, Mass, et al, to Chas Barsotti, Sr, — River rd. Edgewater, NJ; mtg $30,000 & AL; Sept29; Oct2'17; A $55,000-67.000. O C & 100 Pine St. Sl (1:39-37), ss, 67.4 w Water. 30.6x40x30.9x40, 7-sty bk loft & str bldg; also WATER ST. 128 (1:39), ws. 40.7 s Pine. 23.2x65.8x23x69.8,7-sty bk loft & str bldg; Hasco Building Co to Water-Pine Corpn. 128 'Bway; mtg $50,000; OctS; Oct 4'17; A$40.000-75.000. O C & 100 Rldf^e St. 128-30 (2:344-48-49), es, 94 s Stanton. 34x100. 2-5-sty bk tnts & strs & 2-3-stv bk rear tnts: John T Hogan. ref, to City Real Estate Co. 176 Bway; FORE- CT^OS Sept5; Sept26; Sept29'17; A$lS,noo- 26,000. 30.000 Ridge St. 139-43. see Stanton. 200. South st, .-.9-60 (1:37-53), nec Wall (No 120), 30x39.10x30.2x38. 4-sty bk tnt & strs; Warner M Van Norden lo Lawyers Realty Co, 160 Bway: mtg $20,000 & AL; Oct3; Oct 4'17; A$37,000-40,000. nom Stanton st, 200 (2:345-29), nwc Ridge (Nos 139-43). 25x80, 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Louis Daniels to Beckie Daniels, 928 Tif¬ fany; mtg $53,000; Janl2; Octl'17; A$22.- 000-42.000. nom Stanton st, 311-3, see Lewis. 98. Wall St. 120, see South. 59-60. Washington st, 472, see Canal. 526. AVater st, 58 (1:30-25). ns, 137.7 w Old sl. 21.6x69.11x21.7x70.8, 5-sty bk storaere; Marv L Coster to Young & Griffin Cotfee Co. *97 Water: B&S & CaG; Sept27: Octl '17; A$15.000-22,000. O C & 100 AVater st, 128. see Pine. 81. Worth st, 173. see Park, 87. 5TH St. r,:iO K ^2:400-21), ss, 262 w Av B. 19.4x96.10x19.4x96.2, 3-sty bk tnt; Al¬ fred H Townlev. ref. to Theresa R Spear, 920 Homo, plff: PORECLO'S Sept25: Oct 1'17: A$10,500-12.000. .lO.OOO 7TH St. 269 E (2:377-53), ns. 204.1 w Av D. 22.2x97.6, 3-stv bk dwg; Anne S Seedorf to Rose Wels. 26S E 7: mtg $15,000 & AL; Sept26; Octl'17: A$12.500-14,000. O C & 100 9TH St. 17 W (2:573-53). ns. 282 8 w 5 av. 26.2x82.3, 4-sty & b bk dwg; Davann Co to Manber Co, 41 Park row; mts: $20,-- 000 & AL; Octl; Oct2'17; A$19.000-25,000. nom 9TH st, 73-5 W, see 6 av, 114. IOTH .st, 196-204 F. spe 2 av. 156-15SV2. IITH St. ,39 AV (2:575-69). ns. 471.10 e 6 av, 21.9x103,3. 3-sty & b bk dwg; Edw Swann to Emma A Poster. 39 W 11: mtg $61,000 & AL; OctS; Oct4'17; A$16,500-18.- 500. O C & 100 l.^TH st, 7 E (3:843-8). ns, 125 e 5 av, 75x 103.3. 5-sty bk Y W C A bldg: Young Women's Christian Assn to Soc of the Commonwealth Center. Inc, 140 E 19; B&S & CaG; Aug28; Oct4'17; A exempt-exempt. O C & 100 16TH st, 31 AV (3:819-18). ns. 575 w 5 av. 25x92. 4-stv & b bk dwg: Land Estates. Inc. to Wilton Holdinsr Corpn. 135 Bway; B&S; Oct2; Oct4'17; A$21,500-23.000. O C & 100 16TH St. 407 AV (3:714-30). ns. 80 w 9 av. 20x26. 3-stv fr tnt & str; John Sin¬ nott to Thomas Rav. 118 10 av; AL; Octl; Oct2'17: A$2.000-2.500. O C & 100 22n st, 27 E (3:851-24), ns, 325 w 4 av, 33.4x98.9. 10-stv bk office X- str bldg; Jos T & Theo D McCaddon. EXRS &c Ruth L Bailev. to Bailev Estates. Inc. at Mt Ver¬ non. 'NY; AL: Sept29; Oct4'17; A$70.000- 150.000. nom 22D st, 27 E; Jos T McCaddon. of Mt Vernon. NY. et al, to same; QC; Sept29; Oct4'17. nom 33D st, 240 E (3:903-39). Ss, 141.8 -w 2 av. 20.10x98.9. 4-sty & b bk dwg; Mark Owpns to Marv R Owens, his wife, both at 452A Hancock, Bklvn; Oct3; Oct4'17: A$18,500- 20.000. gift 24TH st, 240-2 E, see 2 av. 411-5. 26TH St. .3.39 AV, see 27th. 340 W. Thp text of these pages is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Notice Is herebv given that infringement wllllead to prosecution.