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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 100, no. 2590: November 3, 1917

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION of the REAL ESTATE BUILDERS AND This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances. Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfied Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales. Real Estate Appraisals, Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits. Lis Pendens, Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Affecting Real Estote, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills in the Borough of Manhattan. "Sntered at the Post Office at New Tork. N. T.. as second class Matter. VoL C No. 2590 New York, November 3, 1917. PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. Borough of Manhattan. OCT. 26, 27. 29, 30, 31 & NOV. 1. Attorney st. 124 (2:344-2), es. 130 n Riv¬ ington, 30x100, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Simon Engel, EXR Saml Engel to Simon. Paul¬ ine, Rosalie & Robt N Engel. all at 148 W 92; Vz pt (each of parties 2d pt to have Vi int in above); mtg $13,000 & AL; Sept 29: Oct26'17: A$17,000-25,000. nom Bedford st, IS (2:527-9), es, 40 s Down¬ ing. 18.9x75.1x17.6x75. 4-sly bk tnt & strs; Chas E Hughes, Jr. ref. to Citizens Savgs Bank, 56 Bowery, plff; FORECLOS Oct29; Oct30; Oct31'17; A$6,000-13.000. 11.000 Beaver st. 23-5 (1:24-6). ns, 115.4 w Broad, runs V(r49.4xn66.7 xw 64.1 to New (Nos 58-62) xne65.2xe41.2xnl.3xe33.9xs25xe 22.lxsl03.10 lo beg. 12-sty bk office & str bldg; Algernon S Norton, ref, to Robt Car- low, at Hotel Brighton, Long Beach, LI; FORECLOS June29; July24; Novl'17; A $435,000-850,000. 670,000 Beaver st, 23-5 (1:24-6). ns, 115.4 w Broad, runs w49.4xn66.7xw64.1 to es New (Nos 5S-62) at point 76.7 n Beaver xne65.2 xe41.2xnl.3xe33.9xs25xe22.1x3103.1-0 to beg, 12-sty bk office & str bldg; Robt Carlow. 411 Webster av. Astoria, B of Q. to Metro¬ politan Trust Co. 60 Wall, the plff In foreclosure action as above; BScS Sc C&G; Novl'17: A$435.000-850.000 nom Broad st, 71-75 (1:29-64-66). es, abt 95 s Beaver, —x— to So William (Nos 28- 30). 5-4-sly bk loft & str bldg: %ds of % ths of property given lo parly 1st pt under will of Grace M Kuhn. excluding all property disposed by Sth clause of said will; party 1st pt retains ^4 Pt of % pts; Ellen G Carv of Lenox. Mass, to Hamilton W & Cath C Cary; NovlO'08; Oct29'17; A $270,000-294,000. nom Broome st, 220 (2:352-32). ns. 88.9 w Norfolk. 46.9x75.5x46.6x75.5. 6-sly bk tnt & sirs; Jacob Levy to No 220 Broome St Corpn at 214 Broome; AL; Oct29; Oct30 •17: A$33,000-56.500. O C & 100 Broome st, 320, see Chrystie. 122-6, Broome st, 355, see Pearl. 269^/^. Caroline st, 8 (1:142-26) ^s, 59.6 n Duane. 28.5x80, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; John A Carney, ref, to Cath V Walsh. 451 W 34. plff; sub to taxes, assessments, etc; FORECLOSED & drawn Octll; Oct26'17: A$17.000-21.000. 9.100 Caroline st, 8; same to same; confirma¬ tion of above deed by order of Supreme Court dated Octl9; Oct23: .Oct26'17. 0,100 Chambers st, 61 (1:153-4). ns. 100 e Bway, 23x90.2x23x90.3. pt 6-sty stn office & str bldg; Saml Woolverton . ns. abt 109 e Franklin sq, —X—, with AT to alleys adj the two lots, 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Mary E. wife Simon P Flannery. 574 Ocean av. Bklyn, to Caterina, wife Rosario Lentino, 296 Greene av, Bklvn; mtg $55,000 & AL; JulyS; Oct3l'l7; A$26.000-60,000. nom Cherry st, 16, see Cherry, 14. Cherry st, 234 (1:255-15), ns. 51 e Pel- ham. 25.6x100. G-stv bk tnt & strs; Murray Hulbert, ref. 600 W 140. to Chas Remsen. at Remsenburg. LI. as TRSTE. & Central Trust Co of N T. 54 Wall, as sub TRSTE will Wm Remsen. for Chas Xz Eliz Remsen & Sarah R Manice. plffs: FORECLOS Oct 22: Oct29'17: A$S.500-22.000. 24.000 Cherry st, 318 (1:258-1). ns. 71.11 e Clin¬ ton. 21x100x21x100.5, 4-sty bk tnt; The Piattsmouth Realtv Co to Mary Almassy. 842 3 av: mtg $4,000; Oct25; Oct2'17; A$.- 500-11.500. O C & 100 Chrvstfest, 122-6 (2:419-1-3). nec Broome fNo 320), 75x62.5. 3-5-sty bk tnts Sc strs; J Campbell Thompson, rpf. to Ray Celler, 61 W 94. plff: mtg $68,250 & AL; FORE¬ CLOS Oct30: Oct31'17: A$46.000-68.000. Chrystie st. 122-6 (2:419-1-3), nec Broom Chrystie st, 183, see Penrl, 269%. Cliff st, SO, see Pearl. 323. CUnton st, 37-0. see Stanton, 165. Coenties sl. 10 (1:5-15-16), swc Front (Nos 37-9). 30x45, 2-4-sty bk tnts & sirs; Francis W Pollock, ref, to Julia A, Julia V Sc Chas E Loew. all at New Suffolk, LI. EXRS &c Fredk W Loew, plffs; PORE- CLOSED & drawn Oct25; Oct26'17; A$23.- 000-28.000. 20,000 Cooper sq, 14, or Bowery, 376 (2:544-59), ws, 142.6 n 4lh. & being at ss of an alley runs W95.10xsl0.1xe26xsl3xe78.3 to st xn 26.2 to beg, with AT to ajley, 4-sty bk tnt & strs; Howard T Kingsbury, at Sands Point, LT EXR &c Saml Frost, to Pouker Realty Corpn, 271 Bway; mtg $15,000; July 16: Oct31'17: A$20.000-22,000. 20.000 'Elizabeth st. 133, see Pearl. 269y2. Fletcher st, 10, see Maiden la, 141. Forsyth st, 45 (1:302-24). ws, 176.10 s Hester 25x100, 5-sty bk tnt & strs Sc 4-sty bk rear tnt; Jas C Madigan, ref, to Hyman Sonn, 40 W 86; Bettie Rothfeld, 210 River¬ side dr; August Oppenheimer, 2 W 72, & Robt B Rothfeld, 251 W 92. TESTES will Sigmund Rothfeld. plffs; FORECLOSED, drawn & recorded Oct31'17; A$19,000-25,- 500. 20,000 Forsyth at, 179-179y2, see Pearl, 269Va. Forsyth st, 206 (2:422-43), es. 150 s Houston. 25x100, 5-sty bk tnt & strs & 5- sty bk rear shop; Abner Greenberg, ref, to F William Heide. 68 W 94. & Josephine T, his wife, as tenants by entirety, plffs; mtg $18,500; FORECLOS Octl6; Oct25; Oct26"17: A$18,000-24,000. 2,500 Front st, 37-9, see Coenties sl, 19. Front st, 95-7, see 2d, 13 B. Hamilton pl, 56-8 (l:2011~SZV2-b4), swc 140th (No 538). 37.7x61.8x34.7x76.4. 2-3-sty & b bk dwgs: Patk M Finlay to Mary E Finlav. his wife, both at 455 E 57; mtg $13,000 & AL; June29; Oct31'17; A$18.500- 24.000. O C & 100 Houston st, 470 E (2:356-26), ns. 25 e Lewis, 25x68, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Benj J Weil to Bertha Kahn. 421 E 82; B&S; AL; Oct25; Oct31'17; A$10,000-16,000. O C & 100 Isham st (8:2243-21), nes, at ses Seaman av. runs se along st 199.4 to Isham Park xnel00xn67.2xnw69xne287.6 to sws 213th if prolonged xnwl04.8 to av xsw419.8 to beg, vacant, for public use as Isham Park"; Julia Isham. wife Henry O Taylor, 135 E 66, to Citv N Y; Oct26; Oct31*17; A $84,500-84.500. ^om Jane st, 84 (2:641-43), ss, 177.7 e Washington. 24x80. 3-sty bk tnt; Jos Ull¬ man to Patk Mulry & Mary A. his wife 3280 Blvd. Jersey City. NJ: PARTITION Sept28; Oct26; Oct27'17: A$8,000-9,000. 6,800 Jane st, 84, being all RT&I in estate, real & personal, of which Robt Walsh died seized. & bv will devised to his son, Jos F Walsh, the father of parties 1st pt & husband of party 2d pt: Tgresa A & Alice L Walsh to Theresa Walsh. Ill E 117; QC: Junt6'13; Oct27'17. gift Ludlow' st, 85 (2:409-23). ws. 87.8 n Broome 25x87.6. 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Simon Engel. EXR Saml Engel, to Simon, Pauline, Rosalie & Robt N Engel, all at 148 W 92; h^ pt (each of parties to have H int in above; mtg $7,500; Sept29; Oct26 •17; A$19,000-29,000. "Om I.udlow st, 85, see Attorney, 124. Ludlow st, 89 (2:409-21). ws, 139.6 n I'.roome. 25.9x87.6x25.7x87.6. 5-sty bk tnt & strs- L & S Realty Co. 89 Ludlow, to Max Sohenkein or Schinkam. 710 E 5: Oct30: Oct3ri7: A$20.000-25.000. nom Maiden la, 141 (1:71-7). es. abt 70 s Water. 17x— to ws Fletcher (No 19). 5- slv bk str: Geo F Rigers. of Carlisle. Pa. to" Marv F Betts, 83 East av. Norwalk. Conn: 6ct24: Oct29'17; A$18.000-25.000. O C & 100 Monroe st. 279 (1:265-3). ns. 50,2 e Jack¬ son 25x95. 6-stv bk tnt: Cily Zuluaf or Zulauf of Bronx, to Lizzie Shor or Schor, 2143 2" av: mtg $23,500; Oct24; Ocl26 17: \$9.000-23.500. O C & IOO Xew St. 58-62, see Beaver. 23-5. Pearl st. 269'/^ (l:95-a4), ws, abt 35 n Fulton. 17.3x60.5x17.4x61. ws, with AT to strip in r«ar No 269, being 11.7x17.4. 5- s'ty bk tnt & strs; A$10,000-14.000; also WEST BROADWAY. 497 (2:524-3), es, abt 110 n Houston 24x100, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg: A$19,5D0-26.000: also FORSYTH ST. 179-1791A (2:421-28-29), ws, 187.6 n Riv¬ ington 37.6x100. 2-3-^V bk tnts & strs; A $26,000-31.000: also 48TH ST, 207 W (4:- 1020-20) ns, 89.5 w Bway. 16.6x93. 3-sty bk tnt: A$41.000-42.000; also BROOME ST. 355 (2:470-16). swc Elizabeth (No 133), 23.9x60.6x23.6x62.3. 3-sly bk tnt & strs; A $18,000-19,000; also CHRYSTIE ST, 183 (2:426-36), ws. 100.2 n Rivington. 24.9x 06 3x25x95.4. 4 & 5-sty stn tnt & sirs; A .?18.000-21.000; also BRONX & PELHAM PKWAY (*) ns, at nws land N Y, N H & R H H Co runs nell9xwl488.6 to es West¬ chester Creek xsel29.3 to Bronx & Peiham Pkway xel395.6 to beg; Eleanora L S & Beatrfce F Cenci to Equitable Trust Co of N Y TRSTES for benefit Beatrice F Cenci; July25'14; Oct29'17. nom Penrl st, 323 (1:105-5 & 14). nWS, 135.4 ne Fprrv runs nw38xne0.7xnw53xnw80 to ses Cliff (No SO) xswl9.1xse50.3 & 22.9 & 99 4 to Pearl xne23.3 to beg, 5 & 6-sty bk loft & str bldg; Gertrude A Vanderbeek to Denison ReaUy Corpn. 92 Wm; mtg $25,000; Octll; Novl'17; A$23,500-42,000. O C & 100 Renwick st, 22-4 (2:594-63-64), es. 289.5 s Spring, 39.1x60. with AT to alley on rear & right of way from same to Renwick st, 2-5-sty bk tnts & strs: Rande Realty Corpn to Hollace M Reid, 501 W 121: AL; OctS; Novl'17; A$10,400-20.000. O C & 100 Rld^e St. 50 (2:342-37). es. 125 n Broome, 25x100 5-stv bk tnt &.stTs & 4-sty bk rear tnt- Annie 'Katz. 50 Ridge, to Amelia M Bauchle 25 W 86; mtg $25,000; OctSO: Oct 31'17; a"$14,000-21.500. nom Sonmmel st, 28 (l;266-74>. es. 33 s Madi¬ son 27x95. 6-stv bk tnt & strs: Jos P Mor¬ rissey. ref. to Anzonetta D Anthony, on Boston Post rd, at Harrison. NY. plff; FORECLOSED, drawn & recorded Oct31 '17: A$ll.500-27.500. 26.000 Stanton st. 112 (2:412-76). ns. 66 w Es¬ sex 23,5x80. 6-stv bk loft bldg: Margar¬ etha Dieter, widow & sole legatee will Konrad Dieter, to Geo Dieter, both at 350 Cornelia Bklvn: mtg ifil8.000 & AL; Oct 27: Oct29'17: A$14.000-23,000. nom Stanton st, 165 (2:349-19). swc Clinton (Nos 37-9). 25x100, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Simon Ensrel, EXR Saml Engel, to Simon. Pauline. Rosalie & Robt N Engel; i^ pt Ceach of parties 2d pt to have H int in above): mtg $23,000 & AL; Sept29: ■17: A$36.000-54,000. Warren st, 8 (1:135-3). ns. abt .. Bway. 25x100. 5-sty stn loft & str bldg: Theo Stewart a corpn. to Alfred E Hoer- mann 30 Chirroh; mtsr $100,000; Sept20: Oct30*"l7: A$76,000-90,000. O C & 100 Warren st, 8: Alfred E Hnermann. 300 r-onvent av. to Woodbrook Realty Corpn. 41 Park row; mtg $100,000; Oct27: ^ct30'17^ 2D Ht. 13 E (2:457-16). ss, 155 e Bowery, 20x57 10x20.5x53.8. 2-stv bk tnt: A$7,000- 7.500; also 2D ST. 15 E (2:457-17) .ss 175 e Bowerv 20x61.11x20.5x57.10. ws. 2-sty bk tnt & sir: A$7,500-8,000; also 20 ST, 17 E (2-457-18) ss, 195 e Bowery, 20x66.1x20.5x fil'n ws '2-stv bk tnt; ASS.000-8.500; also T> ST 19 E (2*:457-19), ss,"215 e Bowery. 20 x70.2x20.5x66.11, 3-sty bk tnt: A$S.500-9- r.00: also AV D. 1-3 (2:372-44), nwc 2d (No 3in 46.10x31. 3-sty bk tnt &" strs: -^$15- 500-18.500: also 2D ST. 300 E (2:3(2-51). ns. 193 w Av D as in 1825. 25x106. 5-sty bk tnt & strs: A$14.000-21.000; also 2D ST. 310-2 E r2:372-45-16). ns. 31 w Av D. 40x 46 10 2-3-stv bk tnts & strs: A$14,000-16.- nOO: also 113TH ST. 6 E (6:lfilS-67). s3, 125 e 5 av 25x100.11. 5-sty bk tnt & strs; A $ll,00ol21.000: 1-28 pt & AT to above & 1-56 pt & AT as follows: FRONT fT. 95-7 n-35-13) =!es at nes Gouverneur la, 44.ii xOi 8x45 2x60.8 4-sty bk office & str bldg: A«.34.000-44.000; Atrnes L C A Wynkoop. RXTRX Henry S Wynkoop.^ to Sarah B Revnolds. 83 Albany «v;.,,p"^s*^!;-„ViA 1-28 pt; AT; Aug22: Oct3ri7. 6,071.40 Oct26 nom 140 w the^t^l'ot these .pages Is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Notice Is hereby ^.venjthat infringement win lead to proseputloi,: