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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 101, no. 2609: March 16, 1918

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX SECTION TWO RECORDS SECTION REAL ESTATE of tlic AND i\ BUILDERS This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfied Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales, Real Estate Appraisals, Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits. Lis Pendens, Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics* Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Affecting Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations in the Boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills in the Borough of Manhattan. "Sntered at tke Poat Offlee at Mew Tork. N. T.. aa aeoond olaaa aattec. Vol. CI No. 2609 New York, March 16, 1918. PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. Borough of Manhattan. MARCH S, 9, 11, 12. 13 Sc 14. Academy st, 045 (S:2234--15), nes, 100 nw Vermilyea av, 50xl50x—xlOO, 5-sty hk tnt; Delta Holding Corpn to A R T Holding Co, 3 Van Corlears pl; mtg $49.00U; JanlO'lS; A$lU,00O-$------ (H S $5); corrects error in issue Janl2 as to description on 2d line. O C & 100 Beekman st, 105-7, see Bowery, 163. Broome st, 320 (2:419-1-3), nec Chrystie (Nos 122-6), 62.5x75, 3-5-sty bk tuts & strs; John S Sheppard, Jr, ref, to Lawyers Mtg Co plff; FORECLOS Mar?; Marll; MarlS'lS; A$46,UU0-6S,0U0 (R S $70). 70,000 Canal st, 404-404M:. see Laight, 12. Caual st, 533-41 (2:595-59). nes, 101 se Washington, runs nil xnwl7.S xw3 xnw along alley 15.6 & S.6 & 17.0xw70 to es Washington (No 477) xs22.2 to Canal xse 101 to beg, with AT to alley, S-sty bk loft & str bldg; Kobre Assets Corpn, 61 Bway, to Jules Realty Co, 17U Bway; mtg $72,- 000 Sc AL; Mar6; MarlS'lS; A$53,000-112,- 000 (R S $14). nom Chambers st, S4-0 (1:135-23), ss, 192.S w Bway, 5Ux75.1x49.3x75, with AT to any strips or gores on w, 5-sty stn loft & str bldg; City Real Estate Co to Chemical National Bank of N Y. 270 Bway; E&S; Marl2; Marl3'lS; A$155,000-170,000. O C & 100 Cherry st. 400 (1:263-36). ns. 237.5 e Jackson, 37x97.9, 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Fre¬ mont Realty Corpn to Griffon Realty Co, 224 Foster av, Bklyn; B&S; mtg $45,500 Sc \ AL; Mar6; Mar9'18; A$13,500-35,000. nom [ Chrystie st, 12::-6, see Broome, 320 . Chrystie st, 133, see Bowery, 163. Chrystie st, lOS-70 (3:420-6), es, 150 s ' Rivington, 49.9x82x50x82, 2-5-sty bk tnts & strs; Mary G E Aldrich et al, EXRS Jas H Aldrich, to Jos L Buttenwieser, 300 Central Park W; B&S & CaG; AL; JanSl; Marll'lS; A$30,000-40,000 (R S $35). O C & 100 Eldndge st, 197 (2:421-72), ws. 100 n Rivington, 25x100, 5-.siy bk tnt Sc strs; Ike Chortoff, 1314 40th, Bklyn, to Annie Srebnik, 457 Williams av, Bklyn; !/> pt; mtg $28,650 & AL; Janl; JanlS'lS; A$20.- 000-30,000 (R S 50c); corrects error in is¬ sue Jan 19 when Vz Pt was omitted, nom £:idridge st, 197 (2:421-72), ws. 100 n Rivington. 25x100, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Jake or Jacob Friedman. 44 9 Hopkinson av, Bklyn, & Annie Srebnick or Srebnik to Pearl Niles, Weehawken P O, Town of Union, NJ; mtg $28,650 Sc AL; JanlS; Jan 16'IS; A$20,000-30,000; corrects error in is¬ sue Jan 19, when Annie Srebnick or Sren- nik, one of the grantors, was omitted. nom Essex st, 167 (2:412-69). ws, 225 s Hous¬ ton. 25x87.6, 5-sty bk tnt & strs & 3-sty fr & bk rear tnt; N Y State Sunday School Association, 105 E 22. to Lawyers Mtg Co; B&S; AL; MarS; Marl3'18; A$19,000-25,- 000 (R S $25.30). 25,396.87 EVaiLkfort st, 35, see Bowery, 163. Irving pl. 66 (3:S74-23), nec 18th (Nos 127-31). 27x106.8. 5-sty bk tnt & strs & 2- 2-sty bk shops; A$61.000-66.000; also 18TH ST, 133 E (3:874-25). ns, 106.8 e Irving pl. 22x92, 3-sty & b bk dwg; A$20,000-23,000; Rudolph F Baar to Eleanor A Baar, 325 Central Park W; 2-15 pts; AT; B&S; Mar 7; MarS'lS (R S $5). gift Kenmare st, 2-12, see Bowery, 168. Kenmare at, ss, 42.5 w Bowery, see Bow¬ ery, 168. Laight st, 12 (1:220-2), ns. 174.11 e Var¬ ick, old line, 25x30.2 to ss Canal (Nos 404- 404^) x31x47.10, 3-sty bk tnt & strs, 1-sty ext; Henry J Scheuber, — Cedar av, Hack¬ ensack, NJ, et al. to Bartholomew Realty Co, 200 Hudson; mtg $8,000 & AL; Decl'17; Marl2'18; A$8.000-9.500 (R S $8). nom Lewis st, 32 (2:327-38), es, abt 150 n Broome. —x—, 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Law¬ yers Mtg Co to M Marguerite Lang, 57 St Nicholas av; E&S; AL; Marll; Marl4'18; A$9.000-23,500 (R S $18). O C & 100 Liberty st. 60-4 (1:48-6), ss. 135.4 e Bway, 71.3x84.3x70.4x81.7. 15-sty bk office & str bldg; Sixty Liberty St Corpn, at 111 RECORD AND GUIDE QUAR¬ TERLY. Attention is called to the users of the records, published in the Record and Guide, to the Record and Guide Quarterly. The Quar¬ terly is published every three months, the final installment be¬ ing combined with the three pre¬ ceding ones, making, in one com¬ pact volume, a complete transcrip¬ tion, in digest form, of all Convey¬ ances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages, Satisfied Mortgages, Leases, Real Estate Appraisals, Auction Sales, Wills, New Build¬ ings and Alterations for the entire year. Borough of Manhattan. These records are arranged geo¬ graphically, chronologically and alphabetically so that the sub¬ scriber may, at a moment's notice, find the desired information. In order to make these records more complete the attorney's name is in¬ serted in all Mortgages and a geo¬ graphical cross reference to the Real Estate Appraisals is given. This permits the user in searching for the appraised value of a given parcel, and not having the name of the deceased, to obtain the in¬ formation instantly. Years of ex¬ perience have demonstrated that by using the Record and Guide Quar¬ terly time and annoyance are saved, it is equally valuable to the broker who maintains an elab¬ orate system of keeping records, or the man who must condense his plant. Bway, to Guaranty Trust Co of N Y. 140 Bway; B&S; AL; JanlS; Marll'lS- A$530,- 000-P530.O0O (R S $2,045.50). nom iMadison st, 292 (1:268-34), sec Mont¬ gomery, 17x49.9x18.6x49.9, 4-sty bk tnt & strs; Rosie Schatz to Ida S Prinoff, 210 Roebling st. Bklyn; mtg $8,325 & AL; Mar S; Marl3'lS; A$7,500-9,500 (R S SOc). nom Monroe st, 216 (1:261-72), ss, 50.5 w Scammel. 25.2x69.7x25x71.6, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; John Gruenberg, ref, to Geo McK Brown, at Huntington, LI, & U S Trust Co of N Y. 45 Wall. EXRS &c Cath W Loney, plffs; FORECLOS Marll; Marll'lS; A$10,- 000-16.000 (R S $14.50). 14,500 Monroe st, ss, 25.4 e Jefferson, see Rut¬ gers pl, 4. Montgomery st, sec Madison, see Madi¬ son, 292. Mt Morris Park W (6:1720-54), ws, 75.11 n 121st, 25x100. 4-sty & b bk dwg; Alicia L Laird, 14 Mt Morris Park W, to Olds Holding Corpn. 217 Bway; AL; MarS; Mar 14'1S; A$1S,000-23,000 (R S $15). O C & 100 Pearl st, 2S4-6, see Bowery. 163. Pine st, 81 (l:39-this & Water st. 128, lot 37), ss, 67.4 w Water, 30.6x40x30.9x40, 7-sty bk loft & str bldg; also WATER ST, 128 (1:39), ws, 40.7 s Pine .23.2x68.8x23x 69.8, 7-sty bk loft & str bldg; Water-Pine Corpn, at 92 William, to Markham Realty Corpn, 31 Nassau; E&S & CaG; Marll'lS; A$40,000-75,000 (R S $10). nom Rutgers pi. 4 (Monroe st) (1:257-29), ss. 25.4 e Jefferson, 26x89.6. 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Issak Kresches et al, EXRS Abr Ros¬ enthal, to Mary Rosenthal. 1187 Eastern Pkway, Bklyn; mtg $22,500; Marll; Mar 12'18; A$16,000-29,000 (R S $1), O C & 1.000 Sullivan st. S»-yi (2:489-17-18), see Spring (Nos 194-2U0>, 75x75, 1-5 & 1-6-sty bli tuts & atrs; Lillian V Winterbottom to Benj V R Winterbottom, 75 W 47; AL; Dec23'14; JanlS'lS; A$49,000-85,UOO. (Cor¬ rects error in issue Janl9 as to block No 6 assessed value). O C & 100 TkomiKson st, 52-6 (2:488-1), es. 50 n Broome, 56.1x94, 7-sty bk warehouse; Peter W Rouss, 32U Garrteld pl, Bklyn, to Thomp¬ son St Holding Corpn, lus Hudson; AL; MarS; Marll'18; A$34.SU0-6S,OUO (R S $65). nom Van Corlear pl, 26, see Adrian av, ss, 325 w 227. WadswortU ter (8:2170-356), ses, 644.11 ne on curve from 190th, runs nellS to ss Fairview av xe5xse99.1xwl01.4xnwS4.6 to beg, vacant; A$7.OU0-7,UUU; also FAIR- VIEW AV (8:2170-360), ss, 5 e Wadsworth ter. 120x95.3x103.11x99.1, vacant; A$7,000- 7,000; Sophie S Epstein, 50 Central Park W, to Loring Constn Co, 79 5 av; AL; Mar S; Marl2'lS. nom Wusliini^-ton st, 477, see Canal, 533-41. AVater st. 12S, see Pine, 81. Willett st, 49 (2:338-31), ws, 44.8 n De¬ lancey, 25.1XSS, to alley, witli rights to alley, 10x69.9, leading to Delancey st. 6- sty bk tnt & strs; Jacob Rubin of Bklyn to E & H Realty Co, 11 James; AL; Marll; MarlS'lS; A$14,000-31,500 (R S SOc). nom 7TII st, 61 E (2:449-51), ns, 275 e 2 av. 25x97.6, 5-sty bk tnt; Joel Berkowitz & Esther, his wife, to Mary Berkowitz, 650 E 6; AL; Mar6; Marll'lS; A$17,000-31,000. O C & 100 9TH St. 15 W (2:573-52), ns, 265.4 w 5 av, 17.4x92.3. 4-sty bk dwg; H L Gunther to Cortlandt E Palmer, 15 W 9; AL; May 3'13; Marll'lS; A$12,500-14,500. O C & 100 IITH St. 331 AV (2:634-40). ns, 158.2 e Washington, 21.1x95, 4-sty bk tnt; Abr Landau to Emigrant Indust Savgs Bank, plff; FORECLOS Feb2S; Marl2'lS; A$S.0O0- 11,000 (R S $9.50). 9.30O 12TH st, 4 E (2:569-8), ss, 150 e 5 av. 25 X103.3, 4-sty & b bk dwg; Mary Bussing to Saml Marcus, 11S7 Lex av; Marl2'18; A$23,000-25.500 (R S $16,50). O C Sc 100 17TH st, 29 \V (3:819-22), ns, 435 w 5 av, 25x92, 10-sty stn loft & str bldg; Bklyn Savgs Bank to 29 West 17th St, Inc, at 47 West; AL; Marl3; Marl4'lS; A$28,- 500-78,000 (R S $102.50). O C & lOQ 18TH st, 127-31 E, see Irving pl, 66, ISTH st, 133 E, see Irving pl. 66. 26TH st, 132 E, see Lex av, 77. 2STH st, 214-S W (3:777-52), ss, 18^.2 w 7 av, 50x98.9, vacant; Midtown Holding Corpn. 907 Bway, to Olds Holding Corpn. 217 Bway; mtg $40,000; Marl; MarS'lS; A $34,000-34,000 (R S $5). nom 38TH St. 223-31 W (3:788-31-35), ns.. 227.7 w 7 av, 102.11x98.9, 5-4-sty bk & stn tnts; strs in Nos 227 & 231; Julius Maut¬ ner, 970 Park av, to Delcris Holding Co, 320 Bway; mtg $135,000 Sc AL; Mar7; Mar 9'18; A$142.500-150,000 (R S 50c). O C & 100 SSTH st, 263 W, see Ams av, 853. 40TH st, 21S W (3:7S9-52); ss, 214.3 w 7 av, 14.3x98.9, 4-sty bk tnt; Wilson Brice. ref, to Marguerite Gautier, 53 Columbia" av, Grantwood. NJ, plff; mtg $6,000; FORE¬ CLOS Mar7; Marl2'18; A$22,000-23,000 (R S $1). 1,000 45TH St. 311 E (5:1338-8), ns, 175 e 2 av, 25x100.5, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Jas M Vin¬ cent, ref, to Winton Holding Corpn, 30 Church; mtg $16,000 & AL; FORECLOS Marl; MarS; Marll'lS; A$9,000-20.000 (R S $1). 1.000 SOTH St. ."54 W (5:1265-64), ss. 661 w 5 av, 20x100.5, the 4-sty & b stn dwg. now on said lot; TRSTES of Columbia University to Bondy Croner. 40 W 34; B&S; Mar9; Marl2*lS; A$42,000-50.000. 1,500 51ST st, 145 E (5:13C6-23U), ns. 67 e Lex av, 16.9x75.5. 3-sty & b stn dwg; Geo P Bedford. 540 W 143. to Marv L Enhaus» 3505 Bway; Vz pt; AT; QC; mtg $5,000; FeblS: Marll'lS: A$10.000-13,000. 4,000i 54TH st, 408 E (5:1365-43), ss. 169 e 1 av, 25x100.5. 5-sty bk tnt; Johanna S Rle- demann, widow, 1317 46lh, Bklyn, to Hein- rick Yungk at Fort Lee. NJ; mtg $14,000; Marll: Marl3'18; A$7,000-16,500. nom The text of these pages Is copyrighted. AH rights are reserved. Notice is hereby given that Infringement will lead to prosecution.