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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 104, no. 1: July 5, 1919

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MANHATTAN ANU BHOJVX RECORDS SEC5TI0N S-BCTiON TW« REAL ESTATE FOUNDED 1868 AND DEVOTED TO REAL ESTATE, BUILDING MANAGEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION IN GREATER NEW YORK AND VICINITY BUILDERS This section >nL-ludes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Aesignments of Mortgages and Satlstlea Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions Leases. Auction Sales. Voluntary Auction sIlls. Advertised Legal Sales Foreclosurr Suite. ^n^^^^^\^^''Z?st^r.l^'\'l.l'')^^-^^^^^ ^^^i^?' Satisfied Mechanics' Liens. Attachments. ChattelMortgages Affecting Sfilu nH Rp^^^JmFp Arfn.«R«^r^ f;, ^^^ ^"'k^'?!/ and AlteratiOHs in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills Hnd Real Estate Appraisals m the Borough of Manhattan. Entered at the Post Office at New York N. Y., as second class matter. Vol. CIV. No. 1 (2677) NEW YORK, JULY 5, 1919 PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. Manhattan. JUNE 26, 27. 28, 30 & JUL,Y 1. Barclay St, 131 (1:128-24), ns, SO.8 w Washing-ton, 32.3x100.3x23.11x100.5, 5-sty bk storage; Jeanette Jaburg, 332 Park av, Newark, NJ, to Engel Co, 123 Barclay; mtg $29,000 & ALij June26; June27'19; A $2^,000-34,000 (R S $45). O C & 100 Broome st, :i-^-4 (2:352-34), ns, 25.1 e Essex, 40x75x40.5x75, ti-sty bk tnt & strs; Jos D Goldstein Realties, Inc, 149 Bway, to Big Pour Realty Corpn, 37-9 Liberty; mtg $42,400 & AL.; June26; Julyl'19; A $25,000-44,000 (R S $5), O C & 100 Carmine st, 50 (2:527-57), ss, 75 e Bed¬ ford, 25x80, 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Rosalie Meyers, widow, 230 "W 105, to Everett Realties, Inc, 42 Bway; mtg $17,500 & AL-; June25; June27'19; A$12,000-23,500 (R S $1.10). O C & 100 Cathedral Pkway, 15-& on map 21 (6:- 1594-2t>), ns, 566.S e Lenox av, 66.8x100, 5- sty bk tnt; Saml A Cassell, 43 E 112, to Cassell Holding- Co, 1695 Mad av; mtg $91,000 & AL; June26; June30'19; A$44,- 000-96,000 (R S $23.50). O C & 100 Cathedral PJtway, 21; see Cathedral Pkway, 15-9. Cedar «t, !>2-104; see Bway, 111-3. Clinton »t, S«-S (2:348-43-44), es, 175 s Riving'ton, 50x100, 5-sty bk tnt & strs & 5-sty. bk stable: 86 & SS Clinton St, Inc, at 261 Bway. to Jos Fass, 78 Clinton; mtg $33,000 & a PM mtg $17,000; June30; July 1'19; A$52.000-68,000 (R S $27). O C & 100 East Broadway, lOO (l:2S2-57), ns, 185.2 w Pike, runs n65.7xw25xs65.5xe25 to beg, 7-sty bk loft & str bidg; Francis S Mc- Avoy, ret to S Mitchell Rainey, 426 Allen St, Hudson, Columbia Co, NY; all RT&I of Emil & Leah Keibstein; mtg $30,000; PORECLOS June25; June27; June30^19; A $19,500-35,000 (R S $8). S,000 Fletcher st, 15; see Maiden la, 123. Front st, 103 (1:35-22), ses, at nes Jones la, 20,11x71.6x19.2x71.5, 4-sty bk office & str bids; Adolph C Israel, 993 Park av, to A C Israel Co, 103 Front; B&S; AL; June 30'19; A$30,000-39,000 (R S $27,95), nom Goerck Mt, 3l (2:327-59), ws, 125 n Broome. 25x100, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Jos E Hurwitz, of Bronx, to Harris Levy, 1366 St Nicholas av; AT; QG; Junel2'16; June 28*19; A$5.000-15.000. nom Goerek st- 31; Harris Levy, 1366 St Nich¬ olas av. to Jas J MoUoy, 32S 9 av; AT; Junel2*16; June2S'19. nom Goerck at, 31; Jas J Molloy to L Wied- erman Iron Works, Inc, 600 Grand; B&S & CaG; AL; JunelO'lO; June28'19 (R S $13.50). O C & 100 Gouverneur st, 48; see Monroe, 215-7. Grand st, 4-6; see Varick, SO-92. Grove st. 27 (2:588-76), nws, 250.2 sw Eleecker, 22x100, 3-stv & b bk dwg; Edw H Herzog- et al to Alentaur Realty Co. 27 William; Junel9; June2Sa9; A$9,000-10.500 (R S $4). O C & 100 Jone»^ la, nes, at ses Front; see Front. 103. Liberty st, SI (l;66-2), nes, 44.5 nw William, 21,9xS7.iO to Maiden la (No 60) x22.1x82.11, 4-sty bk ofEice bidg; Fanny R G Ely. of Lyme, Conn, & Alfred E Mar¬ ling, NY, to Federal Reserve Bank of ,N Y. 120 Bway; B&S & CaG; mtg $110,000; June 17; June27'19; A$130.000-140,000 (R S $90). 200,000 Maiden la, CO; see Liberty. 21. Maiden la. 133 (1:70-1-3), nwc Water f.Nos 156-8), runs w20.7xn54.llxw20.10xn 27.1 to ss Fletcher (No 15) xe43.6 to ws Water xsSl.7 to beg, 4-3ty bk tnt & str & 1-3 cS: l-5-5ty bk office &; str bldg; Archi¬ bald M Maclav to Rose & Wobbe. a corpn, 158 Water; mtg $35,000 & AL; Junel7; Julyri9; A$51,500-59,500 (R S $45), O C & 100 Monroe st. 215-7 (1:266-1). nee Gouver¬ neur (No 48). 101.6x22.8x101.6x27. 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Sol Silberblatt to Katie Cohen. 36 E 119; AL; Jan22'15; June30'19; A$22,- 000-45»500. nom Park 111, 13:5 (1:128-41), ss, 79.11 w Wash¬ ington, 23.5x82-8x23x82,4, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; Jeanette Jaburg, 332 Park av, Newark, NJ, to Engel Co, 123 Barclay; mtg $35,000 & AL; June26; June27'19; A $21,000-27,000 (R S $45). O C & 100 Pearl sit. 154-02; see Wall, 78-SO. Rlvinfe-ton st, 308-12 (2:329-75-77), ns, 2o.l e Lewis, 55.10x100x55.9x100, 2-6-sty bk tnts & strs; Irving Trust Co to Rivington Operators, Inc, 32 Liberty; mtg $55,000 & AL; June24; June30'19; A$22,000-54,000 (R S 50g). nom St Mark^ pi, 13, or Sth st (2:464-53), ns, 204 e 3 av, 26x112.10, 5-sty stn tnt; Mary E Schall, of East Orange, NJ, & ano, EXRS &c of Otillia M Mayer & ano, to Albt Gordon, 111 1 av; June28; Julyl'19; A$18,- 000-33.000 (R S $21.50). 211.500 Sprinj^ st, 130 (llO) (2:485-16), ss, 63.6 e Greene, 14.3x51, 2-3ty bk tnt & str; Nina de Leon Henriques, 260 W 72. to John H Philips, 426 W 125; AL; June30: Julyl'19; A$4,500-5,000 (R S $5). nom Thames st, 1-11; see Bway, 111-3. Thames st, 2-10; see Bway, 111-3. Trinity pi* 01-3; see Bway, 111-3. Trinity pi. 101; see Bway, 111-3. University pi. 1 (2:548-1), nee Waverly pi. 42.10x74.6, 4-sty bk bldg; A$40,000-42,- 000; also WAVERi^Y PL, 27 (2:548-22), ns, 33.6 w Greene, 3C.6 x 100.8, 4-sty & b bk dwg; A$24,000-29,000; also WAVERLY PL, 29 (2:548-23), ns, 67 w Greene, 33.Sx 100.S, 4-sty & b bk dwg; A$24.000-29,000; No 1 University Place. Inc. at 52 Bway, to U P W Realty Corpn. 234i Bway; mtg $98,000; June30; Julyl'19 (R S $15). nom Variek st» SO-O:: <2:477-l-10 & 33-34), sec Watts (Nos 63-7). runs e65xs— to ns Grand (.Nos 4-6). xw65 to Varick xn— to beg, 3-sty bk tnt & vacant; Rector etc of Trinity Church, 187 Fulton, to Alfred Gregory, 24 Mountain av, Maplewood, NJ; June23; June28'19; A$72,000-72.500 (R S $112.50). O C & 100 Vesey st, 41 (1:85-14), ss, abt 120 w Church, 32.6x80.6x32.6x80.10; also VESEY ST, 43 (1:85). ss. abt 285 e West Bway, 35xS2, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; Ellen A Calianan. widow, to Frank Pindyck, 32 De Koven ct, Eklyn, & David Pindyck, 52 Will; mtg $107,000 & AL; Junei7; June 26'19; A$105,000-125,000 (R S $2.50). nom Vesey st, 43; see Vesey, 41, AVall St. 7S-80 (1:39-4-7), nes. at ses Pearl (Nos 154-62), runs n76.1 xne 47xse 101.11xs22,10xw0.11xsl7.9xwl3."7xsl.2xw22.S Xs0.4xw0.10xsl7.3xe6.8xsl0.9xw20 xs 53.5 to ns Wall xw4S.ll to beg, 12-9ty bk office bldg & 2-5-sty bk storage bldgs; 76 5th Av, Inc, to City Real Estate Co, 176 Bway; B&S; mtg $365,000 & AL; MayO; June27'19; A$266,000-485,000. nom "Washiiti-ton pi, 110 (2:592-11), sws, 1S2 nw 6 av, 18x71, 2-3ty & b bk dwg; Ethel- bert A Rusden, Sr, Individ & ADMR & heir Liilie J Rusden, to Clara Sulzer, 118 Washington pi; B&S; June21: June2S^19; A$S.000-9.500 (R S $8.50). S.50 st, 135-7 E; also 24TH ST, 140-2 E: also LEXINGTON AV. 25-7; also 71ST ST, 119 E; also 28TH ST. lllE; Katharine C Johnston, late of Bklyn (by will) directs her EXRS to sell above & pay over net proceeds to Roman Catholic Church of the Sacred Hearts' of Jesus and Mary on De- graw st, near Hicks st, Bklyn; Lexington av. 973, to Prank Knapp. 954 Lex -tv. NY- Union st, 196. Bklyn, to Mary A C^rran:); the EXRS'under said will are Title Guar 6 T Co, 175 Remsen st. Bklyn. & Arnold D Ajello, 206 Carroll st, Bklyn; NovlSn7: June24*19. will 24TH St. 140-2 E; see 23d, 135-7 E 24TH «t, 229 E (3:905-18), ns, 229.6 w 2 av, 19.5x98.9, 1 & 3-sty bk hall; Brick¬ layers Benevolent & Protective Union of City N Y to Dyckman Stores Corpn, 1G2 W 72: June25; June26"19; A$S,200-8,700 (R S ?S). S,00O i:4TH st, 229 E (3:905-18), ns, 229.(! w 2 av, 19.5x98.8. 1 & 3'Sty bk hall; Dyckman Stores Corpn. 162 W 72, to J M Horton Ice Cream Co. 205 E 24; June26; June2S"19- A $8,200-8,700. nom 2;>TH St. 417^23 W (3:723-20), ns. 225 w 9 av, 100x98.9, 1-sty bk garage; Anna F Day (Hencken), of Wilmington, Del. to Henry Hencken, 332 W 2S; QC: June30' Julyri9; A$4S.500-58,500 (R S 50c). nom 20TH st, 302 W (3:749-47). sS, 62.6 w 8 av, lSxS8.2, 3-sty bk loft bldg; Abr Wine- burgh to Adele R Wineburgh. both at 401 West End av; mtg $10,000; June30'19; A $8,000-12,000 (R S $10). O C & 100 2STH st. 111 E; see 23d. 135-7 E. 39TH st, 348-nO-W (3:762-66-07), SS, 100.1 e 9 av, runs s47xw.0%xs51.9xe50xn9S.9 to st xw49.ll to beg, 2-5-sty bk tnts & strs & 2-4-sty bk rear tnts; Henry Harburger, 41S Central Park W, et al, to Mary E Lewis, 172 Sterling pi, Bklyn; mtg $37,000 Junes; June27'19; A$30,000-49,000 (R S $15). nom The text of these pages is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. 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