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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 104, no. 4: July 26, 1919

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» v^ MANHATTAN AND BKONX irfiJL^'- ^^^^^^ RECORDS SECTION FOUNDED 1668 ACTION TYVtt BUILDERS DEVOTED TO ftEAL ESTATE, BUILDING MAfiAGEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION IW GREATER NEW YORK AND VICINITY iMP AND Th)s ^-ection includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and fi*\*^^?** Vlortpa^es and Mortgage Extensions, Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure e^uu*. Juderments in Foreclosure Suits, Us Pendens, Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' LJens. Attachments, Chattel Mortgaees Anecunj Real Estate Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recoraM Wills and Real Estate Appraisals in the Borough of Manhattan. Entered at the Post Office at Now York, N, T., as second class matter. Vol, CIV. No, 4 (2680) NEW YORK, JULY 26, 1919 PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. Manhattan* JULY 16. 17. 18, 19 & 21- ' Arden st, 2:> (8:2174-190), es, 242 n Nagle av, 27x110, 5-sty bk tnt; Edw H Kruse, 304 W 102, et al to E R A Realty Co, 135 Eway; mtg $18,000 & AL & PM mtg ?------; JulylS; Julyl7'19; A$4,500-25,0U0 (R S $13). nom Attorney st, »r-lC3; see Clinton, SO. Ucaver Mt, I'^-IU (1:11-7), sec New, 43.G xSk.6 to ns Markettield x42,1x74.6, ws, ex¬ cept Beaver st, part of 14. ss, 177.2 e Bway, 2x79.2 to ns Marketfield xl0x74,4; also except gort on Beaver st, ss, 0.3 e from New st, extdg from Marketfield to Beaver, 0,3x—X—, 5-sty bk office & str bldg; Mary B Caswell, widov^, to Rafael Del Castillo, 021 2d, Bklyn, 20-60 parts; B&S & CaG; Julyl5; Julylt>'19; AJlSo,000-165.000 (R S $55). 55,000 Bt}aver st, SO (l:2S-14). begins Pearl st, 127, ns, 44 e Hanover, runs n93.7 to ss Beaver xelSxsS9,2 to Pearl xw22 to beg, 4-sty bk office & str bldg; Eliza W White of Litchfield, Conn, to Munson Steamship Line, ^2 Beaver; AL; Julyl; Julyl6'19; A $66,000-71,000 (R S $70). O C & 100 Broome wt, lill (2:351-15). swc Norfolk tNos 63-5), 25x75, 5 & 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Harry Bijur, ref, to Edmund J Levine at Wykagyl Park, New Rochelle. NY, EXR, &c. Julius Levine; FORECLOS May27; JulylS; Julyl6^19: A$24,000-36.000 (R S $32). S2,*}m Clinton st, SO (2:34$-all these parcels lot 46), es. 100 s Rivington, 25x100, 5-sty bk hall; also CLINTON ST, S2 (2:348), es. 125 5 Rivington, 25x100, 5-sty bk hall; also CLINTON ST, es, 99.10 s Riving-ton, strip 0.2x50x0.1x50; also ATTORNEY ST. 97 (2:- 348). ws, 140 s Rivington, 20x100.8; also ATTORNEY ST. 99 (2:348), ws. 120 s Riv-; ington, 20x100.8; also ATTORNEY ST, 101 (2:348), ws, lOO s Rivington, 20x100.4; also ATTORNEY ST. 103 (2:34S), ws, 80 s Riv¬ ington, 20x90.8, last four parcels 1, 2 & 3- sty bk theatre; BUnderman & Cohen Amusement Co to Eniesco Amusement Corpn; mtg- $172,000 & AL; JulylS; JulylS *19; A$SS.0OO-P$110,O0O. O C & 100 Clinton st, S2; see Clinton, SO. De>J>roiises st^ 35; see Washington. 426. Forsyth Mt, 124 (2:419-48). es, 150.6 s De¬ lancey, old line, 25x100, S-sty bk tnt & strs; Sam Etlinger of Eklyn to Jacob Et- linger, 308 E 19; 1/2 pt; mtg $23,000 & AL; JulyS: Julyl7'19; A$1S,000-29,000 (R S O C Fulton Kt, 03 (1:77^22), ss, abt Wm, 25.10x79,10x29x79.10. 5-sty bk str bldg, 1 & 2-sty ext: Ormonde Corpn. 206 Bway. to Jas J Boland Co, 438 Main st. Buffalo, NY; mts' $45,000 & AL; June26; Julyl8'19: A$ 60,000-65,000 (R S $17.50). nom Greene str 150; see Houston, 38 W. Greenwich st:. 2^2 (1:131-19 & 1). ws, 53 n Murray, runs wS0xs53 to ns Murray (No 91) xe20xn24xe60 to st xn29 to beg. 4-sty bk loft & str bldg; Louis M Bailey to Geo E Van Winkle, 67 W otb st, Bayonne. NJ; B&S; mtg $40,000: July 15; Julyl7'19; A $34,500-46,000 CR S $24). nom Hamilton ter, 20 (7:2050-103 V^), es, 272.9 n 141st, 18.6x80.7x18.6x79.4. 'J-sty & b bk dwg: Arrow Holding Corpn to Dormond Realty Co, 299 Eway; Julyll; JulylS'19; A $6,500-10,500 (R S $10). O C & 100 Hnni,ilton ter, aO; Dormond Realtv Co, 299 Bway, to Dora M Haugwitz, 43 Ham¬ ilton ter; mtg- $6,000; Julyl7: Julyl8'19 (R S $4.50). O C & 100 Henry st, S7 (1:280-8), ns, 275.3 e Cath, 24.6x100x23x100. 6-sty bk tnt & strs: Sarah Lewin to Israel Schlacheticky, 1S53 Mad av; mtg' $20,000: JulyS; Julyl6'19; A$14,- 500-30.000 (R S $4). nom Honston st, tlftl E (2:350-54), sws, 36 se Clinton, 18x52, 4-sty bk & fr tnt & str, 2- stv ext; Isaac Lowenfeld, 106 E 64. ct al, $1). & 100 125 e loft & Holding EXRS Pincus Lowenfeld, to Leopold Wet- scliler. 240 Av A; i^ pt; mtg $7,500 & AU\ Julyl; Julyl6'19; A$6,000-6.000, 5,175 Hou.»^toii Ht, 34*1 E; Monmouth Holding Co, 37 Liberty, to same, all of; mtg $7,500; June23; Julyl6'19 (R S $3). O C & 100 Houston Kt. :iS W (2:523-31). nec Greene (No 156). 20x83, 4-sty bk loft & str bldg; Empire State Holding Corpn. 37 Liberty, to Ray Lande, 1269 Bway; mtg $16,500 & AL; JulylS; Julyl6"19; A$17.000-22,000 (R S $9.50). O C & 100 Jane st, 22* (2:615-66), ss, 167 e 4th. 24x 70.4x24.1x73.7, 2-sty bk stable; Myra D Terhune of New Barbadoes. NJ. EXTRX Calvin Demaresti to Raymond W Lozier of New Barbadoes, NJ; PM; mtg $4,000 & AL; June26; Julyl6^13; A$7,000-8,000 (R S $4.50). S,100 Jumel pl, 19-::i (8:2112-67-69), es, 230.4 n 167th, 50x90. 3-sty fr dwg; Theresa Kleindienst to Jules Realty Co, 170 Bway; mtg $13,000 & AL; JulylS; Julyl9'19; A $S,500-10,500 (R S $4.50). nom LeiviN st, 51 (2:32S-pt U 27). ws. 125 a Delancey, 25x100, 6-sty bk tnt &. strs; Wm H Brady, ref, to U S Trust Co. 45 Wall, trste will Saml Willetts, plff; FORECLOS July9; JulylO; Julyl6'19; A$--------$-------- n st, 30 (2:421-37), ns. 50-2 w Forsyth. 25,1x100.3, 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Irvins T Michaelson & ano. EXRS, &c. Ra¬ chel Michaelson, to ,Normandv Realty Cor¬ pn, 42 East End av; mtg^ $34,250 & AL; JulylS; JulylS" 19; A$1S,000-32,000 CR S SOc. 34,540 Riviny^-ton st, 230 (2:339-34). ns, 49.S w Willett. 24.10x100. 5-sty bk tnt & strs: Louis J Freiman, 100 W 114, to Freemar Realty Corpn, 100 W 114; QC: mtg $22,000 & AL; Julyl; Ju]yl7*19; A$19.000-34,000 (R S SOc). O C & 100 Roosevelt st, OS (1:111-16), es. 58.3 n Cherry, runs n21.7xe4t.5xs24xw20.3xn3-lxw 20.2 to beg, 3-sty bk tnt & str; Jennie Golden to Jas Sibley, 25 Catherine si; AL; JulylO; Julyl9'iy; A$5,000-6,000 (R S 50c). nom Stant<^n st, 130 (2:355^31), ns, 47.6 w Nor¬ folk. 80x98.2, 2 & 3-sty bk church; N Y Protestant Episcopal City Mission Soc, 38 Bleecker, to Stanton Improvement Corpn» 41 Park Row; B&S & CaG; sub to FM mtg $49,000; June9; JuiylS'lS; A$60,000-75.000 (R S $6). 55,000 Vestr>- st, 5S-60( see Washington, 426. Washing-ton pl, 13a (2:592-85). ns. 392 w 6 av. runs nw7ki.9x—23x—37.4 to pl x—41.4 to beg, 3 & 4-sty bk & fr tnt & strs; Mary Smith Earsman. formerly wife Arthur Smith of Oakland, Cah & et al, heirs, cic^ Arthur Smith, deed, to Francis L Kidd,- 430 79th, Bklyn, son &: DEVISEE Hen¬ rietta Kidd; QC; Decl9"17; Julyl6"19; A $7,000-8,000. , nom Washin^on pl, 133; Herbert R Smith of Petaluma, Cal, heir Mary Smith, to same; QC; Aug28'18; Julyl6^19. nom U^a.sliinf^^on pl, 133; Alice M Smith of San Francisco, Cal. heir Mary Smith, to same; QC; Junel8; Julyl6"19. nom Washin^on ^t, 42© (1:223-20), nwc Ves- trv (Nos 58-60), 21,10x84.8x21.10x85, 5-sty bk storage bldg; A$18,000-2S,000; also WEST ST, 26S-9 (1:223-7), es, 43,9 s Des- broases, 43.9x85, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; A$33,000-44,000; also DESBROSSES ST, 35 C1;223~1L), as, 85 e West st, 23x87.6, 2-sty bk stable; A$ 13,500-14,500; Wm H Bo¬ nynge, 20 Bently av, Jersey City, NJ, as TRSTE in bankruptcy of Lewis G Morris, to Annie L Morris. 850 Park av; AT & B &S; Julyl4; Julyl7'19 (R S $14). 14^000 Washing^ton ter, 13 (8:2156-45), es, 106,6 s 186th. 17.9x62.6, 3-sty & b bk dwg; Hale Realty Co, 9 Maiden la, to Ella F Balfour, 507 W 1S6; mtg $5,000 & AL & PM mtg $1,250; JulylS; Juiyl6'19; A$2,000-5,000