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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 104, no. 7: August 16, 1919

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX RECORDS SECTION SECTION T^VO REAL ESTATE FOUND&D 1668 BUILDERS AND DEVOTED TO REAL ESTATE, BUILDING MAr>iACEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION IN GREATER NEW YORK AND VICINITY This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgag-es, Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfied Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions. Leases. Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales. Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits. Lis Pendens, Mechanics' Liens. Satisfied Mechanics' Liens. Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Affectng Keal Estate. Building Loan Contracts, New Buildingrs and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills and Real Estate Appraisals in the Borough of Manhattan. Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second class matter. Vol- CIV. No, 7 (2683) NEW YORK, AUGUST 16, 1919 PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. R Manhattan. AUG. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9. Attorney st, 8S (2:343-5). es, 243 s Riv¬ ington, 25x100, 7-sty bk ioft & str bldg; Lena BluniDorg et al to Jennie Waldman Estate, Inc, 5-7 Attorney; mtg $23,500 & AL; JulySl; Augti'll); A$iStO0O-3O,OO0 (R S $7.50). O C Sc 100 Bank ^t, lZS-7 (2:635-42), ns, 269.2 w (Greenwich, runs n95xe9.2xn25,10xnw50.6xs 59,9xnw2U.4xs68.5 to st xe6L3 to beg, 4-sty bk stable; Henry Herbermann, assignee of the Meade Transfer Co, to Herbie Transfer Co; AT; B&S; mtg $99,500; June 26; Aug4'l£t; A|30,000-65,000 CR S $1). order of court Beekman pl, 28 (5:13€2-15y2), ws, 80 n 50th, :iU,5x75, 4-sty Sc b stn dwg; Jacob London, 255 W 108, to Wm Bertschinger Sc Marie, his wife, 602 10 av, as tenants by entirety; AL; Aus6; Aug7'i9; A$6,000-9,000 (R S $11.50). O C & 100 Columlna st, 101 (2:334-19), swc Stanton (Nos 267-9), 25x75, 6-sty bk tnt Sc Strs; Theresia Muller, of Bklyn, to Victor Mul¬ ler. 155 Hendrix, Bklyn; AL; May23'17; Aug7'lG»; A$21.000-39,000. nom Cornelia st, :;&-20y2 (2:590-45), ns, 122.3 e Bleecker, 42.2x97,6, 6-sty bk tnt Sc strs; Frank W Chambers, ref, to John F Cur¬ ran, 134 Lex av; FORECLOS Aug5"19; Aug 7: AugS'19; AnS,000-45.000 (R S $30). 30,000 Duane st, 199-201; see Wash, 3 07-lL Uiiaiie st, 201- see Wash, 307-9. Front Ht, 44. (1:32-34), ws. 25.11 n Coen¬ tles sl, 25.6xS4.8x25.4x85.2, 5-sty bk loft & Str bldg; A$18,000-27,000; also FRONT ST, 55 (1:34), sec Cuylers alley, 19.7x85.1x20.11 xS4,7, 4-sty bk loft Sc str bldg; AJIS.OOO- 22.000; West Beach Realty Corpn to Mark¬ ham Realty Corpn, 31 Nassau; E&S; Aug 5; Aug6'19, nom Front st, 44 (1:32-34), ws„ 25.11 n Coen- ties sl, 25.6x84.8x25.4x85.2, 5-sty bk loft & atr bldg; Walter L Smith, of Rochester, NY, Sc ano, to West Beach Realty Corpn, 46 Cedar; CaG; Aug4; Aug6'19; A$1S.000- 27,000 (R S $38). O C & 100 FVont st, &5 (1:34-8), sec Cuylers alley, 19.7x85.1x20.11x84.7, 4-sty bk loft Sc str bldg; Walter L Smith, of Rochester, NY. 8c ano, to West Beach Realty Corpn, 46 Cedar; CaG; Aug4; Aug6'19; A$16,000-22,- 000 (R S $35). O C & 100 Front st, ^^•, see Front, 44. Front st, 214 (1:94-42), nws. abt 30 ne Beekman, 25.7x52.8x25.7x53,3, 5-sty bk loft Sc str bldg; Sherman E Townsend, 295 Douglass, Bklyn. to Danl F Farrell, 11 W 102; JulySl; Aug9'19; A$9,500-13,600 (R S $13,50). O C & 100 Greenwich st, 22-4 (1:14-35), ws, abt 260 n Battery pl, 36.7x85. 4-sty bk home; Jos R Barr to Twenty-five Broadway Corpn, at 21 State; mtg $26,000; MaylO; Aug8'19; A $32,000-40.000. nom Hous^ton St. 493 E (2:325-13), ss. 40 e Goerck, 20x75, 4-sty fr bk ft tnt; Cyli Teitelbaum, of Bklyn, to Yetta Sokolower, 488 E Houston; mtg $4,125 & AL; Augo; Aug6'19; A$4,500-5,000 (R S $1). O C & 100 Houston st, 507 E (2:325-19), ss. 20 w Mangin. 20x75, 3-sty bk tnt Sc str, 1-sty ext; North River Ins Co, 95 William, to Meyer Schwalberg, 134 Cannon, & David Donoventskv, 522 E Houston; AL; Aug5; Aug7^19; A$4.500-6,000 (R S $6). O C & 100 Jane *^t S (2:615-73), ss, 103.3 w Green¬ wich av, 20x64x19.8x62.1, 3-sty Sc b bk dwg; Adolph H Baumann, of Rahway, .NJ, to Francis E Gaffney. 8 James; QC; Augl; Aug9*19: A$5.500-6.000. nom Kin^^ st, 40-no (2:519-14-16), ss, 139.8 e Varick. 74.11x100..=3x74.11x100.6. 2 & 3-sty bk &fr tnts; "^'m S Coffin to Fannv H Clark. 206 W 13; mtg $25,000 Sc AL; July 30; Aug8'19; A$39.000-41,500 (R S $12.50). O C & 100 Iienis St.- 2ft (2:327-36). es, abt 100 n Broome, 25x100, 5-sty bk tnt; Wm Moore, of Bklyn, Sc ano, EXRS Thos Moore, to Gussie Hacker, 206-8 Brook av; mtg $13,- OOu; Aug2; Au"g4'19; A$7,000-19,000 (R ^ $1). nom Masaw pl (8:2180), es, 19S.11 n 181st, runs n3TxeS3xs50.2xw45.4xn8xw40 to beg (162-163); Eugene Higgins et al, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to John A Sc Geo F Hamil¬ ton, 2471 University av; Julyi; Aug4'19 (R S $5.50), 5,400 Miteliell pl, 5 (5:1361-4), ns, 72 e 1 av, 18x80.10, with all title to land bet said pl Sc 49th st, 3-sty & b stn dwg; Sol Kahn to Nora Kahn. 850 Park av; B&S; mtg $4,- 750; Apr29'18; Aug7'19; A$4,500-7,000. nom Overlook ter, ws, :i70 wr Scy nw Bennett av; see Overlook ter, ws, 85.11 s stairway leading to Ft Wash av. Overlook ter (8:2180), ws, 247 w & nw Bennett av, 24x123.10x75x153.7 (136); also 1S4TH ST W, ss. 175 w Bennett av, 48x147 xl21.4x105 (13S-139); also 1S4TH ST W, ss, 223 w Bennett av, 24x153.7x49x54,10x147 (137); Eugene Higgins et al, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Herman Guarini, 212 E 15; Julyl; Aug4U9 (R S $6.50). 0,400 Overlook ter (8:2180), es. 110 s ISSth, 25.8x123.3x25x126.5 (89); Eugene Higgins et al, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Eliza Eo- gert, 17 W 10; Julyl; Aug4'19 (R S $2.50). 2,400 Overlook ter (8:2180). ws, S5.ll s stair¬ way leading to Pt Washington av, 50x78x 50x80.10 (106-107); also OVERLOOK TER, ws. 370 w Sc nw Bennett av, 25x112.2x25x 113.5 (131); Eugene Higgins et al, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Jas J Mills, 545 Decatur, Bklyn; Julyl; Aug4'19 (R S $4). 3,900 Overlook ter (8:2180), ws. abt 265 s stairway leading to Ft Wash av. 105x79.9 xl00x71.9 (113-116); Eugene Higgins et al, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Gennaro Pisapia, 67 Spring; Julyl; Aug4*19 (R S $2.50). 2i,S0O Overlook ter (8:21S0). ws, abt 595 s stairway leading to Pt Wash av^ 50x108.7x 50x105.8 (126-127); Eugene Higgins et al, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Anna M Kupfer¬ man, 2127 63d, Bklyn; Julyl; Aug4a9 (R S $1.75). ItSOO Overlook ter (8:2180), ws, abt^ 525 s stairway leading to Ft Wash av, 25.4x 104,10x25x100.7 (123); Eugene Higgins et al, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Julius B Uliua, 37 W 32; Julyl; Aug4'19 (R S 75c)- 700 Overlook ter (S:21S0), ws, abt 537 s stairway to Ft Wash av, 5 0.4xll0.8x50x 104,10 (124-125); Eugene Higgins et al, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Thos F Rogers, 1610 Forster av, Bklyn; Julyl; AugS"19 (R S $2). l.OOO Overlook ter (8:2180), swc stairway leading to Pt Wash av. runs s85.llxwSO.10 xn92.9xe86.3 to beg (103-105); Eugene Hig¬ gins et al. EXRS Jas G Bennett, to David Saks, 91 Greenpoint av, Bklyn; Julyl; Aug 8^19 (R S $5). 4,800 Overlook ter (8:2179 Sc 2180), sec lS6th. runs Sll0xel51.5xnl05 to lS6th xwl8S.3 to beg (90-96): also PORT WASHINGTON AV, swc 183d. 51x108.6x50x105.2 (274-275): also FORT WASHINGTON AV. ws, 51.1 s 183d. 63.7x112.3x36.1x108.7 (276-277); Eu¬ gene Higgins et al, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Julia Fitzgerald, 114 W 75; Julyl; Aug 8^19 (R S $40.50). 40,200 Overlook tor (S:2180), es. 169.8 n 184th. 50.8x110.2x50x115.9, (85-S6); also BEN¬ NETT AV. es, 55,8 s 184th. 110x46.5x118x61 (99-102); Eugene Higgins et a!, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Philip Goldberg, 108 S av: Julyl; AugS"19 (R S $13). 12,S0o Overlook ter (8:2180), es, 119.4 n lS4th, 50x115.J)x50xll2.6 (83-84); Eugene Higgins et al. EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Sally Tro- vato, 601 E 178; Julyl; AugS'19 (R S $4.50). 4.400 Overlook ter (8:2180), nec 186th, 60.8x 106.1x5,S.6x88.6 (45-46): Eugene Higgins et al, EXRS Jas G Bennett, to Rose M Dovle, 220 W 107; Julvl: AugS'19 (R S $6). 0,000 Penrl st, :i9ft (1:113-17-19). swc Vande¬ water (Nos 42-4), 33.8x67,7x34-6x68.5, 3- sty bk tnt & strs; Helen S Ogilvie to Mar¬ guerite P Hammill, 445 Eastern Pkway, Bklyn; AL; July28; Augl'lO; A$19,200-24,- 000 (R S $18). . nom Ki, 30 (1:97-29), ws, SS.3 n South, 19.2x53.3x19x52.6, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; Arthur H Masten Sc ano, EXRS &c Geo L Jewett, to Aa-ron Radin Co, 36 Peck sl; July 16; Aug6'19; A$10,000-14,500 (R S $13,50). i:i,500 Pine at, 35 (1:43-11), ss, 127.1 w William, 24.1x7L10x24x71.6, 3-sty stn office & str bldg; John Clafiin Sc Walter P Bliss as surviving sub TRSTES of Union Assur Soc, to President Sc Directors of Manhattan Co, 40 Wall; B&S Sc CaG; AL; July24; Aug 6*19; A$190,000'225,000 (R S $280). 280vOOO Pitt St. 41> (2:343-69), ws, 75 n Delan¬ cey, 25x75, 4-sty bk tnt Sc strs Sc 4-sty bk rear tnt; Celia Isaacs (Schoenfeld) to Julius Cohen, 308 Stone av, Eklyn; mtg $16,000 Sc AL; July22; Aug4'19; A$10.000- 12,000 (H S $1.50). O C & 100 Stanton st, 207-9; see Columbia, 101. Thayt?r st, nec Xagle av; see Nagle av, nec Thayer, Vandam at, 7-29 (2:506-43-54), ns, 98.4 w Macdougal, 272.4x100.1x272.10x100.1, 12-2 & 3-sty bk Sc fr tnts; Rector &c of Trinity Church, 187 Fulton, to Wm S Coffin, 110 E 71; PM mtg $110,000 & AL; Julyl6: Aug9 •19; A$141.000-139,000 (R S $138). O C & 100 Vandewater st, 42-4; see Pearl, 399. V^ashin^on st, 307-11 (1:142-7-9), nec Duane (Nos 199-201). 75x45.8, 3'-4-sty bk loft Sc str bldgs; Emma J Adams Sc ano to West Beach Realty Corpn, 46 Cedar; mtg $38,200 & AL; Aug5; Aug7^19; A$49,000- 61.000 (R S $47). O C & 100 Wa*iliington st, 3flT-9 (1:142-8), nec Duane (No 201), 49.6x23.1, 4-sty bk loft Sc str bldg; West Beach Realty Corpn to Chas V Smith, Greenbrook rd, Plainfield, NJ, Sc Peter Papalia, 314 Central av. West Hoboken. NJ; B&S & CaG; mtg $16,200 & AL: Aug5; Aug7^19; A$23,000^29,000 (R S $39).' nom William fit, 162 (1:93-23). ses, abt 75 s Beekman, 24.11x64.10x23,7x62.8, sws, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; Rudolph Wirth, 291A Monroe, Bklyn, to Adelyn B Smith, 174 6 av, Bklyn; B&S Sc CaG; mtg $30,000 & AL; July31; Aug5^19; A$35,000-43,000 (R S 50c;. nom MMlliam Kt, 162; Adelyn i3 Smith of Bk¬ lyn to Rudolph Wirth & Jessie E. his wife, 291A Monroe, Bklyn. as tenant by entire¬ ty; mtg $30,000 & AL; July31; Aug5^19 (R 5 50c). nom 5TH fit, 306-S E (2:446-11). ss 143.2 e 2 av. 42.5%x96.2, with AT to strip on e, 0.2% x96.2. 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Dixie Security Co to Jacob & Harry Levine. 306 E 5: mtg $56,500 & AL & PM mtg $6,500; Aug5*19; A$25.000-30.000 (R S $12). O C & 100 STH st, 352 E; see Av C. sec Sth. IITH st. 111 W (2:607-51), nes, 123 nw 6 av. runs nw30xnel03.3xse50xsw20xnw20 XSWS3.3 to beg, 5-sty stn tnt; Geo J John¬ stone. 101 Westervelt pl. Passaic. NJ, to 111 West 11th St, Inc. 60 Wall; mtg $34.- 400; July31; AugS*19; A$21,000-43,000 (R S 50c). nom 13TH st, 08 "W (2:575-21), ss, 226.6 e 6 av. 25x103.3, 3-sty bk tnt & str; Margt S C Shirk, at Arlington Hotel, NY. to Anna J Phillips, 66 W 12: PM mtg $15,000; Aug 6; Aug7'19; A$14,500-17.000 (R S $10). O C & IOC 12TH st, OS 'W (2:575-21), ss. 226.6 e 6 av, 19.7x103.3, 3-sty & b bk dwg; Sarah A Kerr, widow, 31 Washington st, East Orange, NJ, & ano to Harriet C Shirk. 18 W 25; PM; mtg $15,000: July24; Aug5'19; A $14,500-17,000 (R S $25). O C & 100 lOTH St. 4:23 E (3:948-16). ns, 344 e 1 av, 25x92. 5-sty bk tnt; Frank Goodby & Eliz, his wife, to Julius, Wm F, Frit?; & Anna Goodbv, all at 212 Av A: undivided inter¬ est; AL; Aug7; Aug9'19; A$ll.000-17,000 (R S $2). l.SOO lOTH st, 240 ^^' f3:765-67). ss. 193.6 e 8 av, 25x103.3. 3-sty bk tnt & strs; Margt S Davidson & ano. EXRS &c Richd H Casey, to R H Casey. Tnc. 246 W 16; mtg $11,000 & AL & PM mts: $5,000; Augl; AugfiM9: A$12.000-13,500 (R S $8). 3,000 The text of these pages is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Notice is hereby given that infringement will lead to prosecution.