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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 104, no. 10: September 6, 1919

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX RECORDS SECTION SECTION TWO REAL ESTATE FOUNDED I86S BUILDERS AND DEVOTED TO ftEAL ESTATE, BUILDING MAMACEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION IN GREATER NEW YORK AND VICINITY This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfied Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leases. Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales. Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens, Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages AfCectng Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills and Keal Estate Appraisals in the Borough of Manhattan, Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y,. as second class matter. Vol, CIV. No. 10 <2686) NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 6, 1919 PRICE 20 CENTS CONVEYANCES. Manhattan. AUG. 25. Z6, 27, 28, 29 Sc 30. Academy st, iieo 10 av; see 10 av, 3761- 71- Allen st, 5 (1:293-19), ws, abt 100 n Division, 25xS7. 4-sty bk tnt. 1 Sc 2-sty ext; Gershon Hausman, 1340 55th, Bklyn, Sc Bttl Schein, 67 Lenox av, to Kathryn Lipschitz, 1SS2 Crotona Pkway,; mtg $24,- 250; Aug26; Aug2S"19; A$13,000-21,000 (R S $-------). O C & 100 Bedford st, 57 (2:5S3-31)» ws, 40 s Mor¬ ton, 19.10x55, vacant; Chas R Faruolo to The Upjohn Co, 223 E Lovell st, Kala¬ mazoo. Mich; mtg $5,500; Aug25; Aug39"19; A$4.000-4,000 (R S $-------). 7,500 Broome Ht, 457-9 <2:474-ll), ss. 50 w Mercer, runs w50.Sxs95,10xe25,9 xw 0^/6 xe 24;.Gxn95.D to beg. 6-sty bk storage; John C Gallagher. 1 State, to D'Orey Sc Co, Inc, 233 Bway; mtg $55,000; Aug25; Aug26'19; A$35,000-47,000 (R S $80). O C & 100 Cannon st, Ul (2:335-78), ws, 62 n Stanton, runs w45.1xwl2.10xw54.11xn20.1x elSxn-—xe^—xn—xelOO to st xs33.9 to beg, 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Rebecca Hymanson, White Plains, NY, to Jennie I-evine. 937 E 156; mtg $—: JulySO; Aug26'19; A$12,- 000-34.000 (R S SOc). nom Division st, 240; see East Bway. 262. East Broadway, 20Z (1:287-26), nec Montgomery (Nos 1-5), 27x104 to Divis¬ ion (No 249) S-sty bk tnt Sc strs; Geo Schancupp. 131 W 112, to 262 East Bway Corpn; ^ pt; mtg $86,000; Aug25; Aug 30*19; A$36.000-79.000 (R S^ 50c); nom Esfiex st, 1(>3 (2:410-62). wsv 100 n De¬ lancey, 25,7x87.10x25.SxSS.I, 5-sty bk tnt Sc strs; Chas Vonhof. Bklyn, to Chas Von- hof. Jr, 206 Hooper, Bklyn; mtg $-------; Feb 2S'1S; Aug29^19; A^IS,500-25.000 (R S $30). nom Gold Ht, r>0-00 (1:94-14-16), ss, 59.4 e Fulton, 62.3x54. 3'4-sty bk loft & str bldgs; Chas A McMann, 740 Riverside dr, to Annette H Harrigan, 740 River¬ side dr; AT; mtg $-------; DecS'16; AugSO '19; AS43,000-51,000 (R S $-------). O C & lOO Greene M. Ht2-4 (2:523-3). es, 12 4 n Houston, 36.10x100x36.5x100; 5-sty bk loft Se str bldg: mtg $28,000; A$23,000-63,000: also GREENE ST, 16 6-S (2:523-6). es, 160.10 n Houston, 62.4x100x62.1x100. 2-5- aty bk loft & str bldgs; mtg $48,000; A $35,000-53,000; Harry Swanson to Greene Street Associates. Inc. 640 Bway: Aug25; Aug26'19. O C & 100 Greene st, HI2-4 (2:523-3). es. 124 n Houston, 36.10x100x36.5x100, 5-sty bk loft Sc str bldg; Babette Mandel, Highland Park, HI. TRSTE Emanuel Mandel, to Harry Swanson, 324 W 96; ^ pt; mtg $2S,- 000; Julvl7; Aug26'19; A$23,000-63,000. 8,787,07 Greene st, lft3-4 (2:523-3). es. 124 n houston. 36.10xl00x36--5xl00, S-sty bk loft Se Str bldg; Edwin F Mandel. Rose Mandel Loner & Babette Mandel, all of Highland Park. UL, to Harry Swanson. 324 W 96; % pt; mtg $28,000; Julyl7; Aug26'19; A $23,000-63.000, 20,^0122 Greene st, lUO-S (2:523-6), es. 160.10 n Houston, 36.10x100x36.5x100, 5-sty bk loft Sc str bldgs; Fredk L Mandel. 5017 Drexe! blvd, Chicago, 111. Se Robert J Mandel. 5018 Woodlawn av. Chicago, 111, TRSTES, to Harry Swanson. 324 W 96; mtg $48,000; July 16; Aug26^19; A$35.000-53.000 ; see Hubert, 1, Liberty st, C7 (1:64-10), ns, 135.G e Bwav, 21.6x97.5x21.5x97.5. 4-sty bk loft bldg: Jos F Kelly to Jos P Day, 35 Gramercy Park; mtg $145,000; Augl3; Aug25'19; A$167.000- 175,000 (R S 50cj. O C & 100 31adisun st, 170 (1:273-11), ns. 265.5 e Pike, 24.l>xl00; Chas F Bostwick, ref, to Addie S Haight Se Mary C Scofield, both of Mt Vernon, NY; FORECLOS Augl5'19; Aug2t;; Aug2S'19: A$14,000-27,000 (R S *^^^ X5,000 $15). Mercer st, 173 (2:513-20), ws, 63 s Hous¬ ton, 37x25, 5-sty bk loft Sc str bldg; Mary Jj Hammond, Haverhill. Mass, et al, to Danl VV Hammond, Haverhill. Mass; mtg $-------; May23; Aug2S'19; A$6.000-9,000. 960 Mereer st, 23:i (.2:533-21), ws, abt 130 s 3d, 25x100, 6-sty bk loft Sc str bldg; Kath V Hayes, 602 Bedford av. Bklyn, to Louis runs n45.1xw5xn54.11xe25xsl00 to st xw 20.2 to beg. 6-sty bk stable & shop; Moun¬ tain Side Dairy Co, 96 Monroe, to Ady Nadel. 13 Suffolk; mtg $12,000; Aug25; Aug 30'19; A$12,000-21.000 (R S $6.50). O C & 100 >Ionroe Kt, 257 (1:266-30), ns, 300 w Jackson, 24.10x93.5x25.2x93. 6-sty bk tnt Sc strs; Carrie Tencoorn, 3 W 101, to Eslie H Hull, 11 Astor st, Newark, NJ; mtg $19,000; Aug29'19; A$12,000-27,000 (R S $6,50). nom Mout;iOinei-y st, 1-5.; see East Bv/ay, 262. Overloolv ter (S:2179, 21S0). ws. 365 s stairway leading to Ft Wasli av. 51x90.3x z n^-n fl f\ /-lin -i -i o t . ,^1,,^ ■oririn'DC'rT^rn t^tj igs- ; Julyi; 4t,40i) nor, S54 Bronx Park S; mtg $ Aug2S'19 (R S $6.50). v,™" St :>lark.s ill, IG (2:463-17). ss. 230 e 3 av. 26x120, 5-sty stn tnt Sc strs; Mary E Schall, East Orange. ^^' " ----- ^-^-r^ ■ ■ St 3Iark!^ Ill, 74 (2:449-26). ss, 125 w 1 av. 25x97.6. 4-sty bk tnt Sc strs; Henry Eumicke. 74 St Marks pl, to New ^ork Section Council of Jewish Women. 347 Mad av; mtg $6,000; Augll; Aug26'19;.A $16,000-20,000 (R S $16). O C & 100 Vnion Sq E, :-!*!, or 4TH AV, 187 (3:871- S4), es. abt 55 s 16th. —x—, S-sty stn str. 1-sty ext: assign.^ all int, all title to any property as lieir of John H Hicks, of Richmond Co, NY, will dated July9'15; Edw S Smith to Julia B Higgins, Mt Kisco. NY: July23; Aug26'19; A$87,000-92,000 (R S $3.50). nom Walker sit. 110-21 (l;198-pt lot 5). ss. Corpn, 119 Walker; Aug25; Aug26'19; A $-------$------- (R s $52.50). nom Washington |>1, SO (2:552-13), ss, 145 e 6 av, 22.4x96.2. 3-stv Se b bk dwg; Hamil¬ ton Abert. 36 Wash sq W, to John Philip Sousa. Port Washington, NY: mtg $10.- 000: Aug27; Aug30*19; A$15.000-17,000 (R S $-------). O C & 100 West st, 41» (2:637-47), es. 50 n Perry. 23x66.6x24x72. 3-sty bk tnt Sc strs; Ella A Harvev to Wm J Robb, Tuckahoe. NY: mtg' $9,000; July21; Aug27'19; A$13.000- 15.000 (R S $4). O C & 100 4TH st, 305 \V (2:615-3), es. 39.6 n Bank. !0x72,2, 3-stv Sc b bk dwg: Martha S. Harry 66,500-8.500. 10,500' 5TH Mt, v€00 19TH sjt, 20 W (3:821-23), ns. 445 w 5 av, 28x92. 4-sty stn loft Sc str bldg: Robt Hoe Estate Co to Chas Springer, 218 W 21; mtg $■ —: Aug26; Aug30^19 35,000 (R S $30), :;iST st, S2 E (3:849-60). Bway. 25x92. S-sty bk loft & Bertfield Realty Co to Henry P 3010. Mass av, Washington, DC: 000: Dec9'16; Aug27*l^ S $41). A$33,500- O C & 100 123.5 e str bldg; Litchfield, mtg $54.- A$45.000^80.QOO th. 413-25 E. :t4rrH st E< nwc Madison av; see Mad av, 118. a7TH st, 247-0 W (3:787-18-19). ns, 216 e S av. 34x98.9, 2-3-sty Se b bk dwgs; Land Credit Corpn, 50 Pine, to Frederic C Ear- ton. Tenaflv. NJ; mtg $36,500; Aug7; Aug 27'19; A$44.000-46,000 (R S $—). nom a7TH st, 330 W (3:760-63). fts. 300 e 9 av, 25x98.9. 3-stv bk tnt & str, 1-sty ext; Lemuel L Williams. 212% Glasson av, Bklvn. to Saveria Manzione, 325 S 2, Bklyn; mtg $8,000; Aug29; Aug30'19; A $13,500-14.500 (R S $7). nom The text of these pages is,_co^yrighted. AJl rights are reserved. Notice ishereby given that infringement will lead to prosecution.