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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 104, no. 23: December 6, 1919

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX RECORDS SECTION SECTION TWO REAL ESTATE FOUNDED 18Sa BUILDERS AND DEVOTED TO ftEAL ESTATE, BUILDING MANAGEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION IN GREATER NEW YORK AND VICINITY This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneoua Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfled Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leases, Auction Sales. Voluntary Auction Sales. Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suite, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens, Mechanics" Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations In the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the Wilis and Real Estate Appraisals In the Borough of Manhattan. AffectnL recorde* Vol. CIV (26»9) NEW YORK, DECEMBER 6, 1919 No. 23 c CONVEYANCES. 75 bldg Houston st, 73-5 W (2:515-19), ss, abt w Wooster, 50x95, 7-sty bk loft Sc str Adelaide R Read et al, TRSTES will John Downey, to Nathan Charap, 1673 Union st, Sc Saml Mark, 568 Elton st, Bklyn; B&S Sc CaG; AL; Nov20; Nov21'19; A$31,000-58.000 (R S $70). 70^00 Ln^vrenee st, 15; see 127th, 420 W. Leroy st, 113 (2:602-84), ns, 140 w Hud¬ son, 20x100, 3-3ty Se h bk dwg; Magrt fin, widow, to Armistice Cafeteria, Inc, a corpn, 50 Broad; mtg $3,000; Novl9; Nov 20*19; A$7.000-7,500 (R S $9.50), nom Len-is st, 28 (2:327-36), es, abt 100 n Broome, 25x100, 5-sty bk tnt; Gussie Hac¬ ker, 206-S Brook av, to Max Baum Sc Akiba Keevuk, both at 158 Clinton st; mtg $14,- 000 & ALi & PM mtg $2,000; Nov21; Nov22 '19: A$7,000-19,000 (R S $6). nom Maiden !a, 126 (1:39-24), ss, 84.7 w Wa¬ ter, runs w20.5xs53.3xw0.11x312.Ixe21,2xn 64-10 to beg, 5-sty bk loft Sc str bldg; Wm E Hanna, TRSTE for Leo N Pettit. to Danl F FarrelL 11 W 102; QC; Novl9; Nov21'19: A$17,000-23.000. nom Maiden la, 126; Edw A Greene Sc ano, TRSTES will Benedict D Stewart, to same; B&S Sc CaG; AL; Novl9; Nov21'19 (R S $31). 31,000 Moi-ton st, 291/3; see Bedford, 63. Thompson st, l-lVsj see Canal. 397-9. Thompson st (2:489-40). ws. bet Broome Sc Spring, vacant; Harold P Coffin, ref, to Enterprise, Inc 34 Nassau; AL; FORE¬ CLOS tax lien sold Sc dated Febl0'14; Nov 24"10; A|-------$-------. t25 Thompson st (2:489-40). ws, bet Broome Sc Spring; tax lien; Enterprise. Inc, to Emile M Bullowa, 148 E 71; May20'19; Nov24'19;. O C & 100 Warren mt, 45-7 (1:133-25). ss, 175.10 e West Bway, 49.11x75.6x51.1x75.5. 5-sty stn loft Se str bldg; Rector See of Trinity Church. 1S7 Fulton, to Davis Bros ReaKy Corpn, 45 Warren; PM meg $65,000; Novll; Nov24'19; A$34,000-46,000 (R S $75), O C & 100 Washin^on st, 31 (1:14-20). es. 102 s Morris, 25x % blk, 5-sty bk tnt Se strs; Percy M Burrill to Mary E Finlay, 56 Hamilton pl: B&S & CaG; AL; Nov20'19: AS17.000-21.000 (R S $26). O C & 100 ^Vashingi^on st, 179; see Dey st, 71, or Globe sq. Water st, 3G (1:7-24), na, 23,3 w ties sl, 21x53.6x22.10x53.1, 5-sty bk Manhattan. NOV. 20; 21, 22 Sc 24. Ann fit. 72; see William. 152-4. Barrow st, Oo; see Bedford, iiO. Beiitord St. 03 (2:5^4-37). nwc Morton (No 2aV^), 20x50, 5-sty bk tnt & stra; A $7,00U-i;i,0O0; also CARMINE ST, 39 (2;- 586-37), ns, abt 125 e BedEord, 25x100, 5- 3ty bk tnt Sc strs; A$I4,0O0-22.000; Eliz M McBennett to Luke Higgins, 240 W l^o; Novl9; Nov21"19 (R S $^3). O C & 100 Bedford Bt, SO (2:587-42), sec Barrow (No bD), 25X4L4, 3-sty fr bk ft tnt Sc str; Greenwich Savings Bank, 246 6 av , to Harry Swanson, ^24 W 96; B&S; Nov20; Nov2ri9; A$7.BO0-7,50O (R S i;?-50) O C & ±0\j Bond Bt, 20 (2:530-58), ns, 382.4 e Bway, 25,8x100 7-sty bk loft & str bldg; Francis M Bacon, Jr, EXR, &c, Emily M F Braem, to Harry Swanson, 324 W 136; AL; NovlS; Nov20'iy; A$19,000-37,000 (R S $50). 50,«0O Boud stt 20; Mary Swanson to Max Gluckman, 190 Vernon av, Bklyn; mtg $30,000 & AL; Nov20'19. O C & 100 Canal st, 3;>0 (1:211-37), ss, 51.3 w Church, runa s52.6xw25xn57.9 to st xe25.7 to beg, 4-sty bk loft & str bldg; Louis Surut to Isaac Churba, 6102 19 av, Bklyn; mtg $17,000 Se AL; Nov20; Nov21'19; A$l2,- 000-15,000 (R S $5). nom Canal st, 307-0 (1:227-32), nwc Thomp¬ son (Nos l-iy2)i runs n79.1xwl4.9xs33.2 & 42.2 to st xe25 to beg, 4-sty bk tnt & strs; Leontine L W Satterlee, individ & ano, EXRS Arthur B Satterlee, to Anna R Geh- wieler. 422 Franklin st, Elizabethport. NJ; Octl6; Nov2ri9; A$16,000-20,000 (R S $4) Canal st, 307-0, nwc Thompson (Nos 1- 1%); Geo R Satterlee, individ & EXR Edw L Satterlee, to same; Novl9; Nov21"19 (R 5 $4), 4,000 Canal st, 307-0, nwc Thompson (Nos 1- 1%); Constance S Rhinelander, individ Sc EXTRX Hy Y Satterlee, to same; Octl5; Nov21'19 (R S $4). 4,000 Cnnal st, 307-0, nwc Thompson (Nos 1- 1%); Mary L Catlin, 53 E S6, to same; ^4 pt; AT; Novl9: Nov21^19 (R S $4). nom Carmine st, 30; see Bedford, 63. Cathedral Pkway, 153; see 7 av, 1801. Cedar st, 135-7 (1:54-13), ns, 90 e Wash¬ ington, runs n53xel6.9 & 19.5xs54 to st xw 36.2 to beg, 3-sty bk loft & str bldg; Albt W Meyer, of Roselle, NJ, & ano, to John J White, 270 West End av; mtg $35,000 & AL- 0Gtl7: Nov24^19; A$33.000-50,000 (R S $10;50), O C & too Charles st or Van Nest pl, 4 (2;621-G4), na, 60 w 4th, 20x94.5x20x94.6, 3-sty & b bk dwg; Chas J Pessagno, 4 Van Nest pl, & ano, heirs Maddalena Pessagno, to Lawrence U Bertini Sc Edith, his wife, 154 Nassau, as tenants by entirety; PM mtg $11,500 & AL; Nov22; Nov24'19: A $8,500-11,000 (R S $17.50). O C & 100 Dey st, 71 or Globe sq (1:59-25), sec Washington (No 179), 24.10x49.4x13.1x50.10, 4-sty bk loft & str bldg; Aymar van Bu¬ ren of New Windsor, NY. to EUz van Buren wife Thos H White, 253 Park av, Yonkers. NY; 1-6 pt; AT; AL; Novll; Nov 20*19- A$25,000-27,000 (R S $6). 5.«00 Grnnd st, 283-7 (1:306-20-22), ss, 25 w Eldridge. 50x99.11x50x99.7, 2-6-sty bk tnt 6 strs: Jean H Norr's, ref, to Benj J Well, 21 E 82; Sam^ Weil. 222 Lenox av, & Louis V Weil, 52 E 75, as EXRS Jonas Weil (1^ pt). & Bernhard Mayer. 41 E 72 (% pt), plffs: mt^ $70,000: FORECLOS NovlO; Nov21*19 AS72,000-108,000 (R S $31). 31,000 over A above 1st mtff Houston st, 210 E (2:428-20), ns. 226.8 w Av A, 50,4x70.10 to ss 1st (No 103) x50x 64.6, 4-sty bk bids;; WiUon Holding Corpn to Nathan Snrscher. 12(? Ludlow: mtg $30,- 000 & AL: Augll; Nov21'19; A$16,500-21.- 000 (R S $10), O C & 100 The text of these pages Is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Notice is hereby given that Infringement will lead to proeecntlon. Coen- loft Sc Cf Qf - J-1 > str bidg; Water St Realty Corpn to Gia¬ como Siccardi, 1224 George st, Plainfield, N J; mtg $20-000 Sc AL; Novl9; Nov20'19; A $13,000-17,000 (R S $21). nom West st, 303 (2:596-1). es. 65.5 n Sprin 20.1x62.9x20x61.4, 4-sty bk loft & 3tr bid Timothy McCarthy to Hannah K McCar¬ thy, his wife, both at 126 Charlton; AL; Aug:30: Nov20'19; A$ll,000-13.500. nom AVniiam st, 118 (1:77-11), ses, 89.6 n John, runs se 101-1 & 2 & 22 xne27.2xnw 126.6 to st XSW25.3 to beg, 6-sty bk loft Sc sty bide:; 122-126 William St Realty Cor¬ pn to Chas F Noyes, 419 Washington av, Bklvn: B&S & CaG: mtg $90,000; NovlS; Nov20'19; A$100,000-125,000 (R S $50)- nom TVininm st, 152-4 (1:93-12). see Ann (No 72). 40x51.6. 4-sty bk Ioft & sir bldg; Chas F Noves to Eroadwny-John St Corpn, 206 Bwn.y: B&S: mtg $75,000; NovlS: Nov20U9: A$7B,000-85-000 (R S $5Ei). O C & 100 Willett st, 00 f2:339-24). ws. abt 100 s Stantnn, 25x100, 6-sty bk tnt & Strs; Emi¬ lie Marher. of Rutherford, NJ, to Max Wolf. 626 Willon^hbv av. Bklyn; AL: Nov 22; Nov24"19; A$12,000-25.500 (R S 50c). nom 1ST st, 103 E; see Houston. 210 E. CTH st, 743 K (2:376-43), ns. 143 w Av D, 23x90.10. 3-5^tv Se b bk dwfi:; Chas A Runk & ano, EXRS. &c. Jessie G-llender. to Gabriel Rosenberq-, 82 Av D; AL; Nov31 '19: ASS,000-9.000 CR S $R). SOOO OTH Ht. 010 E (2:3