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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 104, no. 26: December 27, 1919

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX RECORDS SECTION SECTION TWO REAL ESTATE FOUNDED 1668 AND ^% BUILDERS Qmm DEVOTED TO AEAL ESTATE, BUILDING MANAGEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION IN GREATER NEW YORK AND VICINITY Thla Bection Includes all recorded Conveyances, Mlacellaneou* Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfied Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leasee, Auction Sales, Voluniai y Auction i^alea. Advertised Legal Salea^ Foreclosure Suits, Judgments In Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens, Mechanics' L*len», Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages AfTectntf Real Estate. Building Loan Contracts. New Buildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and tha recorded Wills and Keal Estate Appraisals in the Borough of Manhattan. Vol. CIV (2702) NEW YORK, DECEMBER 27, 1919 No, 24 CONVEYANCES. Manhattan, DEC, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Allen Bt, 4 (1:294-2), es, 100,2 s Canal, 24x 72, 5-sty bk tnt Se strs; Louis Kommel to Arthur F Whitney, 615 W 162; QC; Deco; DectJ'i9; AU1,5UO-19.000. nom Arden st, 1 (8:2174-77), nec Nagle aV (Nos 1^6-34), 134x110, 6-sty bk tnt Sc strs; Harry Aronson, Inc, to Fred Horling, 275 W 145; mtgs $1^7,000 Sc ALr; Dec2; Dec3 '19; A$53.000-210,000 (R S $63), O C & 100 Arden nt, h\vh, at sea B^vay; see Bway, ses, at sws Arden, ^ ^^^ ^.v Attorney st, 171 on map 167 (2:350-64), ws, 72.1 s Houston, 27.Ux60x27,7x(10, 4- Sty bk tnt Sc strs; Marguerite M Smith, 8 Chestnut st, Larchmont Manor, JNY, to Wm P Schneider, 270 Convent av; B&S; AL; Oct 23; Dec4'19 ;A$9,000-12,000 (R S H). nom Bleecker st, 200 (2:590-7), es, 95.3 n CorneUa, runs eJi0.1xnll.llxw46.1 & 34 to et XS12.2 to beg, 3-sty bk tnt & strs; Ati^ gelina Mariano to Aniello Q Orza, 277 W 11; ^ RT&I; mtgs $4,750; Decl; Dec4-19; A$5,500-6.000 (R S 50g). O C & lOO Bleecker st, 200 (3:590-7), es, 95.3 n Cor- neliit, runs et^0.1xnll,llxw46.1 Sc 39 to st x B12.2 to beg, 3-sty bk tnt & str; Edw W Dufft to Angelina Mariano, 122 Chris¬ topher; mtg $3,000 & AL & PM mtg $1.- 750; Decl; Dec3'19; A$5,500-e,000 (R S $3,50). O C & 100 Broome si, 4S4-90 (2:487-1), nwc Woos¬ ter (Nos 57-9), 99.10x75x100x75, 6-sty bk warehouse- Ellen W Duryea, of Red Bank, NJ to The 430 Corpn, at 449 Broome; mtg $55,000; Nov29; Dec4*19; A$66,000-115,000 (R S $95), ^ nom Caitheriiie wl, 13 (1:250-35), sec Water, 18.2x51,6x10.2x53.9, vacant; A$6.00u-6,000; also CATHERINE SL, 15 (1:250-36), es, Se 2"Sty bk Se fr stable; A$S1000-iO,000; Jlveater, Reguci to Catherine Slip Garage, 1 Inc, 6 James; mtgs $-------; Sepi27; Dec4'19. Catherine sl, 15; see Catherine sl, 13. Catherine si, 20 (1:277-51), es. abt 50 3 Henry, 25.1x114.9x25x112.1, es, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Michl A Rofrano to Bellfioie Real¬ ty Co, 6 James; July2; Dec4'19; A$14,500- 24,000 (R S $6). lOU Catherine at, 87-0 (1:253-1), nec Cherry (Nos 116-120), 30x69.4x30x67.6, G-sty bk tnt & strs; Danl W Harnett, of L-merick, Ire land,' to Martin Garone, 71 Market; mtg $38,000; June23; Dec5^19; A$17,000-35,000 (R S $5). O C & 100 Cherry st, im-20; see Cath, 87-9. Coenties sh 10; see Front, 37-9. Eldridge st, 1.^6 (2:414-2), es, abt 125 n Broome. 25x87,6. 5-sty bk tnt Se strs; Isi¬ dor Fisch, of Bklyn, to Dave Fisch, 135 Eldridge; AT: B&S; AL; Dec4'19; A$20,000- 31.000 fR S $1). O C & 100 Frnnklln M, 87 (1:174-21), ss, abt 120 e Church. 23.5x100, 5-sty stn Ioft & str bld'g: Eleanor S Van Straubenzer Sc ano to Thos F Curran, 457 77th, Bklyn; M pt; AT; Dec2; Dec4'19; A$29,000-36,000 (R S $7.50). 7,:;oo Frnnklln st, 97( John B Aycrigg et al to Thos F Curran, 457 77th, Bklyn; 1-6 pt; AT: OctS: Dec4'19 (R S $5). nom Frnnklln Nt, 87: B Arthur Aycrigg & ano, TRSTES, to Thos F Curran, 457 77th, Bklyn; 5-48 pt; AT; Oct4; Dec4'19 (K S $3.50). 3,r2T> Franklin st, 87; T^ouise F l>ecroft, Springfield, Mass, to Thos F Curran, 457 77th, Eklyn; AT; Sept30; Dec4'19 tR S $-------). nom Franklin ftt, 87; Walter Kip & ano, EXRR Jas N Fuller, to Thos F Curran, 457 77th, Bklyn; 1-24 pt; AT; SeptSO; Dec 4*19 (R R Sl,50). lA^O Frnnklln Nt, 87; Aletta Hegeman & ano to Th'^s F Curran, 457 77th, Bklyn; 5-48 pt; AT; Sept30; Dec4'19, nom Franklin st, 87; Wm F Gaston, TRSTE, to Thos F Curran, 457 77tb, Bklyn; 1-12 pt; AT; Nov29; Dec4'19 (R S $2.50). :;»50U Franklin Bt, 87| Kath H Lilliebricige et ai to Thos F Curran, 457 77th, Bklyn; Oct 4; Dec4'19 (R S $4). nom Franklin st, 87; Aletta B Palmer et al to Thos F Curran, 457 77th, Bklyn; 1-6 pt; AT; Sept30; Dec4'19 (R S $2,50). nom Franklin at, 87; Wm A Valentine, 115 W 74, to Thos F Curran. 457 77th, Bkiyn; 1-24 pt; AT; Sept29; Dec4'19 (R S $1.50), l,ar>0 Front st, S7-» (1:5-15-16), swc Coenties sl (No 19), 45x30, 2-4-sty bk tnit. Se strs; Julia A Loew et al, EXRS of Fredk W Loew. to Athanassios Calevas, 2vi0 W 19, Norfolk, Va, & Constantine Caleva;^, IS W 41, Norfolk, Va; mtg $24,000; Nuv22; Dec 5'19; A$23.000-28,OOO (R S $36). 30,000 Greene st, S7-9; see Spring, 127. Greenwich st, 69-71; see Greenwich, 73. Greenwich st, 73 (l:19-this Se all parcels below lot 13), es, — n Edgar, 2a.3xl41.2 to ws Trinity pl (former No 64) x:iO.3x138; also GREENWICH ST, 75, es, ~ n Edgar, 20.4x144.3 to ws Trinity pl xl9.10x141.2; also GREENWICH ST, 77-9, es, — n Ed¬ gar, 40,6x90x40.6x85.7; also TRINITY PL, b%- ws. — n Edgar, 20.3x61.20.3xUJ.6; also TRINITY PL, 60, ws, —n Edgar, 20.3x60.6 x20.3x60; also GREENWICH ST, 7i, es, — n Edgar, 2S.2'xl3!} to ws Trinity pl (No 32) x27.Sxl33.6; also GREENWICH ST, ^9, es, — n Edgar, 25.6x75.9 to ws Trinity pl (No 30) x25.6xS0,2, 4 & 5-sty bK uffice Sc str bldg; A$180,000-230,000; above Nos on Trinity pl are now known as 30 to 42, & excepts- from above that part taken for widening of Trinity pl; American Railway Express Co to 42 Tr nity Place Corpn, at 61 Bway; Decl; Dec5'19 (R S $324,bC). ' Greenwleli st, 73-9; see Greenwich, 73. Grove st, 84-6 (2:592-42), ss, 6J.8 e W Washington pl (now Sheridan sq), runs e 39.10xslOOxw40xs2.S to sq (No 137) xnw 15xe8.6xn90 to beg. 5-sty stn tnt; Wilson Marshall & ano. EXRS & TRSTES Alfred Marshall, to Margt RHey. 47 E 58; DecS; Dec5'19; A$26.000-43,000 (R S S51.50). O C & 100 Harrison st, 40 (1:183-2), ns, 39.6^ e Washinsrton, 20.5x50.1, 2-sly bk storage; Geo H Stege of Bklyn to Nathan Wiesen- feld, 146fi 4Sth. Bklyn: Dec2; DGr3'19: A $10,500-13,500 (R S $30). O C & 100 Houston St. 190 E (2:428-40), ns, 167 e 1 av, 18x43,10x19x50, 4-sty bk tnt & str; H Milgrim & Bros to Abr Stein. 1^*0 E Hous¬ ton: mtg $14,350: Nov28; DecS'iJ); A$S,- 000-11,500 (R S $7.50). O C & 100 Kinff St. 41-r» (2:520-53-55). n^, 139.11 e Varick, 73.6x100.1x73.8x100.1. 2-,^ Sc 1-2- stv bk tnts; Anna A Ahrens. 442 W 162. to Rector &c of Trinity Church, at 187 Ful¬ ton: QC; Oct22; Dec6'19; A$39,500-42,5n0 (R S $1). O C & 100 Ktnfi; mt, 41-:S: Rector &c of Trinity Church tb Wm S Coffin, im E 71; PM $25 000: Oct22: Dec6'19 (R S $33). O C & Pearl st, 93^ see Stone. 58, Pearl st, 377 (1:95-30). ns, 83^3 w Beek¬ man. 25x101.3x25x100.10, 2 Sc 5-sty bk fac¬ tory: Lawvers ReaUy Co to Denison Real¬ ty Corpn, 92 WUliam; Nov26; Dec5'19; A$20 000-30.000 (R S $—), nom Pine st, 84; see Writer. 134. Prince si, 13fi f2:501-15), ss, 75 e West Pway, 25x101. 6-sty bk loft & sir bld^; HaroM C Mathews et al to Evelvn Ci»ndee, 171S Victor: Nov24; Dec5'19; A$14,000-25,- 000 (R S $36). O C & 100 St Mobolnn pl, 57 (7:20fi7-35), ws, 24,11 s 152d, 17x77.1, 4-stv bk dwgr; Martin TTngrich, Tnc. to Jos Klotzbucher, 44 6 W ISl; mt^ $R,000; Dec2; Dec3'19; A$6,000-0.- 000 (R S $6), nom Sherfdan sq, 1!?7j Bee Grove, 84-6, STirln^r st, 127 (1in> (2 ■500-34), nwc Greene (Nns 87-rH. 25x100. 5-sty bk loft S' stj bldtr: Alfred C Cnxe, Jr. et al, EXRS &c Alfred R Conkling, to Stonemor mtg 100 Realty Co, 206 Bway; mtg $30,000 & AL; Nov2i>; Dec5'19; A$22,000-32,000 (K S $6). O C & 100 Stanton st, 130 (2:355-31), ns, 47.6 w Norfolk, 80x98.2, 2 Sc 3-sty bk church; Benj B Guth to Jewish Centre ot the East Side, Inc. Sc Rabbi Chasam Sopher He¬ brew School & House for Orphans of Need & Preach of Zeslosiz, Inc, both at 12ii-38 Stanton; megs $54,OU0 & AL; Nov4; DecS 'ly; A$bO,000-75,oOO (R S $1>- nom Stone st, OS (1:29-29), es, abt 125 s Old si, runs se?3.7 to ws Pearl (No 93) xsw 28.9xnw50.7 xsw 4,5 xnw 22.4 to Stone xne 37.10 to beg, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; Cortlandt F Bishop, individ Sc ano, EXRS &c Matilda W White, to Danl F Farrell, 11 W 102; Nov 4; Dec6"19; A$20,000-30,000 (R S $75), 75,000 Trinity pl, 30-42; see Greenwich, 73. Vestry st, 52-0; see Wash, 427-29^2. Washington st, 41:7-20"/. (1:223-21-22 & 36), nec "Vestry (Nos 52-6J, 60.7x82,4x60.7x 82.2, 2 Sc 3-sty bk tnts & strs; Eliza B Howell, of Spokane, Wash, et al, to Saml Weil, 222 Lenox av; AL; Nov5; Dfcc5"19; A$42,500-45,000 (R S $33), O O & 100 Water mt, 134 (1:39-35), nwc Pine (No 84), 24.2x47.6x24x43.10, 5-sty bk tnt & sirs; August Schacht, of Bklyn, to Mary Bayer, 270 E 161; mtg $32,000; Decl; Dec5'19; A $24,000-30,000 '(R 3 $50), nom Water st, 134 (1:39-35), nwc Pine (No Si), 24.2x47.6x24x43.10, 5-sty bk tnt & str; Mary Bayer, 270 E 161, to Pine-Water Realty Corpn, 27 William; mtg S'J2.000; Decl; Dec5'19; A$24,000-30,000 ( KS S50). O C & 100 Water st, 397-0 (1:250-33-34), ss, 53.9 e Cath sl, 40x72-9, 1 & 2-sty bk & fr stable; Michl J Campbell to Sylvester Reguci, 7 James; mtg $8,000; JuneS; Dec4'19; A$9,- . 000-10,000 (R S $-------). 100 Water st, 397-9; see Catherine sl, 13. West 8t, 303 (2:596-1), ea, 60.5 n Spring; 20.1x62.9x20x61.4, 4-sty bk storage; Tim¬ othy McCarthy to Hannah K McCarthy, his wife, both at 126 Chariton; AL; Aug 30; re-recorded from Nov20*19; Dec4'19; A$ll,000-13,500. nom White at, 39 (1:175-18), sa, 75 e Church, 24.4x100x24,8x100. 5'Sty bk loft Se str bldg; Eugenia Kelly Davis, of Syosset, NY, to Henry F Turtle, 60 Bellevue av, Upper Montclair, NJ; mtg $14,500 Se AL; Decl; Dec4'19; A$21,500-2S.OOO (R S $17.50). nom Wooster st, 37-9; see Broome, 484-90, Woo.^^ter st, 149-153 (2:515-27) ws, 145.2 s Houston. 74.6x100, 8-sty bk loft & str bldg: Metropolitan Life Ins Co to Ray Weiselberg, 900 Riverside dr; Dec3'19; A $40,000-110,000 (R S $205). O C & 100 Wooster st, 203-3 (2:536-32), ws, 1S5.9 n Bleecker, 36.8x100, 6-sty bk loft Se str bldg; Abr Cohen, of Eklyn, to Constance J Lieval, 205 Wooster; mtg $45,000 Sc AL; Dec3; Dec4'19; A$18,000-38,000 (R S $23), nom 3D Ht, 49 W (2:538-4), ns, 350 e Thomp¬ son, runs nl04.8xe23xs02Hxe2.4x3104.6 to st XW25.4 to beg. 6-sty bk loft bldg; Man¬ hattan Life Ins Co to Arrow Holding Cor¬ pn, 217 Bway; Dec3'19; A$15,500-29.000 (R S $42.50) O C & 100 4TH Ht, 3fl3-7 Ei see Av D, 40. OTH Ht, 43S E (2:433-26), ss, 100 w Av A, 25.2x97, 5-sty bk tnt & strs: Israel Alt- man to David Auerbach, 93 Sheriff, mtgs $20,000 & AL & PM mtg $2,000; Oct29; Dec 4'lf»: A$12.000-16.000 (R S $2), nom 7TH st, 101 E (2:435-52). ns, 187J1 e 1 av, 20x97,6, 3-aty Sc b bk dwg; B'^rfha A Turkel to Church of Saint Stanislaus, a corpn, 103-7 E 7; mtff $9,500 Sc AL; Nov 29; Dec5'19; A$9,000-11.000 (R S $8.50). O C & 100 STH Ht, 30 W^ (2:572-63), nea, 554.5 sw 5 av, 23x93,11, 8-sty bk loft Se str bld^; Sarah D Donnvnn to Otto C Meyer, 202 W 132: mte: $3S,000; Dec2; Dec3*19; AJ15.500- 40,000 (R S $14). O C & 10{> 9TH mt, 212 Ej see 3 av, 1882. The text of these pages Is copyrighted. AU rights are reaerved. Notice Is hereby given that Infringement will lead to prosecution.