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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 105, no. 25: June 19, 1920

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX RECORDS SECTION SBCrriON TWO PO0NBBB 1066 "■I^RKAL BSTATE ^|^ BUILDERS RbC01ID'"°OIU1DE m«TED TO REAL ES1ATE. BUILDINC MANACEHENT AND CONHRUtmON IN GREATER NEW YOltK AND VKIN1TY Tills aectlon includes all recorded Conveyances, Mlacellaneoua Conveyances, Mortgages. Assignments of MortKages and Satisfled Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leaaea, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Salea, Advertised Legal Sales, Forecloaure Suits, Judgmenta In Forecloaure Sulta, Lia Pendena, Mechanics' Liena, Satiafied Mechanlca' Liena, Attachmenta, Chattel Mortgagea Affeclinit Real Eatate, Buildins Loan Contracta, and the recorded Wills and Real Eatate Appralaala In the Borough of Manhattan. Vol. CV (2727) NEW YORK, JUNE 19, 1920 No. 25 CONVEYANCES. Manhattan. JUNE 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 & 16 Arden st. 1 (8:2174-77), nec Nagle av iNos 126-34), 134x110, 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Fred & Eliz Horling, 275 W 145, lo Ravalon Really Co, 271 Bway; mlg $214,- 000; JunelO; JuneH'20; A$55,000-215,000. 100 Barclay at. 33 (1:123-8), ns, 74.2 e Church, 25x75, S-sty stn loft & str bldg: Rector &c Triniiy Church in City N Y to St Michael Prot Epis Church, 225 W 99; AprSO; JunelO'20; A$64,000-68,000. nom Barclay at. 33; St Michael's Protestant Episcopal Church to H E Benjamin Co, 77 River, Hoboken, NJ; B&S; May26; June 10'20 (R S $75). 75.000 Barclay st, 33; H E Benjamin Co to Claus H C Jagels, on Hillcrest av. Sum¬ mit, NJ; mlg $50,000; June9; Junell'20 (R ? $26). O C & 100 Barrovr st, 47 (2:587-51), ss, 165 w Rleecker before opening 7 av, runs s40xw 21xn40 to st xe21 to beg, 3-sly & b bk & Ir dwg; Evelyn Baliantine, 286 West End av, to Williams-Dexter Co, 186 Remsen, Bklyn; PM mtg $5,000 & AL; JuneS; June 10'20; A$4,000-5,000 (R S $10). O C & 100 Barrow at. 47; Williams-Dexter Co, Blclyn, to Florence Wood, 41 Charlton; mtg $5,000; June9; Junel0'20 (R S $7), O C & 100 Bedford St. 15 (2:528-44), ws, 142,5 s Downing, runs w38,2xnw40,Sxsl3.5xse41,10 xe38,5 to st xnl9,4 to beg, 3-sty bk tnt; Blla B Van Beuren & ano lo Raffaele Cu- poli, 178 W Houston: PM mtg $4,000; June i: JunelS'SO: A$5,500-6,000, O C & 100 Bethune st, 2-6; see Hudson, 597, Bond st, 22 (S:530-57 & 19), ns, abt 35 e Lafayette, 25,8x200 to Great Jones (No 25), 1-3 & 1-5-sty bk & stn ioft & str bldgs; Bernard Corn to Jos M Perrine, ,nimesburg, NJ; hi Pt; MayS; JunelS'SO; A iTiS,000-42,000 (R S SOc). nom Canal St. 308 (1:210-17), ss. abt 110 w Bway, lS,10x6S,2 to Lispenard (No 55) x 18.4x71, 4-sty bk loft & sir bldg; J H Ooadby Mills, Englewood, NJ, et al, to Jacob B Radlich, 731 Kelly, & Sami Mil¬ ler, 551 W 178; May21; JunelO'20; A$20,000- 23.000 (R S $35). 35.000 Cedar st. 7 (1:42-10), ns. 137,3 w Pearl, runs n43,5xw21,3xs3xs38 to st xeSl.l to heg, 5-sty bk Ioft bldg; Bowling Green Realty Corpn to Takamine Commercial Corpn, 120 Bway; mtg $22,500; Junel; Junel2'20; A$15,500-21,500 (R S $2S), O C & IOU Cednr st, 30-8; see William, 64. Cedar at, 157 (1:56-21), nec West st iNos 98-99), runs e55,6xn64,9xw64,9xs47,3 to beg, 4-sty bk Ioft & str bldg; Traub Iloldinp: Corpn to William Seitz Jr Hold¬ ing Corpn. 206 Bway; AT; mtg $47,000; A T.: Junel: JunelS'SO; A$80,000-95,000 (R S *63), O C & 100 Cherrj st. .-7: see Madison, 225, EnHt Broadway. 7 (1:279-62), ss, 75.6 w CTth. 25x71,7. 4-sty b ktnt & strs, 1-stv