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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 106, no. 10: September 4, 1920

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MANHATTAN AND BRONX RECORDS SECTION SECTION TWO FOUNDED 1868 ^^^ BUILDERS AND fillip DEVOTED TO REAL ESTATE. BUILDING MANAGEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION IN GREATER NEW YORK ANO VICINITY This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mo'-tgaBea and Satisfied S''o'r't#a|ei°"anr Morfga"e TxWnsiona," Le^ases, Auction Sales, Vol un.ary Auction Sales Adverti.e^Le^^^^^^ Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens Mechanics' Liens, Saistied Mechanics Liens Attachments C^^ recorded Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New feuildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx ana Wills and Real Estate Appraisals in the Borough of Manhattan.___________________________________________________ Vol. CVI (2738) NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 4, 1920 No. 10 CONVEYANCES. Manhattan. AUG. 26, 27, 2S, 30, 31 & SEPT. 1. Bedford st, 70; see Commerce, 31. Catherine st or si, 10 (1:251-21), nvifc Water (No 396), 40.1x20, 4-sty bk tnt & strs; iVIichl A Garone, Bklyn, to Marie T Benedetto ct Nicholette Padovano, 94 Roosevelt; mtg $6,750; Aug26; Aug27'20; A$6,500-6,500 (R S $5). nom Chrystie st, 99 (1:304-23), ws, 75 s Grand, 25.2x49.8x25.2x49.10, vacant; Caro¬ line G Coddington to Jacob Gronowitz, S9 Chrystie; B&S & CaG; Aug26'20; A$12,000- 12,000 (R S $8). O C & 100 Clinton st, 241; see Rutgers pi, 26-S. Commerce st, 31 (2:584-63), nwc Bedford (No 79), 50x25, 4-sty bk tnt & strs: Julius J Ritter to F S IMason Holding Co, 75 Bar¬ row; AugSl; Septl'20; A?9,000-14,000 (H S $12). O C ,& 100 Crosby st, 14-18; see Bway, 452. Crosby st, 75-7; see Spring, 75-'7. Gold st, 2-6; see Maiden la, 89. Grand st, 1.17-9 (1:333-10), ss, 50 e Crosby, 35.11x80, 7-sty bk loft & str bldg; Rose P Cervenka, 29 E 29, to Guy Mar- chand, IS E 60: mtg $-------; Aug27'20; A $28,000-58,000 (R S SOc). O C & 100 Grand st, .''.46 (2:326-29), ns, abt 50 e Cannon, 25x100, 5-stv bk tnt & strs; Jas B Mackie, 7807 19 av, Bklvn, to Colig Realty Corpn, 15 Broad; Junel6; Aug27 20; .\$11.000-20,000 (R S 50c). nom Greenwich st, 142-6; see Liberty, 126. Hamilton st, 24 (1:253-51). ss, abt 260 i Cath, 25x102x25x104, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; -Chas L Hoffman, ref, to Catarina Casazza, oSOl 7 av, plff; mtg $9,500; PARTITION Aug2; Aug23; Aug26'20; A$7,000-13,500 (R S $-7). 16,2,-i0 Henderson pl, 14 (5:1583-25B), es, 106.2 n 86th. 17.4x46. 3-sty & b bk dwg; Mary F Watkins to Adelaide J Pendergast, 507 Mad av; mtg $4,000; Aug25; Aug27'20; A$3.500-5,000 (R S $2). nom Hester st, 127-.11 (1:305-35), ns, 60 w Forsyth. 60.1x50, 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Reu¬ ben Smith, 230 E 2, Bklyn, to Barnett Smith. 127 Hester; PM mtg $45,000; Aug 26; Aus30'2O; A$3S,000-57,000. gift Honston st, 1-9 W; see Bway, 605-9. Houston st, 11-13 VV (2:512-3), ss, 103 w Bway, 46.10x77, 5-stv bk loft & str bldq-; Chas A Gould to Gould Realty Co; Jan 14'04: Aug26'20; A$38,000-46,COO (R S $40.50). nom Hudson St. 39S (2:581-50), es, 50 s Clark¬ son, 25x100. 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Rector. &c. Trinity Church to Lurv Madden, 3 St Luke's pi; PM mtg $16,000; Aug24; Aucf 31'20; A$16.500-20,000 (R S $20). 6 C & 100 James st, 24 (1:279-231. es. abt 10 s New Bowerv, 25.8x123.4x27.2x128.2. 5-stv bk tnt & strs & 5-stv bk rear tnt: L Hoffman, ref, to Chas A Casazza, 95-7 Washington, Bklyn; PARTITION Aiig2; Aug23: Aug26'20; A$20,000-28,000 (R S $32). 31,300 Lewis st, 11 (2:326-19), ws, 158.4 n Grand, 16.8x100, 6-sty bk loft & str bldg: David Pines to Kingston Land & Imiit Corpn, 828 Eastern Pkwav, Bklyn; Julv 20; Aug27'20; A$3,000-10,000 (R S $4). O C & 100 Liberty st. 111 (1:60-4), ns, 59 w Church, runs w2.='.l xn95.9 xn4.10 xe18.3 xsl.4 xe7xK 101.1 to beg. 5-sty stn loft & str bldg: Hy L Eno. 65 Stockton. Princeton, NJ, to Jas W Arthur, 1 W 72: mtg $50,000; Aug20; Aug27'20; A$80,000-95,000 (R S $68). nom Liberty st, 126 (1:54-18), swc Green¬ wich (Nos 142-6), 73x56.4, 5-sty stn of¬ fice & str bldg; Louis Boselli to U S Trust Co of Paterson, NJ; AuglO; Aug28 ■20; A$105.000-135,000 (R S $60). nom Mnlden la, S» (1:69-18), ns, at ses Gold (Nos 2-6), 27x6.1.11x28.6x66.8, 4-sty bk of¬ fice bldg; N T Life Ins & Trust Co, TRSTE Mary C Clark, to City Real Es¬ tate Co; Aug25; Aug26'20; A$8,000-100,000 (R S $100). 100,000 maiden la, 126 (1:39-24), ss, 84.7 w Water, runs w20.5xs53.3xw0.11xsl2.1xe21.2 xn64.10 to beg, 5-sty bk loft & str bldg; A$19,000-25,000; also MAIDEN LA, 128 (1:- 39-25), ss, 62.2 w Water, runs w22.3xs64.9 xe22.7xn64 to beg. 6-sty bk loft & str bldg; A$20,000-26,000; Benj Mitchell to 126-128 Maiden Lane Co, 126-8 Maiden la; mtg $52,000; July2; Aug26'20 (R S $50). O C & 100 M.niden la. 12,S; see Maiden la, 126. Montgomery st, 19 (1:268-60), es, abt 25 s Henrv, 24x75, except strip on ns 4 ft wide, 3-stv bk tnt; Saml Z Freedman lo Saml Kopita, 321 Livonia av. Bklyn; mtg $9,400; Aug26; Aug27'20; A$8,500-10,000 (R S $1.75). nom Mott St. 1 (l:161-this & Mott st, 3, lot 54), nwc Worth (No 205), 41.10x32.5x18.7x 37.10, 4-sty bk loft & str bldg: also MOTT ST, 3 (1:161). nws, 41.10 nw Wortb, runs nw22.Sxsw51.1xse22.4 to Worth xe0.5xne51 to beg, 4-stv bk tnt & strs: A$45,000-55,- 000; ,Tlso WORTH ST, 203 (1:161-55), ns, 37 lOw Mott, runs w28xnelS.7xse18.7 to beg. 1-sty bk str- A$2,900-3,000: also WORTH ST, 201 (1:161-56), ns, 66.3 w Mott. runs n w22 4xRw26.8xsel-7 to Worth xe33.9 to beg, 1-sty hk str; A$4,900-5.000; Globe & Rut¬ gers Fire Ins Co to Edw Santagata, 24 Jackson; AugSl; Septl'20 (R S $23). O C & 100 Mott St. 3; see Mott. 1. Mott St. 203-5; see Spring, 30. New Chambers st, 62 (1:111-43), sws, at es Roosevelt, runs —30.3xw20.S to Roose¬ velt (No 701 xn22.3 to beg. 1-sty bk str; Chas L Hoffman, ref. to Chas A Casazza, 95 Washington, Bklvn, .<:- Angelo L Cas¬ azza, 6 Bixter: P.\RT1T10N AliEr2; .'S,ug 23: Aug26'20; A$3,300-3,500 (R S $4). 4,0«0 Orchard Nf. 176 (2 412-3). es. 50.6 n Stan¬ ton. 2=1.6x87.9x25.10x87.9. 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Isaac Rvshpan to Pincus Ryshnan, 176 Oreh.ird; V, part; B*S: mtg $26,000; AL: Febl8; Aug31'20; A$16,000-24 000 (R S $1). O C & 100 Park st (1:161-331. ss. at ns Worth (No 169), runs e along Worth 19.5xn11-5 to Park xwlR.9 to beg, 2-sty fr str; Chas L Hoffman, vef. to Chas A Casazza. 95 Wash¬ ington, P.klvn, .st Angelo L Casazza, 6 Baxtpv- PAPTTTTON An