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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 106, no. 15: October 9, 1920

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M.'iNHATTAN AND BRONX RECORDS SECTION SECTION TWO R REAL ESTATE FOUNDED IS6S ^^^^ BUILDERS DEVOTED TO REAL ESTATE. BUILDING MANACEMENT AND CONnRUCTION IN GREATER NEW YORK AND ViaNITT This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mortgages, Assignments of Mortgages and Satlsfled Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sales, Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suits, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lis Pendens Mechanics' Liens, Satisfied Mechanics' Liens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Affecting Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, New Buildings and Alterations in the Borough of Manhattan and Bronx and the recorded Wills and Real Estate Appraisals in the Borough of Manhattan. VoL CVI (2743) NEW YORK, OCTOBER 9, 1920 No. 15 CONVEYANCES. Manhattan. SEPT. 29, 30, OCT. 1, 2, 4 & 5. Allen Ht, 53 (1:307-29), ws, abt 175 n Hester, 25x87.0, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Banned Friend to Simon Goldstein. 2 Al¬ len; PM mtg $24,000; Sfpt29'20; .-^$17,000- 25,000 (R S S34). O C & 100 Arden «t, as. 12,', e Sherman av; see Sher¬ man av, nec Thayer. .'Vrden st, »M^e Sherman «v; see Sherman av. nec Thayer. Bank st, 23 (2:615-47), ns, 306.1 w Greenwich av, 21.10 x 90, 4-sty bk tnt; Elisabeth A Irwin & ano to Irlean Co, 23 Bank; mtg $15,500; Oct2; Oct4'20; A$10,- 000-12.500 (R S $S). S,««« Beeknuin pl, 8 (5:1361-14), ws, 57 n Mitchell pl, 19x80, 4-sty stn dwg; Chas J Wirth to R J Muller Realtv Corpn, 59 Wall: mtg $8,000; SeptSO; Oet4'20; A$5,- 000-11,000 (R S $3). nom Bethune sf, 40-4 (2:640-74-76), ns, S2.1 e Wash ngton, 45.10x80.7x45.7x80.7, 3-3- sty bk tnts; Wm N Smith, Bogota, NJ, to Wilson Paper Stock Co, 136 W 18; mtg »12,o00; Septl3; Oct4'20; A$13,500-16,500 (R 5 $25), nom Bleecker st, 138 (2:524-10), sec West Bway (Nos 511-19), 25x100, 4-sty bk tnt 6 strs; Jennie B Clonney, 2595 Blvd, Jer¬ sey City, NJ, et al, to Mesier Rralty Corpn, 34 Nassau; AT; Nov7'19; Octl'20; .^$21.000-27,000 (R S $10). nom Bleeeker st, 13.S; Margt Van Wyck, Peta- luma, Cal, to same; 1-20 pt; AT; AL; Dee 3'19; Octl'20 (R S $1). O C & lOG Blepeker st, 138; Anna Miltenberger, Pass Christian, Miss, & ano, to same; 2-20 pt: AT; Oct29'19: Octl'20 (R S $2). nom Bleecker st, 138; Henrv W Brush, South¬ ampton, LI, et al, to same: AT; mtg $4,550; Aur27'19; Octl'20 (R S $7). nom Bleecker »t, 107-9 (2:534-39), nwc Greene (Nos l,'!3-7), 50x100, 8-stv bk loft & str bldg; Maud Higby to Stephen A Powell, Essex. NT; 1-10 pt: B,^-S; mtg $50,000; .'Vug27; Sept29'20; A$42,000-115,000 (R S $1050). O C Xz 100 Cathedral Pkway, 801 see Bwav. 2.S41-7. Cnth'-rioe st, 7.1 (1:253-113), nec Ham¬ ilton (No 1), 18x50. 4-sty bk tnt A- strs: Ellen Brown, Bklvn, to Andrew M Camp¬ bell, son 4th. Bklyn: mtg $8,000; Sept23; Sept30'20: A$11,000-1 4.000 (R S $5). nom Cedar St. Ill (l:52-this * parrels below lot 30). ns, abt 10 w Trinitv pl. IS.7x60.7x 17.10x60.7: also LIBERTY ST, 106 (1-52), swc Trinity nl (Nos 112-14), 5.9x52.10x6.3x 52.8; also LIBERTY ST. lO.S (1:52). ss, 59.10 w Trinity pl, old line, 24.6x52.10x23.8x53.1. 5-sty stn loft * str bldg: Havemever Real Estate Co to Leberton Corim, 115 Rv/ay; mte $50,000; Sept2S: Octr20; A$130.000- 150.000 (R S $130). O C * 100 Cedar st, 13r,-7 (1:54-13), ns, 90 e Wash¬ ington, runs n53xel6.nxe19.5xs54 to st xw 36.2 to bes:. 3-sty bk loft & str bUlii- John B Ferguson to 135 Cedar St Corpn. 1 Lib¬ erty: mtg $32,500: Sept23: Oct2'20; A$33,- 000-50.000 (R S $56.50). O C & 100 Clinmhrrs st, 1!>1: see Reade, 183. Charles st. 4« (2:611-16), ss. 201.7 e 4th, 20x9.'i. vacant; Sinclair Toiisev, ADMR Sinclair Tousey. to .Mire V Cady. 4 Bnule- vard. New Rochelle. NY; June2n; Oct]'20; A$3.000-3,000 (R S $3). .VIOO Cherry sf. Z'M (l:255-pt lot 23), nwc Rutgers (No 66). 64x43.5x63.11x48, 6-sty bk tnt & strs; Wm Gillilan. EXR Edw II Glllilan. to Morris Rosenbaum, 604 E 5; Meier Padwe. 252 5th «t. Jersey Citv. NJ, & Solomon H Sternberg, 176 Rivington- Sept6: Oet2'20; A$-------$------- (R S $35). 3r,.noii Cherry st, .113-17 (1:246-37), ss, 24 w Clinton, 72x110.10 to Water (Nos 558-62) x 72x117.7, 1 & 4-st>' bk warehouse; Geo W Daniel.s et al to Daniels & Kennedy, Inc, 558 Water; PM mtg $20,000; July2; Octl '20: A$30,000-41,000. nom Cherry st, 41« (1:261-23), ns, 250 w Jackson, 25x97.8, 6-sty bk tnt i.t strs; Max Tarshes to Gertrude Morgenstern, 260 W 117: Octl; Oct2'20: A$6,000-20,000 (R S $1). O C & 100 Christopher st, 177 (2:636-36), ns, abt 100 e Weehawken, 22x!)5.3, 4-sty bk loft bldg; Carl Oelhaf, Leonia, NJ, to John H Koch, Glen Ridge, NJ; mtg $9,000; Octl: Oct2'20; A$13,000-15,500 (R S $6.50). nom Christopher st, 170 (2:636-37), ns, 77.6 e Weehawken. run.'; e22xn84.Sxwllxs21.2xw llxs6:!.6 to beg, 3-sty bk loft bldg; Carl Oelhaf, Leonia, NJ. to John H Koch, Glen Ridge, NJ; Octl; Oct2'20; A$ll,000-13,500 (R S $13.50). nom East Broad«-ay, 283 (1:287-13), ss, 228.9 e Montgomery, runs S75.4xe3.2xs5.3xe3.10x s5.2xel0.3xn85.10 to East Bway xw20.5 to beg, 2-sty bk tnt; John L Shells, 283 East Bwav. to Israel Maisel. 247 East IJway; mtg $10,000 & PM mtg $2,250: Apr20; Oct 4'20; re-recorded from .\pr20'20; A$13,000- 14.000 (R S $5,50 1. nom Ft George ter. sec Ft (.eorge nv; see Ft George av, s*-c Ft t*>r. Forsyth sl. 147 (2:420-26), ws, 200 s Rivington, 24x100. 5-sty bk tnt & strs; D & R Holding Cl) to Mishael Isaacs & Maier Calderon, 182 Allen: mtg $25,000; Sept30 '20; A$15,000-26.000 (R S $7). 100 Front St. 347-;S.-.7 (1:243-37 & 13-16). ss, 225 w Jackson, 80x140 to South st (Nos 381-3), 2-sty hk garage; Geo W Daniels et al to Daniels & Kennedy, Inc, 558 Wa¬ ter: mtg $20,000: July2; Oct4'20; A$25.500- 26,000. nom Gold St. 4«-a (1:76-24), ses, 110 sw Pul¬ ton, 41.1x61.1x39.11x58.6. 5-stv bk factory: Henrv N Dool ttle, Newark, NJ, to Preil Biesr. 11317 103ri av, Richmond Hill. NY: BcfeS; mtg $17,000; Sept30; Octl'20: A$23.- 500-33,000 (R S $31). O C & 100 (Srnmercy Park. 11; see 20th. 110 E. Greene st, 1K3-7; see Bleecker, 107-9. Grernwlph st, 12.'5; see Greenwich, 127- 31. Greenn-Ioh st. 127-31 (1:51-14), see Thames (Nos 18-22), 54.8x110.3x57.7x110.9; also GREENWICH ST. 125. es. 54.S s Thames, 25x110.7x25x106.10, 10-sty bk loft bldg; H.nmiitnn llklg Co to 22 Thnmes St Corpn. 46 Cedar; mfg $-------: Sept28; Octl '20 A$147.000-297.000 (R S $14S). nom Greenwich st. lINi (1 83-17). ws, abt 50 n Fulton, 24 10x61.6x23.9x69 G. 5-sty bk loft bldg: Frederic de P Fost-^r X: ano. TRSTES Kath A Kingsland, to Kate Ber¬ ry. 320 W 14: B&S: Augl6; Oct4'20; A $29,000-34,000 (R S $45). 4r^000 CJrceinvleh .Mt.. lIMii Kath A Kingsland to Kate Berrv. 320 W 14; Septl6; Ort4'20. O C & 100 Hamilton st. Is see Catherine. 73. Hamilton ter (7:2050-93), nec 141st (No 423). 20x.-,s 5x20x59.11. 3-sty & b bk dwg: Emilv D Pratt to Anna M Dwyer. 12':5 Madison av: mts- $8,000; Sept21; Sept29'20: A$7.500-ll,000 (R S $8.50). O C & 100 Honston St. 477 E (2:330-55). ss. 70 w Goerck, 20x50, 3-sty bk fnt & strs; Jennie Springer to Aron J Fisch. 308 Rivington: mtg $6,000; Octl'20; A$4,000-5,000 (R S $2.50). O C & 100 Houston st, .'01) E (2:325-20), swe Man¬ gin (No 145), 20x75, 3-sty fr tnt & strs; Max Aaron, 25 LeT\'is, to Isidr)r .Altschieler, 483 E Houston; mtg $4,000 & PM mtg $1,- 000; Sept29; Sept30'20; A$7,000-8,000 (R S $4). nom Jane st, 11-1J> (2:616-32-35). ns. I.i5.4 w Greenwich :iv. 103.11x87.8, 1-stv bk church & 2.3-sty Ilk dwgs; J.nne St Methodist Eplsciipai Church to N Y City Soe of the Methodi.^t Episcopal Church. 150 5 av; Septll; Sept30'20; A$43,000-51,500. order of court King- at. 42 (2:519-18), ss, 270.1 e Varick, old line, 20x100, 3-sty bk dwg; Paul Taor¬ mina to John D'Anna, 168 Bleecker; % pt; PM mtg $13,000; Sept23; Sept29'20; A$10,- 000-11,000 (R S $2.50). nom Lafayette st, 12 (R S $6). O C & 100 Ludlow St. S» (2:409-37). es, abt 100 n Broome, 25x87.6, 5-sty bk tnt & strs; Carolyn Foster, Princess .\j-mon de Fau- cigny Luclnge, at Ecommy, Sarthe, Prance, to JuTette Apfelbaum, wife of Arthur Ap¬ felbaum, 2109 65th, Bklyn; Sept6: Oct2'20; .\$17.000-25,000 (R S $25). • ' noiw MaodouKal st, 115; see Minetta la, 2, MnnKJn st, 14r,; see Houston, 509 E. Minetta In, 2 (2:545-23), nwc Macdougal (No 115). runs Wl00xn50xe26xs25.6xe74 to Macdougal xs24.6 to beg. 3-sty bk stable; Mav :\r Phillips. I>owville, NY, et al to John M DowncH, 3091 Decatur av; mtg- $20,000- Sept7; Sept30'20: A$20.000-25,000 (R S $8). O C & 100 Mina-ttn la, 2. nwc Macdougal (No 115); Jnhn Downes to Israel Lew. 333 S 3d st; Bklvn intg $20,000 & PM mtg $3,500; Sept 2.1: S--iit30'20 (R S $3). O C X: 100 Monroe st, Kill (1:269-10). ns. 162.6 w Montgnmerv. 23x100, U-stv bk tnt & strs; Wm G De Witt & ano, TRSTES .-Mfred De Witt, to Pauline Go'dflsher. 90 Sheriff; Aug27; Octl'20; A$12,000-26,000 (R S $21). 21.000 Pitt St. «S-70 (2:338-11), es, 57 s Riving¬ ton, 43x49.10, 6-sty bk tnt & strs: Dora Greenbaum to .\nnie Pechter. 68 Pitt: hi pt; QC; Jiilvl7'I2: Oct4'20; re-recorded from Sept26'l'3; A$16.000-32,000. O C & 1(10 Prospeet pl (5:1333-32). swc 41st (No 354). 75x17, 3-stv & b stn dwg; Aktisco Holding Co to Jeanne R Meyer, 9 W 83; mtg $5,000; Septl4; Sept30'20: A$5.500-7,- 500 (R S $7). 0 C & IOO Beade st, 1.S3 (1:139-33). ss, 67.6 W Washlngton. 22.6x52, 3-stv bk tnt & stra: .'k$12.500-15.000; ,nlso CHAMBERS ST, 191 (1:139-30), ns, 72.7 w Washington, 20.8t 49.10x20x57.6. 3-sfy bk loft bldg: A$15,000- 17,500; Len.n H Fish et al. Middletown. N^ Y, to Geo IT Fish, Tnr, Middletown, NT; mtg $25,000 i>t AL; June3'19; Oct2'20 (R S $9). »4,000» Itntuers st. (Ml; sie Cherry, 250. St :»lJirks pl, 7.-. (2:450-37), ns, 100 w 1 av, 25x85.11, 4-sty bk tnt: Max Finkel¬ stein to Harry Reinstein, 75 St Marks P'l; mtg $13,750 & PM mtg $7,250; Sept29; Oct 1'20; A$15,000-19,000 (R S $12.50). O C & lOrt The text of these pages is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Notice is hereby given that infringement will lead to prosecution.