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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 110, no. 3: July 15, 1922

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MANHATTAN AND BRO.\'X RECORDS SECTION SBOTION TW* REAL ESTATE FOUNDED lees AND ^^ BUILDERS DEVOTED TO REAL ESTATE. BUILDING HANACEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION IN GREATER NEW YORKAND VICINITY, This section includes all recorded Conveyances, Miscellaneous Conveyances, Mort -ages. Assignments of Mortgages and Satisfleff Mortgages and Mortgage Extensions, Leases, Auction Sales, Voluntary Auction Sa , Advertised Legal Sales, Foreclosure Suita, Judgments in Foreclosure Suits, Lia Pendens, Attachments, Chattel Mortgages Affe, ting Real Estate, Building Loan Contracts, Wills and Rea:i Estate Appraisals in the Borough of Manhattan. Vol. CX (2835) NEW YORK, JULY 15, 1922 No. 3 CONVEYANCES. Manhattan. JULY 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10, Bleecker st, 365-7 (3:590-5-6), es, 71.2 ne Cornelia, 24.1x80.1x22.11x801, 2-S-sty bk tnts & strs ; Chas W Link, individ & as EXE Mary A Link, South Orange, NJ, to Paul Giamanco, 267 Bleecker, L. pt, & Eosoling Eiccobono, 265 Bleecker, % pt; JulylO'22; A*ll,000-15,000 (B 5 $21.50). O C & 100 Broome st, 65-69, on map 65-07 (2:331-431, swc Cannon (No 19), 30.4x56, 2-4-sty bk tntd 6 sirs ; Saml Levin to Morris Zuckerman, 24S E 13, & Saml Kaufman, 243 E IS; mtg ,$31,000; June29; July6'22; A?17,000-29,000 (E S $4). . O C & 100 Burling si, 2-10; see Pearl, 228-34, Cannon st, 19; see Broome, 65-69, on map 65- 67. Catherine st, 61 (1:253-1(171, sec Monroe (Noi 2 & 21..), 17.9x.sO, 4-stv bk tnt & sirs; Emma iloss. Li>ng Branch, N J, et al, lo Eosina Spero, S40 Oviiigton av, Bklyn; mtg $16,000; June21; JulvC'22: A$13,000-20,000 (E S $17.50). O C & 10(1 Cherry st, 294 (l:2.")7-4), ns. 83.1 e Jefferson, runs n'lD3,9xe2<)-s2:).9xe."ixs.s(l to st xw25 to beg. 5-sty bk tnt & strs; John Meyer, Hobo¬ keu. N J. to -Antonio Giudice. ;;.-i;i Front; July 6; Julv7'22: ASC..300-11,000 (E S $131. O C & 100 Cornelia st. 33 (2 :r,9(l-4Si. ns. 80.1 e Bleecker, 21.1x97.6, l-sty bk stop; Jos P Zurla to Louis Musa, 120 Sullivan: mtg .f.l.oOO & PM mlg-SS,- 000; July6: July7'22; Aii;.s,(KI«l-10,000 (E S $11). nom Dehincey st, liriV. (2:,343-3S). ns, 41.10 w Eidge. 25x51.10, 5-stv bk tnt & strs; Sol Gross et al to Saml Levin, f>rA Oraiid: mlg $18,000; June2S: Julv6'22; A$11,(KK)-18,000 (E S $3). O C & 100 Duane st. 60; see Pearl, 2S1. Duane s«. 218-23 (l:l:i9-pt It .Wl, sec AA'est (Nos 1S7 .s:i), runs e70.2xs70.7 to Eeade (Nos 192-1901 XW70.2 to West xn70.S lo beg, .'l-sty bk bldg: Louis Hamburger. TESTE Fannie Hamburger, to AA'est-Duane St Eealty Corpn, 224 Market av, Bklvn, 1-7 pt; June2(l; July7 •22; A$-------$------ (E S $15). 14,642,73 Duane st, 218-23; Sarah Boss to same, 6-7 pt; mtg $71,250 & PM mtg $51,875; June26; July7'22 (E S .^SOi. nom Duane st, 218-33; Fannie Hamburger to same, 1-7 pt: QC : June26: July7'22. nom Dnane st, 318-23; Louis Hamburger to same, 1-7 pt; QC: June26; July7'22. nom Duane st, 318-22; Jacob Boss to same; QC; Junc2(;; July7'22. nom Forsyth st, l.« (2:420-2.1). ws, 12.t s Eiv¬ ington. 25x100, 5-sty stn tnt & strs; Jos D Cohen to No 153 Forsvth SI Corpn, ------; mtg $22,000; JuneSO; Julv7'22; A$16,000-30,000 (E S $6). ' O C & 100 Goerck st, 33 (2:S27-5S), ws, l.m2 n Broome, 24.11x100, S-stv bk tnt & strs; Leslie S Lock- harl. EEF, to Howard A Smith, TESTE, 70 East blvd, Eochester, N Y. plft: FOEECLOS, •------; Julv7'22; A|5,O0O-12,0OO (E S $20). 20,000 Greenwich st, 715 (2:6S2-.17i, es, 19.6 n Charles, runs e40.9xiil2.3xn(i.lOxw36.9 to st xs 19.4 to beg, 4-slv bk tnt & strs: A$3,500-4,000; also GEEENAVICH ST, 717 (2:632-38), es. 38.10 n Charles, 19.6x38.7x13.4x36.9, 4-sty bk tnt & strs; A$.3„50O-4.OOO; Frantus Eealty Corpn to Sophe Pruce, 12(> .Albany av, Bklyn ; mtg $4.- 500 & PM mtg $2,000; AL; Jul.vS: Julyll'22 (E S $5). O C & 100 Greenwich st, 717; see (Jreenwich st, 715. Isham Bt (8:22."i2), ns, at nes 218th, 92.3x52 to TT S Ship Canal xl06.(lxri4.9. vacant; also AT&I to larnd lying under water abutting on the premises; Saml E AA'elser to Trustees of Columbia T'niyersity in the City of N Y. 63 Wall; AT&I: QC; June21; July7'22 (E S SOc). nom Jefferson st. .V3 (1:271-11), WS, 5(1 n Monroe, 2rixl04.4. .'■ stv bk tnt; Alfred Jaretzki & ano. EXRS Alorris Green, to Herman H Schiff, 601 AV i:!(l; mtg .f2ri.(K10; JuneSO; JulyS'22; A$14,- (100-27..".(10 (i; S $7i. 7,000 La SaUe st, 4r,-r,:i-. see -Ams av, 1320. Ludlmv st, 75 (2;408-16), ws, 87.0 s Broome, 25x87.6. c stv bk stable: Michael Kleiner to Celia Kleiner. 1207 E 10, Bklyn; AL; MayS; Julv6'22; A$l(;.(i0(i-2N.(X)0. (> C & 100 Minetta la. 18-20 (2 :.543-2S-29i. ns, 1-22.10 e 0 av. 42.11x70x4.1.1x70. 2-:!-sly fr tnts & strs; Jos Di Scala et al to Ealph Di Scala, 18-20 .Alinetta la: yC; mlg $3,000; June27; Julylo '22 : .A.$7.(Kio-7.7(0. nom .Minetta st. l(>-33: see Minetta la. 19-21. .Alinetta la, 19-31 (2 :.i42-13-171. Sws at nws Minetto (N(js 16-221, 7.ixS(). 2-2 & S-3-sty bk tnts & strs; Ealph Di Scala et al to Jos Di Scala. 19 Minetta la: mtg $13,000; June27; Julvl(V22; .\S;i7.(100 2(1.(100. nom yiiiietta hi. 3;i-2.-i 12:542 11), SS, 45.3 e Car- iiiiiic. ."idxso.iOx.'iSx.'Ji.lo. 2-3-sty bk tnts & str.^; Kalph Di Scala d al to Margt & -Antoinette l>i Scala. 2:12."". Minetta la: mtg ,f.'..)i(Xi; June 27 : Julyl(C22 ; A$9,000-ll,000. nom Monroe st. 3-3i/^.: see Cath, 61. .Molt St. 3ii (1:1(;2-14), es, 12S.S s Pell, 23.11x ;i7.:;N24x'.i(;.:i. 4-sty )ik tnt & strs: Frank N Cavagiiaro to ,Tohn Nassano, 10 .Archer pl, -Ta- maica. L I. 1-0 pl; Julv7'22; A$10.(i(H)-19,000 ( E S $:'...")(ii. nom Norfolk St. 178 (2:,SS5-44i. es, 17n s Houston, 25x10.). 5-stv bk tnt & strs; Isaac Goldstein lo Tina Goldstein, his wife, 148 Norfolk; mlg .'i;2;',.(i()0: .Iunc:;(i: Julv6'22; .4$16,000-3()..t00. nom Orchard st. 149 (2:416-66), ws. S3 n Eivirg Ion. 2."i\S7.0. 0-sty bk tnl & strs; Mendel Singer Estate Co lo Saml & Mary Zuck- man. 7S Stanton; mtg $20,000 & PM mtg $20,- .-i!H): JuIvS; July6'22: A$16,000-32.(K1(I (E S $30) O C & 100 Pearl st. 233: see Pearl, 224-26. Pearl st, 334-3(i (1:70-261. ses, S4.2 sw Burl ing si. runs sw22xsel02.Sxne23.0xnw—xnc2.4 xnw— to l"-;;. .7 stv )ik loft & sir hlilg: .A.$2).- (X)0-;iS.(i(io: also PEAEL ST. 222 (1:70-25). ss. abl 1(10 sw Burling si. 21.:!xll.'i 11 x20..3xl22..). ws. 3-sty bk loft & sir bldg: A.f2;;.(KiO-S2.(i(lo: Helium Supply Co to N Y Steam Corpn, 280 Mad av; June27: JulyS'22 (E S $1). nom Pearl st, 338-:U (1:70-27 :',21. ses, at sws Burling si (Nos 2-10), runs si'173.4 to nws AA'aler (Nos 172-,S()| xswll(!.SxnwS4.8 xnel9.6 xiiwL)..sxio'2::.10xiiw3.1xswO,;i xiiw53.4 xne2xriw :'.(>.S lo I'carl xne.S4.4 to beg. 2-4-0-sly & 7-sty bk bldgs of steam plant: N Y City District Eealtv Corpn, 4M Exchange pi, to N Y Steam Corjoi. 2.S0 Mad av; JulyO; JulvS'22; A$.349.- (KlO 1.773.(I(HI (E S $l.fiO;i0: B Stewart Naglee of Minne¬ apolis, Minn, to Edw A Greene, 1016 Spruce, Phila, Pa, & Herbert S Carter, 170 AV 59. TESTE Benedict D Stewart: AT; Mayl6; ,Tuly 6'22 (E S $6). 5,700 Perry st. 3(1-33 (2:612-21), swc AVaverly pl, ."iOx70. except part for 7 av, S-sty bk tut & strs; Frank H G Helfst & ano, EXES, &c, John H A'ehslage, to Williams-Dexter Co, 32 Court, Bklvn; Apr2,S: July.-."22 ; A$16,000-17,000 (R S $27.3(il. 27,500 Pitt st, 54-56 (2::'..'!S-4). es, 129.7 u Delancey, 4SxlOO,4, 2-sfy bk synagogue; Congregation -Aguilath .Achim Me Krakau, also known as (Congregation Agudalh Achim AI' Krakau, a <-orpn. 10 Congregation Keichob A'ankew Ansbi Kamenitz, a corpn, 134 Henry ; mlg $.30,800 & PM mlg $4,000: June'-".!; July3'22: A$29.000- 38..S0O (E S $19..W). 50,000 Keade st. 192^6; see Duane, 218-22. RivliiEtoii si. 309 (2:328-49), ss, 24.11 e Lewis 2."ixS()x24.1iix.s(i. 6-sty bk tnt & sirs; Wm Co¬ hen to Isaak Eoner, 19 Lewis: mtg .$20,000 & I'M mtg .$o,(nii; JuneSO; July5'22: A$S,000-19.- (ino (E S .<;i(i..'iO). O C & 100 st Nichobis pl, 34 & 36 (7:2034-25-27), es, 249.1 s of cl of 153d if extended, runs el00xs75 xwKKi to pl xn7.1 to beg, 2-3-sty bk tnts; An¬ na Kuseiisweig. Blilvn, to Carrie Teucoorn, 34 St Nich pl: AL; JuneSO; Julv7'22; A$S2,000- 90,000 (E S SOc I. nom Stanton st, 336 (2:325-39), ns, 32.2 e Goerck, 27.."1x70, 3-stv bk tnt & strs; Eeubin Eothman to Elek AVeinberger, 22s E 2; mtg $12,000 & I'M mlg $2,000; Juni:;o: July7'22; A$6,500-14,- (1(1(1 (E S $4.50). O C & 100 Thompson st. 113 (.2:303-23). ws, 37 s Prince, 1)1x73. with all title lo alley. 4x75. on ns, S-sty bk tut & str l-stv ext; .Alex Einaldi, 113 Thompson, to Eosa Einaldi, 113 Thompson; AT: mtg $8,000; JulyO; JulyS'22; A$7,SOO-9,000' (E S $2). O C & lOO^ Tlemann pl, 28; see Bway, es, 99.11 n .Aloy- lan pl. Water st, 172-80; see Pearl, 228-34. Waverly pl, swc Ferry; si e Perry, 20-22. West St. 187-9; See Duane, 2is 22. 311 st, 31-37 K (2:4."'.7-2(l-23l, SS, 109 w 2 av. S0x7(12xs1,sxm;.s. vacant; Fredk Johnson, (ly- ster P.av. L 1. el al, individ & as EXES Geo' F Johnson, & ano, to 2d St Eealty Co, 346- Bwav; June29; Jnlv8'22: A.?:;4.(K)0-34.000 (E S $60),' 60,000' .■iTH St. (H(, E (2 ;:iS7 ;;(((, ss. 139.6 w Av C,. ••4;i\'.(0 2, ."stv bk tnt & strs: Isaac Marx^ EXE Emile .Aloser. to Aloses Marx. :;19 B 79, !..'> pl; JanS: Julvll'22: A.'i;i:'..(XiO 22.(100 (E S $.il. 2.900 STH St. 640 E; Aloses Marx to Isaac Marx, 01 Av E. 1- pl; Fel.20; Julyll'22. nom .-.TH >(, (H4 E (2:S.s7-:'.2), SS. 90 w Av C, 24.9 X90.2, 5siv Ilk tnt & strs; Isaac Marx, EXE Emile Aloser to Moses Alarx, .319 E 7'.i. H- Pt; .Tans; Julyll'22; A$1S,000-22,000 (E S $2.30). 3,350 STH st, 644 E: Moses Marx to Isaac Marx, 61 Av B, 1^ pt; -AL; Fel.20: Julyll'22. nom 12TH st, (!37 E (2:;!»5-4Sl, ns, 343 e .Av B, 2.-xl(i:!.:'.. 4-sty bk tnt & 4-sty bk rear tnt; Grade Eealtv (;'o to Harrv AA'helan, 153 AV lo:;; mtg S(;.0(KI; JulvlO; Julyll'22; A$s,0C;o- 11.000 )E S .$4 I. O (■ & lliO ISTH st, 627 E; Harrv AA'helan to Julianna KiiTlp. widow, '200 E Sth; mtg $6,000; JulylO; Julyn'22 (E S .?0l. O C & 100- 14TH St. 203 B (3:896-7). ns. 119 e S av, 29.2 xio:'.-". 3-stv 111; tnl; Constanlinos D Alexander to B & B'irolding Co. 61 E 4: mlg $33,000; JulvC; Julv7'22; .A.$25,,3(m ,')S,.5(Xi (E S $15). nom 14T1I st, 131 W: see 3 av. 2102-4. 15TH st, S4« W (3:738031, ss. •2.S7.C e 9 av, IS.OxSl.S, ;i-slv bk dwg; A'irginia K Flynn,. Lvnlirook, L I, el al to .Alargl Derry, 439 W 17; JulyS; July7'22; A$7,S(iO-10.000 (E S $10)- 13TH st, 338-40 E (3:9-21-43), SS, 196 w 1 av, 42xlii:iS. 7-stv bk tnt; Aaron Goodman et al to .Mendel. .Abr. Herman & Saml Zacharia, 145 Orchard; ml;: $.30,000: JuneSO; July7'22 : A$26,- (K'rtl-7s,oo0 (E S W5). O C & 100 17TH St. 44 W (3:sis-73i. SS. 023 nw 3 .av, runs nwl6.Sxw0.4xsw:il.'.)xselO.Sxne92 to beg, 5-slv stn loft & str bldg; Mary E Merritt to Paupaek Power & Timber Corpn, 221 \V SD. % pt: May20; July7'22; A$19,000-26,000. O C & lOO 17TH sf. 200-4 W: see 7 av, 116. 17T1I st, 450 W (3:714-60), ss, 130 e 10 av, 25 x'.i2. 3-stv bk tnt; Hy H Hughes, London, Eng. to Ice Service Co 152 AV 42; JuneSO; July 7'2-" A$1(1..-.(X) 1.5.000 (E S $15.50). O C & 100 18TH St. 311 W (.■):70S 291, ns, 150 w 7 aV, 23x9-2, 4-sty bk loft & bills: Herman F Bpple lo Dietrich Klingenbcrg. 023 Ams av; June26; JulvO'22- A$14.0(m-20,<)OO (E S $25). O C & 100 IXTll st, 211 W: Dietrich Klingenberg to Isabella .A Fowler. Eivcrdale, Conn; mtg $15,- 00(1: Julv3; Jul.\-0'22. O C & lOO 19TH St. 456-8 W-. see 10 av. 144. 2((TH st, 101--i7 AV ; See (i av. :)21-,37. 21ST st. l(H)-2 «•; see 6 av, 321-:j7. Tthe text of these pages is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Notice is hereby given that infringement will lead to prosecution-